Jeswin James – Founder of decofice Professional Interview

TheCconnects: Can you tell our readers a little about your professional journey & how did you come to your current role/position?

Jeswin James: As a professional architect, I have always been fascinated by the construction industry. From a young age, I had a passion for business and a desire to create employment opportunities by adding enormous value. The rise of e-commerce in the form of companies like Flipkart sparked my interest and sparked my imagination about how technology could revolutionise the industry.

During my architecture studies, I soon realised that the construction industry is highly fragmented and unorganised, which gave me the idea in 2016 to integrate the complete construction industry using technology. I strongly believed that this could be successfully executed. With this vision in mind, I founded Decofice, a collaborative e-commerce marketplace for the construction industry, in 2021. The platform serves as a one-stop solution for anyone looking to build a home, office, cafe or any building from scratch or for those looking to do interior design or renovations all within their mobile application.

TheCconnects: Who has influenced you the most in life and why?

Jeswin James: Various people have influenced me throughout my life, each in their unique way. My parents, who are from a middle-class background, have instilled in me strong values such as hard work, determination, and perseverance. Their influence has been instrumental in shaping my personality and work ethic.

I also draw inspiration and lessons from successful entrepreneurs such as Nithin & Nikhil Kammath, Sridhar Vembu, Kunal Shah, Sachin Bansal, Ritesh Aggarwal, Ratan Tata, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos. Each of them has significantly impacted my life, from their innovative approaches to their leadership styles, perseverance, and ability to think big and take risks.

I don’t limit myself to only one person as my role model. Instead, I follow a range of people and learn from them. This allows me to gain knowledge, insights and strategies from the best leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators of the world and helps me to become a better person and achieve my goals.

TheCconnects: What do you see as the biggest challenge for brands in the digital space?

Jeswin James: One of the biggest challenges for brands in the digital space is technology’s fast-paced and constantly evolving nature. Keeping up with the latest digital trends and changes in consumer behaviour can be challenging, and brands need to be able to adapt quickly in order to remain competitive.

Another challenge is standing out among the noise and competition in the digital space. With so many brands and businesses vying for consumer attention online, it can take time to differentiate oneself and capture the attention of target audiences.

Additionally, there is a challenge in creating and maintaining a consistent and authentic brand image across different digital channels. With so many different platforms and touchpoints, it can be difficult for a brand to maintain a cohesive message and image.

TheCconnects: How your product/solution can help to resolve the pain points of your customers?

Jeswin James: At Decofice, we understand that the construction industry is complex and difficult for clients and professionals to navigate. That’s why we’ve created an innovative technology solution that aims to streamline the process and make it easier for everyone involved.

Our platform is a one-stop solution for clients looking to build their dream residential, commercial, institutional, or hospitality projects. We connect clients with the right professionals from designing to execution of the project, where everything can be tracked to bring out utmost transparency. Anyone who wants to build any kind of building can come to the platform.

As a collaborative e-marketplace, we help professionals to find new projects easily and sellers sell quality products directly to clients by offering them huge visibility, cutting out the extra noise and helping clients in every aspect.

Using the latest technologies, we can organise and simplify the industry, creating new opportunities for everyone involved. And we’re committed to creating millions of employment, directly and indirectly, empowering everyone participating in the platform.

Our goal is to revolutionise the age-old construction sector through a fullstack, tech-driven approach and lead the way towards the next normal in construction: reshaping the world’s largest ecosystem through technology.

TheCconnects: Can you speak to the impact decofice can create in the construction industry and the professionals and clients it serves?

Jeswin James: Decofice, being a collaborative e-commerce marketplace for the construction industry, can have a significant impact on the way professionals and clients approach and engage with the construction process.

For professionals, the platform can provide new opportunities to connect with clients and access a wider range of materials, decors, and home appliances to streamline their work processes. This can make it easier for them to find new projects, sell their services, and grow their businesses. It can also make it easier for them to keep up with the latest trends and developments in the industry.

The platform can make it easier for clients to find the right professionals, access a wide range of products and services, and manage their projects more efficiently. With access to a wider range of materials and professional services, they can have more control over their projects and make informed decisions to achieve the desired outcome.

The platform could also benefit by organising the construction industry and creating transparency, ultimately making the process more reliable and efficient. This could also lead to cost savings and create a more profitable market for everyone involved.

By using technology to improve the construction industry, Decofice is enabling professionals and clients to work together more efficiently, with more transparency and opportunities for growth and success.

TheCconnects: How does the company plan to compete in the fast-moving world?

Jeswin James: There are a few different ways that a company like Decofice can stay competitive in such a dynamic environment:

  1. Embracing and integrating new technologies: By staying on top of the latest technological trends and developments, Decofice can provide its clients and professionals with the most efficient and effective tools and resources available.
  2. Providing exceptional customer service: By focusing on providing high-quality customer service and support, Decofice can build strong relationships with its clients and professionals, which can help to keep them coming back.
  3. Constantly improving and evolving the platform: By continuously improving and evolving the platform, Decofice can provide the most comprehensive and relevant services and products to its clients and professionals.
  4. Staying Agile: Focusing on flexibility, Decofice can adapt quickly to changes in the market and customer needs.
  5. Network Effect: Building a strong network of professionals and clients in the industry can enable the company to scale rapidly and gain market share.
  6. Strong focus on Data and Analytics

TheCconnects: Can you discuss the impact of decofice on the environment and sustainability in the construction industry & its approach towards technology?

Jeswin James: One of the ways we are achieving this is through our approach to integrating new technologies and staying on top of the latest trends and developments in the industry. This can help them to improve their platform and continue to provide valuable and relevant services to their clients and professionals.

Also, their platform is designed to be easy to use and navigate, even for those unfamiliar with the industry, which can be a huge benefit for people not from a construction background.

The company’s approach to organising the industry and creating transparency through technology can benefit both clients and professionals. It can ultimately make the construction process more reliable and efficient, leading to cost savings and a more profitable market for everyone involved.

Overall, digitising in the construction industry is focused on streamlining the process and creating new opportunities for everyone involved, ultimately leading the way towards the next normal in construction.

Increased transparency and accountability, Efficient resource management, greater access to sustainable materials & designs, and Supporting eco-friendly, energy-efficient building practices & awareness & education are some of the Positive impacts on the environment and sustainability in the construction industry.

It’s important to note that, as a company, decofice’s approach towards the environment and sustainability will be impacted by the user’s choices, However, by providing the tools and resources that promote sustainable practices, Decofice can play a role in the positive impact on the environment and sustainability in the construction industry.

TheCconnects: Do you have any advice for those who want to become chief executive officer?

Jeswin James: It’s too early for me to give any advice as I am still figuring it out. Maybe 2-3 years down the line, I will have some impactful and valuable answers to this question.

You can connect with Jeswin James on LinkedIn here

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