Top 10 Disruptive business models that are changing the game

Define your vision and values 


A clear vision and values will attract like-minded individuals who share your passion and purpose. 

Hire For Diversity 


A diverse team with complementary skills, experiences, and perspectives can drive innovation and creativity. 

Look for Grit & Resilience 


A startup requires individuals who can handle uncertainty, persevere through challenges, and adapt to changing circumstances. 

Prioritize Cultural fit


A team that shares common values, work styles, and communication patterns can build trust and camaraderie. 

Assess for skills and potential 


Hire individuals who have the necessary skills and experience, but also have the potential to grow, learn, and take on new challenges. 

Leverage Your Network 


Utilize your personal and professional network to identify potential team members, and to get referrals and recommendations. 

Provide Growth Opportunity


Offer opportunities for professional development, and advancement to retain top talent and foster a culture of learning. 

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