Top 10 Ways CEOs Search & Switch Jobs

01 - Networking

CEOs rely on professional and personal networks to learn about job opportunities.

02 - Executive Search Firms 

Recruiters help CEOs find new roles and offer guidance throughout the job search process. 

03 -  Industry Events  

CEOs attend conferences and events to network and learn about industry trends, which can lead to job opportunities. 

04 -  Board connections 

CEOs who serve on boards of other companies may be exposed to job openings through their connections. 

05 -  Headhunters 

Specialized recruiters who approach CEOs directly with job opportunities 

06 -  Online job platforms

CEOs may use online job search platforms to browse and apply for job openings. 

07 -  Referrals

CEOs may receive job referrals from former colleagues, employees, or other industry contacts. 

08 -  Cold outreach 

CEOs may reach out directly to companies they are interested in working for, even if no job openings are advertised. 

09 -  Internal promotion  

CEOs may move up the ranks within their own company and be promoted to higher positions. 

10 -  Mergers and acquisitions 

CEOs may switch jobs as a result of a merger or acquisition, either by choice or necessity.