Top 5

OT Security Vendors

OT security is a specialized field that focuses on providing security for OT environments, which often require different approaches and solutions than those used in traditional IT environments. 

Nozomi Networks helps organizations protect critical infrastructure, industrial systems, and networks from cyber threats, enabling them to embrace digital transformation with confidence.

#1 - Nozomi Networks

Sectrio's OT, IoT, IT & 5G security solutions help protect converged networks by providing better visibility into assets, reducing attack surfaces, and enabling early detection of latent threats.

#2- Sectrio

Claroty is an industrial cybersecurity platform that enables enterprises to achieve cyber and operational resilience, regardless of their current maturity phase, the systems they use, or their network architecture. 

#3- Claroty

Dragos offers codified industrial cybersecurity solutions that help security teams quickly identify and respond to threats, reducing downtime and improving overall protection

#4- Dragos

Mission Secure is a pioneer in operational technology (OT) and industrial control system (ICS) cybersecurity, helping businesses gain visibility and control over their critical assets.

#5- Mission Secure

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