Top 7  Free AI Tools to Save 100+ Hours of Work 

#01 - offers content templates for blog intros, landing pages, LinkedIn ads, and product descriptions, helpful for writers, marketers, and business owners.

#02 -

Use AI to convert your text instructions into Excel formulas quickly.

#03 -

SlidesAI summarizes and generates presentation slides using any text input through AI-powered text-to-presentation technology.

#04 -

Writerly AI produces SEO-optimized and hyper-relevant content in seconds, useful for innovative businesses, teams, and creators.

#05 -

Synthesia, an AI video creation platform, creates videos in 120 languages for thousands of companies using an AI video maker.

#06 -

Durable offers an AI website builder, marketing tools, and invoicing software for service businesses, making it easy to operate online.

#07 -

Writesonic uses AI for writing and generating images, empowering users to create content 10X faster.