Top 7 Highest Paying Jobs in the USA

#01 - Surgeons

Avg. salary of $409,665/year. Perform surgical procedures to treat diseases, injuries, and deformities.

#02 - Psychiatrists

Avg.  salary of $220,380/year. Diagnose and treat mental illnesses through therapy and medication.

#03 - Orthodontists

Avg. salary of $228,780/year. Straighten teeth and correct misaligned jaws using braces and other dental appliances.

#04 - Petroleum Engineers

Avg. salary of $137,720/year. Design and develop methods for extracting oil and gas from deposits deep underground.

#05 -  IT Managers

Avg. salary of $146,360/year. Plan, coordinate and direct computer-related activities within an organization.

#06 -  Pharmacists

Avg. salary of $128,090/year. Dispense prescription medication and provide advice on proper use and potential side effects.

#07 -  Marketing Managers

Avg. salary of $135,900/year. Develop and oversee marketing strategies to promote products and services to customers.