Top 7 Things You Should Never Say to Your Attorney

"I'll just handle it myself" 

Attempting to handle legal matters without an attorney can lead to costly mistakes.


"I didn't tell you that" 

Failure to disclose information can harm your case and damage your relationship with your attorney.


"Can't you just  make it go away?" 

Attorneys cannot make legal issues disappear and may be offended by such requests.


"I don't care  about the cost" 

Failure to consider costs can lead to financial strain and conflict with your attorney.


"My friend had  a similar case and..." 

Each case is unique and comparisons to others may not be helpful.


"I want to get back at [person or company]" 

Seeking revenge can harm your case and lead to ethical violations.


"Just tell me  what I want to hear" 

Honesty and transparency are crucial for a successful attorney-client relationship.


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