Types of Leadership Styles: Which One Works Best for Your Startup?

Autocratic Leadership 


A highly centralized style where the leader has complete control over decision-making and direction. 

Democratic Leadership 


A participative style where the leader encourages collaboration and input from team members before making decisions. 

Laissez-faire Leadership 


A hands-off style where the leader gives team members a high degree of autonomy to make decisions and tasks. 

Transformational Leadership 


A visionary style where the leader inspires and motivates team members to achieve a shared goal. 

Servant Leadership 


A humble style where the leader focuses on the well-being and growth of team members. 

Situational Leadership 


A flexible style where the leader adapts their approach based on the specific situation or task at hand. 

Charismatic Leadership 


A persuasive style where the leader uses their charm and charisma to influence and inspire others. 

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