Types of  Life Insurance Policies  in India

Term Life Insurance

Provides pure life cover for a specific term. Cheapest and simplest form of life insurance with no maturity benefits. 


Whole Life Insurance 

Covers the policyholder's entire life and provides a death benefit payout to the nominee. Can build cash value over time. 


Endowment Insurance 

Offers both life cover and savings. Policyholder receives a lump sum amount as maturity benefit if they survive the policy term. 


Money-Back Policy 

Provides regular payouts (as a percentage of sum assured) at specific intervals during the policy term. Nominee receives full sum assured on death. 


Unit-Linked  Insurance Plan 

Combines life insurance with investment. Policyholder can invest in a variety of funds, and returns depend on market performance. 


Child-Plan Insurance

Designed to secure a child's future by providing life cover for education/marriage. Offer options for premium payment and payout. 



Also known as retirement plans. Provide a regular income after retirement. Can be purchased as annuity or with a lump sum payment. 


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