Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads: The Ultimate Comparison

Are you debating between Facebook Ads and Google Ads as the best platform for your online advertising campaigns? Both Facebook and Google have robust advertising solutions that may aid companies in enhancing their online presence and bringing in more clients. We’ll examine in further detail the main characteristics and distinctions between Facebook Ads and Google Ads in this thorough comparison.

FeaturesFacebook AdsGoogle Ads
Ad SchedulingDayparting, Custom SchedulingDayparting, Custom Scheduling
Ad RelevanceRelevance Score, Ad Quality DiagnosticsQuality Score, Ad Relevance, Expected CTR, Landing Page Experience
Ad Approval Time24 hours or less1-3 business days
Ad Creation ToolsAds Manager, Power Editor, Creative HubGoogle Ads Editor, Google Web Designer
Ad DeliveryAuction-based, Real-time BiddingAuction-based, Real-time Bidding
Ad OptimizationAutomatic and Manual Bid AdjustmentsAutomatic and Manual Bid Adjustments
Ad Frequency CappingYesYes
Ad LanguagesMultiple Languages SupportedMultiple Languages Supported
Ad Formats (Mobile)Mobile App Install Ads, Sponsored MessagesMobile App Install Ads, App Promotion Ads
Ad Formats (Video)In-Stream, Out-Stream, Live Video, Pre-Roll AdsIn-Stream, Out-Stream, Bumper Ads, TrueView Ads
Ad Formats (Display)Banner Ads, Interactive Ads, Carousel AdsResponsive Display Ads, Image Ads, Rich Media Ads
Ad Formats (Shopping)Dynamic Ads, Collection AdsGoogle Shopping Ads
Ad Formats (Local)Local Awareness Ads, Store Visits AdsLocal Search Ads, Google Maps Ads
Ad Performance BenchmarkFacebook Ads BenchmarksGoogle Ads Industry Benchmarks
Ad AttributionFacebook Attribution, Facebook PixelGoogle Attribution, Google Analytics
Ad ReportingCustomizable Reports, Automated InsightsCustomizable Reports, Automated Insights
Ad Budget ManagementFacebook Ads Billing, InvoicingGoogle Ads Billing, Invoicing
Ad Account ManagementBusiness Manager, Ad Account RolesManager Accounts, User Access
Ad SupportFacebook Ads Support, Facebook Ads CommunityGoogle Ads Support, Google Ads Community
Targeting OptionsCustom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences, Interest Targeting, Behavioral Targeting, Demographic TargetingCustom Intent Audiences, Affinity Audiences, In-Market Audiences, Demographic Targeting, Location Targeting
Ad Placement OptionsFacebook, Instagram, Audience NetworkGoogle Search, Google Display Network, YouTube, Gmail
Ad Campaign GoalsAwareness, Consideration, ConversionAwareness, Consideration, Conversion
Ad Placement CustomizationPlacements, Device Types, Operating SystemsPlacements, Device Types, Operating Systems
Ad TestingA/B Testing, Split TestingA/B Testing, Split Testing
Ad TransparencyAd Library, Ad Archive ReportPolitical Advertising Transparency Report
Ad Budget OptionsDaily Budget, Lifetime BudgetDaily Budget, Campaign Budget
Ad Bidding StrategiesCost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Impression (CPM), Cost Per Action (CPA)Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Impression (CPM), Cost Per View (CPV)
Ad Formats (Audio)Audio AdsAudio Ads, Music Discovery Ads
Ad Formats (Discovery)Sponsored Discovery AdsDiscovery Ads
Ad Formats (Gaming)Playable Ads, Rewarded Video AdsGame Campaign Ads
Ad Formats (Augmented Reality)AR Ads, Sponsored FiltersAR Beauty Try-On Ads, AR Interactive Ads
Ad Formats (Virtual Reality)360-degree Video AdsVR Video Ads
Ad Formats (Lead Generation)Lead AdsLead Form Extensions
Ad Formats (Messenger)Messenger Ads, Sponsored MessagesClick-to-Messenger Ads, Messenger Home Placement
Ad Delivery OptimizationAd Scheduling, Budget Optimization, Bid Cap Optimization, Target Cost BiddingAd Scheduling, Budget Optimization, Bid Strategies, Target ROAS Bidding
Ad ReportingAds Manager, Facebook AnalyticsGoogle Ads Reporting, Google Analytics
Ad RetargetingWebsite Custom Audiences, Dynamic AdsRemarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs), Dynamic Remarketing
Ad AttributionFacebook Attribution, Ad EspressoGoogle Attribution, Google Analytics
Ad Creative ToolsCanva, Animoto, Adobe SparkGoogle Web Designer, Display & Video 360
Ad Audience InsightsFacebook Audience InsightsGoogle Audience Insights, Google Trends
Ad Keyword TargetingNot AvailableKeyword Targeting
Ad Network CoverageLimited to Facebook and InstagramCovers a Wide Network including Google Search, YouTube, Google Display Network, Gmail and more
Ad Placement TrackingPixel Tracking, Offline Event TrackingConversion Tracking, Store Visits Tracking
Ad Location TargetingCountry, Region, City, Zip CodeCountry, Region, City, Zip Code
Ad Language TargetingUser’s language setting, Language of Facebook PageUser’s language setting
Ad Budget ManagementCapped Budgets, Automated RulesCapped Budgets, Automated Rules
Ad SupportDedicated Facebook Support, Online ResourcesDedicated Google Support, Online Resources
Ad Frequency CappingAvailableAvailable
Ad Placement OptionsFacebook, Instagram, Audience Network, MessengerGoogle Search Network, Google Display Network, YouTube, Google Discover, Gmail
Ad Targeting OptionsDemographics, Interests, Behaviors, Lookalike Audiences, Custom Audiences, RetargetingKeywords, Demographics, Interests, Affinity Audiences, In-Market Audiences, Custom Intent Audiences, Remarketing
Ad Cost ControlCost per Impression (CPM), Cost per Click (CPC), Cost per Action (CPA), Cost per View (CPV)Cost per Click (CPC), Cost per Impression (CPM), Cost per Acquisition (CPA), Target ROAS Bidding
Ad CustomizationCustomizable Ad Placements, Ad Formats, Ad Creative, Call to ActionsCustomizable Ad Placements, Ad Formats, Ad Creative, Ad Extensions
Ad Performance TrackingPixel Tracking, Offline Event Tracking, Conversion Tracking, Custom ConversionsConversion Tracking, Google Analytics, Store Visits Tracking, Phone Call Tracking
Ad Competitor AnalysisFacebook Page Insights, SocialPetaGoogle Ads Auction Insights, SEMrush
Ad Approval ProcessManual Review ProcessManual Review Process
Ad Geographic TargetingCountry, Region, City, Zip CodeCountry, Region, City, Zip Code
Ad Bid ManagementManual Bidding, Automated Bidding, Bid Cap OptimizationManual Bidding, Automated Bidding, Bid Strategies
Ad A/B TestingAvailableAvailable
Ad IntegrationInstagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, Oculus VRGoogle Merchant Center, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager

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