List of Telecommunication Equipment Manufacturing Companies in the USA

The telecommunication industry has seen immense growth in recent years, and with the advent of new technologies, the demand for telecommunication equipment has only increased. In the USA, there are several companies that manufacture telecommunication equipment, and in this article, we’ll be discussing some of the top players in the market.

1. Cisco Systems, Inc.

Cisco Systems, Inc. is a leading American multinational technology conglomerate that specializes in designing and manufacturing telecommunications equipment. The company has a diverse portfolio of products, including routers, switches, and network security solutions. Cisco is also known for its advanced teleconferencing systems that are widely used by businesses and government organizations. With its headquarters in San Jose, California, Cisco has a global presence and is one of the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturers in the world.

2. Motorola Solutions, Inc.

Motorola Solutions, Inc. is another American multinational telecommunications equipment manufacturing company that is known for its innovative products. The company has a strong focus on public safety communications and provides a wide range of products and services, including two-way radios, body-worn cameras, and software solutions. With its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, Motorola Solutions has a global presence and is a trusted partner for law enforcement agencies and first responders.

3. Qualcomm Inc.

Qualcomm Inc. is a leading American multinational semiconductor and telecommunications equipment manufacturing company. The company is known for its advanced wireless technologies and has been instrumental in the development of 5G technology. Qualcomm’s products include mobile chipsets, wireless modems, and other telecommunications equipment. With its headquarters in San Diego, California, Qualcomm has a global presence and is one of the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturers in the world

4. Nokia Corporation

Nokia Corporation is a Finnish multinational telecommunications equipment manufacturing company that has a strong presence in the USA. The company specializes in providing end-to-end network solutions, including 5G equipment, cloud-based services, and network optimization solutions. Nokia has a long history of innovation and has been a key player in the development of wireless technologies. With its headquarters in Espoo, Finland, Nokia has a global presence and is a trusted partner for telecom operators and businesses around the world.

5. Ericsson Inc.

Ericsson Inc. is a Swedish multinational telecommunications equipment manufacturing company that has a strong presence in the USA. The company provides a wide range of products and services, including 5G equipment, cloud-based services, and network optimization solutions. Ericsson is known for its advanced radio technology and has been a key player in the development of 5G technology. With its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, Ericsson has a global presence and is a trusted partner for telecom operators and businesses around the world.

List of Telecommunication Equipment Manufacturing Companies in the USA

S. No.NameFoundersFounded Year
1Cisco Systems, Inc.Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner1984
2Motorola Solutions, Inc.Paul V. Galvin and Joseph Galvin1928
3Qualcomm IncorporatedIrwin Jacobs1985
4Nokia CorporationFredrik Idestam and Leo Mechelin1865
5EricssonLars Magnus Ericsson1876
6Juniper Networks, Inc.Pradeep Sindhu1996
7Avaya Inc.AT&T Corporation2000
8Hewlett Packard EnterpriseWilliam Redington Hewlett and Dave Packard2015
9ARRIS International plcRobert Stanzione1995
10Polycom, Inc.Brian Hinman1990
11Extreme Networks, Inc.Gordon L. Stitt1996
12ADTRAN, Inc.Mark C. Smith1985
13Ciena CorporationPatrick Nettles1992
14Corning IncorporatedAmory Houghton Jr. and William Amory Houghton1851
15Lumentum Holdings Inc.JDS Uniphase Corporation2015
16ViaSat, Inc.Mark Dankberg1986
17Infinera CorporationJagdeep Singh2000
18Jabil Inc.William E. Morean and James Golden1966
19CommScope Holding Company, Inc.Frank Drendel1976
20Ribbon Communications Inc.Ed Cambron2017
21Harmonic Inc.Lewis Chew1988
22Casa Systems, Inc.Jerry Guo2003
23Calix, Inc.Michael Hatfield1999
24EXFO Inc.Germain Lamonde1985
25Ribbon Communications Holdings, Inc.Ed Cambron2018
26AudioCodes Ltd.Shabtai Adlersberg1992
27Belden Inc.Joseph C. Belden1902
28RAD Data Communications Networks Ltd.Yehuda Zisapel1981
29Viaero WirelessFrank DiRico1991
30Zhone Technologies, Inc. (DASAN Zhone)Mory Ejabat and Robert Dahl1999
31Mitel Networks CorporationTerry Matthews1972
32Tellabs, Inc.Michael Birck1975
33Netgear, Inc.Patrick Lo1996
34Viasystems Group, Inc. (merged with TTM)James St. Clair1957
35Westell Technologies, Inc.Robert C. Penny III and Van C. Trevor1980
36DZS Inc. (formerly Dasan Zhone Solutions)Michael Connors and Kevin Wen1999
37Mitac International Corp.Simon Chung and Francis Tsai1982
38Anixter International Inc.Alan and Bill Anixter1957
39Transmode Systems ABKarl Thedéen2000
40Unify Inc. (formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications)Siemens AG2008
41Newbridge Networks CorporationTerry Matthews and Michael Cowpland1986
42CoriantMarlin Equity Partners2013
43Alcatel-LucentBen Verwaayen2006
44Radisys CorporationGlen Myers and Terry L. Giles1987
45Acme PacketAndy Ory and Patrick MeLampy2000
46F5 Networks, Inc.Jeff Hussey and Alan Schoenbaum1996
47Fortinet, Inc.Ken Xie and Michael Xie2000
48Riverbed TechnologyJerry Kennelly and Steve McCanne2002
49Mellanox TechnologiesEyal Waldman1999
50Palo Alto Networks, Inc.Nir Zuk and Yuming Mao2005
51A10 Networks, Inc.Lee Chen2004
52GigamonTed Ho2004
53Ribbon Communications Holdings, Inc.Ed Cambron2018
54Inseego Corp.Brian D. Burns and Charles T. Berg1996
55Aviat Networks, Inc.High Frequency Radio2006
56UTStarcom Holdings Corp.Hong Lu and Ying Wu1991
57Extreme Networks, Inc.Gordon L. Stitt1996
58Lumos NetworksEQT Infrastructure1894
59Ribbon Communications Inc.Ed Cambron2017
60Cogent CommunicationsDave Schaeffer199
61Viavi Solutions Inc.JDS Uniphase2015
62Ribbon Communications Inc. (formerly ECI Telecom)Rafi Maor and Yehuda Koren1961
63Juniper Networks, Inc.Pradeep Sindhu1996
64GTT Communications, Inc.Rick Calder1998
65Zayo Group Holdings, Inc.Dan Caruso2007
66Harmonic Inc.Rocky Jones and Ron Huseman1988
67KVH Industries, Inc.Martin Kits van Heyningen1982
68Ribbon Communications Inc. (formerly Sonus Networks)Steven N. Oristaglio and S. Lee Welling1997
69Infinera CorporationDrew Perkins and Jagdeep Singh2000
70Ooma, Inc.Andrew Frame and Dennis Peng2004
71Ribbon Communications Inc. (formerly Genband)David Walsh1999
72Calix, Inc.Carl Russo1999
73ADTRAN, Inc.Mark C. Smith1985
74Itron, Inc.Howard P. Colvin1977
75Vonage Holdings Corp.Jeffrey A. Citron2000
76Shenandoah Telecommunications CompanyEarle A. MacKenzie1902
77Ribbon Communications Inc. (formerly Edgewater Networks)David G. Norman2002
78Zscaler, Inc.Jay Chaudhry2008
79Ribbon Communications Inc. (formerly Tekelec)William J. Mocrytzki and Robert C. Anderson1971
80Ribbon Communications Inc. (formerly Acme Packet)Andy Ory and Patrick MeLampy2000
81Ribbon Communications Inc. (formerly Metaswitch Networks)Ian Ferguson and Martin Taylor1981
82Ribbon Communications Inc. (formerly Sylantro Systems)Ralph E. McKay1998
83Ribbon Communications Inc. (formerly Performance Technologies, Inc.)Richard L. DePew1981
84Ribbon Communications Inc. (formerly NexTone Communications)Mark Lotke and Malik Khan2000
85Ribbon Communications Inc. (formerly MCK Communications, Inc.)Robert E. Speck1983
86Ribbon Communications Inc. (formerly Network Equipment Technologies, Inc.)William Tauscher1983
87Ribbon Communications Inc. (formerly C20 Communications, Inc.)Jeff Thompson2000
88Ribbon Communications Inc. (formerly Veraz Networks)Vijay Sharma and Doug Sabella2003
89Ribbon Communications Inc. (formerly IP Unity Glenayre)Andrew S. Miller2002
90Ribbon Communications Inc. (formerly Taqua, LLC)Scott A. Weidenfeller and John A. R. Williams1998
91Ribbon Communications Inc. (formerly Covergence, Inc.)David Yedwab and Kumar Shah2000
92Ribbon Communications Inc. (formerly SONUS Networks, Inc.)Stephen N. Oristaglio and S. Lee Welling1997
93Ribbon Communications Inc. (formerly Teltier Technologies, Inc.)Ira M. Cohen and Nir Simionovich2000
94Ribbon Communications Inc. (formerly UTStarcom, Inc.)Hong Liang Lu and Hongliang Lu1991
95Ribbon Communications Inc. (formerly Netrake Corporation)Paul J. Steeprow and Rajiv Raghunarayan2000
96Ribbon Communications Inc. (formerly Excel Switching Corporation)Royce W. Holland1984
97Ribbon Communications Inc. (formerly Telsis Limited)Tom Gutteridge and Robert Durbin1987
98Ribbon Communications Inc. (formerly Ingate Systems AB)Olle Westerberg2001
99Ribbon Communications Inc. (formerly Cedar Point Communications, Inc.)Andy Paff and Jim Anderson2000
100Ribbon Communications Inc. (formerly Lumos Networks Corp.)Timothy G. Biltz and Craig M. Drinkhall2007
101Ribbon Communications Inc. (formerly PT Inovacao e Sistemas S.A.)Antonio Jose Dias de Sousa and Joao de Sousa2001
102Ribbon Communications Inc. (formerly Acme Packet Carrier Systems, Inc.)Andy Ory and Patrick MeLampy2011
103Ribbon Communications Inc. (formerly Sonus Networks, LLC)Stephen N. Oristaglio and S. Lee Welling1997
104Ribbon Communications Inc. (formerly AppTrigger, Inc.)Chris Haines and Kent Thexton2001
105Ribbon Communications Inc. (formerly Perimeta, Inc.)Andy Ory and Patrick MeLampy2012
106Ribbon Communications Inc. (formerly IPTEGO GmbH)Joerg Ott and Christian Wollner2005
107Ribbon Communications Inc. (formerly Redstone Communications, Inc.)Brian McConnell and Michael Luby2000
108Ribbon Communications Inc. (formerly Tely Labs, Inc.)Sreekanth Ravi and Sudhakar Ravi2010
109Ribbon Communications Inc. (formerly Sansay, Inc.)Andy Voss1987
110Ribbon Communications Inc. (formerly Edgewater Networks, Inc.)Dave Norman and Steve Pattison2002
111Ribbon Communications Inc. (formerly GENBAND Inc.)Charles D. Vogt and Venky Krishnaswamy1999
112Comtech Telecommunications Corp.Fred Kornberg1967
113Technicolor SALeon Gaumont and Eugene Augustin Léon Gaumont1915
114The Whitlock GroupDoug Hall1956
115HUBER+SUHNERFritz Huber and Paul Suhner1969
116ADTRAN Inc.Mark C. Smith1985
117Casa Systems, Inc.Jerry Guo and Jacky Huang2003
118Ceragon Networks Ltd.Ira Palti and Shraga Katz1996
119Ciena CorporationDavid Huber, Kevin Kimberlin and Pat Nettles1992
120Clearfield, Inc.Cheri Beranek1979
121Cohere Technologies, Inc.Shlomo Rakib and Roy Levy2014
122CreanordHannu Hannukainen and Jani Haapala2000
123DASAN Zhone SolutionsChang-Woo Seo and Il-Yung Kim1999
124D-Link CorporationKen Kao1986
125EXFO Inc.Germain Lamonde1985
126Hubbell IncorporatedHarvey Hubbell1888
127II-VI IncorporatedCarl J. Johnson1971
128Infinera CorporationJagdeep Singh2000
129Intracom TelecomMinos Kiriakou1977
130Lantronix, Inc.Bernhard Bruscha and Maksim (Max) Zavodchikov1989
131Lumentum Holdings Inc.Larry D. Marshall2015
132Metaswitch NetworksIan Ferguson and Michael Howard1981
133Mitel Networks CorporationTerry Matthews1972
134Multilink Inc.Raj Jain and Pravin Jain1985
135NetScout SystemsAnil Singhal1984
136NICE Systems Ltd.Udi Ziv1986
137Ooma, Inc.Andrew Frame2004
138Opengear, Inc.Bob Waldie and2000
139Optelian Access NetworksDave Weymouth and Bryan Chan2002
140Polycom Inc.Brian L Hinman and Jeffrey Rodman1990
141Radisys CorporationGlen Myers and Raymond Dolan1987
142Ribbon Communications Inc. (formerly Sonus Networks)Steven G. Natale and Steven E. Holcomb1997
143Riverbed Technology, Inc.Jerry M. Kennelly2002
144Ruckus WirelessVictor Shtrom and Bill Kish2004
145Sangoma Technologies CorporationDavid Mandelstam and Mark Kohler1984
146Shure IncorporatedSidney N. Shure1925
147Sierra WirelessDavid S. Lee1993
148Smith Micro Software, Inc.William W. Smith Jr.1982
149SonicWall Inc.Sreekanth Ravi1991
150Spirent CommunicationsJack Bowthorpe1936
151TechnoCom CorporationOmar Masry and Shahid Ahmed1995
152Teleflex IncorporatedL. Ray Hunt1943
153Tellabs Inc.Michael J. Birck1974
154Thales Defense & Security, Inc.William the Conqueror2012
155Ubiquiti NetworksRobert J. Pera2005
156USRoboticsCasey Cowell and Paul Collard1976
157VIAVI SolutionsSanjiv Sam Gambhir and Jeong Kim1923
158Vocera Communications, Inc.Robert Shostak and Brent Lang2000
159Vonage Holdings Corp.Jeff Pulver2001
160Westell Technologies Inc.Van Cullens and Joseph Zanuso1980
161Windstream HoldingsTony Thomas2006
162Xirrus Inc.Dirk Gates and Steve DeGennaro2004
163YealinkDavid Wu and Stone Lu2001
164Zebra Technologies Corp.Edward L. Kaplan1969
165Zhone Technologies Inc.Mory Ejabat and Shahram Mokhtarani1999
166Zoom Telephonics, Inc.Frank Manning and Terry Manning1977
167ZTE USA, Inc.Hou Weigui1985
168Accton Technology CorporationRobert Chien1988
169ADTRAN, Inc.Mark C. Smith and Lonnie McMillian1986
170Adva Optical NetworkingBrian Protiva1994
171AFL TelecommunicationsJack Logan and Jack Carlson1984
172Allen Telecom Group, Inc. (ATG)John G. Allen and Richard A. Allen1962
173Alvarion Ltd.Zvi Slonimsky and Yehuda (Udi) Vered2001
174Anixter InternationalAlan J. Weisberg1957
175Arcadyan Technology CorporationAlpha Networks2003
176Arista Networks, Inc.Andy Bechtolsheim, David Cheriton and Jayshree Ullal2004
177Avago TechnologiesHenry Nicholas and Henry Samueli2005
178Belden Inc.Joseph Belden1902
179Calix Inc.Michael Hatfield and Carl Russo1999
180Ciena CorporationDavid Huber, Kevin Kimberlin, and Patrick Nettles1992
181ClearOne CommunicationsZee Hakimoglu1983
182Comba TelecomTony TL Fok1997
183Commscope Holding Company, Inc.Frank M. Drendel1976
184Corning IncorporatedAmory Houghton1851
185Datang Telecom Technology Co., Ltd.Ministry of Industry and Information Technology1998
186DASAN Zhone SolutionsYung Kim and Seung H. Ahn1999
187Dialogic CorporationJim Machi and Nick Jensen1983
188Draka USA, LLCJan-Ernst de Groot1910
189Extreme Networks, Inc.Gordon Stitt1996
190Finisar CorporationJerry Rawls and Frank Levinson1988
191Forescout Technologies, Inc.Hezy Yeshurun, Oded Comay, and Nethanel Gleitman2000
192Fortinet, Inc.Ken Xie and Michael Xie2000
193Genband Inc.Charles Vogt and Brad Bush1999
194Infinera CorporationDrew Perkins and Jagdeep Singh2000
195Innovium, Inc.Puneet Agarwal and Rajiv Khemani2014
196Juniper Networks, Inc.Pradeep Sindhu1996
197L-com Global ConnectivityPatrick Knight1982
198Lantronix, Inc.Bernhard Bruscha1989
199LenovoEMCLenovo and EMC2013
200Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc.Isidor Leviton1906
201Lumentum Holdings Inc.JDS Uniphase Corporation2015
202Metaswitch NetworksIan Ferguson and John Lazar1981
203Mitel Networks CorporationTerry Matthews1973
204Netgear, Inc.Patrick Lo1996
205Novatel Wireless, Inc.Peter Leparulo1996
206NTT America, Inc.NTT Communications Corporation1999
207OpengearBob Waldie2004
208Palo Alto Networks, Inc.Nir Zuk and Yuming Mao2005
209Panasonic Corporation of North AmericaKonosuke Matsushita1959
210Polycom, Inc.Jeffrey Rodman and Brian L Hinman1990
211RAD Data Communications Ltd.Yehuda Zisapel1981
212Ribbon Communications Inc.Jeff Pulver and Andrew Sukawaty1997
213Ruckus NetworksSelina Lo and Victor Shtrom2004
214Sonus Networks, Inc.Hassan Ahmed and Brian Stoner1997
215Sycamore Networks, Inc.Gururaj Deshpande and Desh Deshpande1998
216Telco Systems, Inc.Nir Daube and Moshe Shimon1972
217Tellabs, Inc.Michael Birck and Brian Jackman1975
218Tessco Technologies IncorporatedRobert Barnhill1982
219Tripp LiteBasant Gupta and Chet Narayan Gupta1922
220Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.Robert J. Pera2005
221US Robotics CorporationCasey Cowell and Paul Collard1976
222VIAVI SolutionsWandel and Goltermann1923
223Vitesse Semiconductor CorporationLou Tomasetta and Chris Gardner1984
224Zebra Technologies CorporationEd Kaplan and Gerhard Cless1969


Telecommunications equipment manufacturing is a rapidly evolving industry, driven by advancements in technology and increasing demand for high-speed internet and connectivity. In the USA, companies like Cisco, Motorola, Qualcomm, Nokia, and Ericsson are leading the way in innovation and are key players in shaping the future of the industry. While there are challenges facing manufacturers, the overall outlook for the industry is positive, with growth expected to continue in the coming years.

As the telecommunications industry continues to evolve, manufacturers in the USA will need to keep pace with the latest trends and technologies. This will require a significant investment in research and development, as well as a focus on collaboration and partnerships to bring new products and services to market.

Another important factor for manufacturers will be to maintain high levels of quality and reliability. Telecommunications equipment is critical infrastructure, and any issues or malfunctions could have serious consequences for businesses, governments, and individuals. Manufacturers will need to ensure that their products meet the highest standards for quality, safety, and performance.

In conclusion, the telecommunications equipment manufacturing industry in the USA is a dynamic and rapidly evolving sector that plays a critical role in the country’s economy and infrastructure. Companies like Cisco, Motorola, Qualcomm, Nokia, and Ericsson are leading the way in innovation and are well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for high-speed internet and connectivity. However, to remain competitive and meet the evolving needs of their customers, manufacturers will need to invest in research and development, maintain high levels of quality and reliability, and stay ahead of the curve in terms of technology and innovation.

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