Timeline of the Crusades: Major Battles and Events

Explore the important wars and events that took place during the Crusades, a mediaeval religious warfare, in this fascinating timeline of the Crusades.

Explore the key events that shaped the history of the Crusades, from the First Crusade’s conquest of Jerusalem to the fall of Acre.

Discover more about the conflicts between Christian and Muslim armies, the emergence of strong Crusader governments, and the cultural exchanges that took place during this pivotal time.

Council of Clermont1095
Start of the First Crusade109600%
Siege of Antioch1097-1098
Capture of Jerusalem1099
Battle of Ascalon1099
Death of Pope Urban II1099
Coronation of Baldwin I as King of Jerusalem1100
Battle of Ramla1101
Capture of Tripoli1109
Assassination of Conrad of Montferrat1192
Third Crusade: Siege of Acre1189-1191
Treaty of Jaffa1192
Fourth Crusade: Sack of Constantinople1204
Fifth Crusade: Siege of Damietta1218-1221
Sixth Crusade: Treaty of Jaffa1229
Seventh Crusade: Battle of Mansourah1250
Eighth Crusade: Battle of Tunis1270
Ninth Crusade: Battle of Al Mansurah1271
Fall of Acre1291
End of the Crusader states1291
Children’s Crusade1212
Teutonic Knights’ Crusade1230
Battle of Hattin1187
Battle of Arsuf1191
Battle of Montgisard1177
Battle of Dorylaeum1097
Battle of Iconium1097
Battle of Antioch1098
Battle of Jaffa1192
Battle of Al Mansurah1250
Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa1212
Siege of Edessa1144
Siege of Acre1189-1191
Siege of Damascus1148
Siege of Tyre1124
Siege of Jerusalem1244
Siege of Constantinople1203-1204
Siege of Tripoli1102
Siege of Nicaea1097
Capture of Edessa1098
Capture of Antioch1098
Crusader states established
Assassination of Raymond III of Tripoli1187
Assassination of Louis IX of France1270
Assassination of Charles I of Naples1285
Assassination of Philip of Montfort1270
Treaty of Ramla1192
Treaty of Acre1197
Treaty of Saint-Jean-d’Acre1229
Treaty of Jaffa and Tell Ajul1229
Treaty of Acre1245
Treaty of Limassol1249
Treaty of Jaffa1258
Treaty of Caltabellotta1302
Siege of Shaizar1111
Capture of Tortosa1148
Battle of Inab1149
Battle of Cresson1187
Battle of Jacob’s Ford1179
Battle of Hims1281
Battle of La Forbie1244
Battle of Marj Ayyun1179
Battle of Ager Sanguinis1119
Battle of the Field of Blood1119
Battle of Myriokephalon1176
Battle of al-Babein1167
Battle of Iconium1190
Battle of Fariskur1250
Battle of Athlit1291
Battle of Harbiyah1303
Battle of Dara1098
Battle of Ramla1105
Battle of Casal Imbert1156
Battle of Shaizar1111
Battle of Yibneh1124
Siege of Jerusalem1099
Siege of Damietta1218-1221
Siege of Mansourah1250
Siege of Tunis1270
Siege of Akko1291
Pope Urban II’s Call for the First Crusade1095
Capture of Nicaea1097
Founding of the Knights Templar1119
Founding of the Knights Hospitaller1113
Battle of Sarmada1119
Capture of Edessa1144
Founding of the Teutonic Knights1190

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