WhatsApp vs. Telegram: Messaging Apps Showdown

Discover the WhatsApp vs. Telegram chat app war. Compare the features, privacy settings, and user base, among other things. Find the ideal messaging system for your requirements. Check out the fight right now!

End-to-End EncryptionYesYes
Group ChatsUp to 256 participantsUp to 200,000 participants
Voice CallsAvailableAvailable
Video CallsAvailableAvailable
Self-Destructing MessagesYesYes
Cloud StorageBacked up automaticallyUnlimited storage
File SharingLimited file sizeUp to 2GB per file
Voice MessagesAvailableAvailable
Desktop VersionAvailableAvailable
Web VersionAvailableAvailable
Multi-platform SupportAndroid, iOS, Web, DesktopAndroid, iOS, Web, Desktop
Status UpdatesAvailableNot available
Two-Factor AuthenticationAvailableAvailable
Chat BackupGoogle Drive, iCloudCloud storage
Location SharingAvailableAvailable
Message ForwardingYesYes
Data UsageLowLow
Contact SyncingYesYes
User InterfaceSimple and intuitiveSleek and modern
Public ChannelsNot availableAvailable
BotsLimited capabilitiesPowerful bot platform
GIF SupportAvailableAvailable
Secret ChatsNot availableAvailable
Voice ChatsAvailableAvailable
Animated EmojisNot availableAvailable
PollsNot availableAvailable
Username/HandlesPhone number-basedUsername-based
Video MessagesAvailableAvailable
Message EditingNot availableAvailable
Message DeletionAvailableAvailable
Read ReceiptsYesYes
Cross-Device SyncYesYes
Custom ThemesNot availableAvailable
Chat FoldersNot availableAvailable
Chat PinningAvailableAvailable
App IntegrationLimitedExtensive
Large Group CallsUp to 8 participantsUp to 1000 participants
Message TranslationNot availableAvailable
ChatbotsLimited capabilitiesAdvanced bot platform
Voice DictationAvailableAvailable
Broadcast MessagesLimited customizationCustomizable
Third-Party Sticker PacksNot availableAvailable
Offline MessagingNot availableAvailable
Live Location SharingAvailableAvailable
Business AccountsWhatsApp BusinessTelegram for Business
Multiple Account SupportNoAvailable
Message FormattingLimited formatting optionsMarkdown formatting
Video StreamingAvailableAvailable
Self-Destructing MediaNoAvailable
QR Code SupportAvailableAvailable
Voice Recording TranscriptionNoAvailable
Voice ChangerNoAvailable
Voice Message TranscriptionNoAvailable

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