Tesla Model S vs. BMW i8: Electric Luxury Cars Face-Off

Find out how the Tesla Model S and BMW i8, two of the top electric luxury vehicles, compare. Compare attributes like features, range, performance, and design. Discover the ideal green vehicle. Now read!

FeaturesTesla Model SBMW i8
Battery CapacityHighModerate
Charging TimeVariesVaries
Top SpeedHighLimited
Power OutputHighModerate
Electric Motor TypeAC inductionPlug-in hybrid
All-Wheel DriveAvailableAvailable
Drive ModesMultipleMultiple
Exterior DesignSleek and modernFuturistic and sporty
Interior DesignMinimalist and high-techSporty and luxurious
Seating Capacity54
Infotainment SystemTesla touchscreenBMW iDrive system
Autopilot FunctionalityAdvancedLimited
Connectivity OptionsExtensiveStandard
Driver Assistance FeaturesExtensiveLimited
Safety RatingsHighGood
Luxury FeaturesPremium materialsPremium materials
Cargo SpaceSpaciousLimited
Sound SystemHigh-qualityPremium
WarrantyTesla warrantyBMW warranty
Maintenance CostsLowModerate
Resale ValueHighModerate
Customization OptionsLimitedLimited
Energy EfficiencyHighModerate
Brake SystemRegenerativeRegenerative
Dashboard DisplayLarge touchscreenDigital instrument cluster
Mobile AppComprehensiveLimited
Wireless ChargingAvailableNot available
Head-Up DisplayNot availableAvailable
Carbon Fiber ComponentsLimitedExtensive
Launch ControlAvailableNot available
Adaptive Cruise ControlAvailableAvailable
Parking AssistanceAvailableAvailable
Performance UpgradesAvailableLimited
Environmental FriendlinessZero-emissionLow-emission
Service and SupportTesla service centersBMW service centers
Roadside AssistanceAvailableAvailable
Virtual CockpitNot availableAvailable
Voice ControlAvailableAvailable
Eco ModeAvailableAvailable
Touchless DeliveryAvailableNot available
Charging NetworkTesla Supercharger networkBMW ChargeNow network
Interior Ambient LightingCustomizable colorsLimited options
Autonomous DrivingFull self-driving capabilityLimited autonomous features
Handling TechnologyAdaptive air suspensionDynamic Damper Control
Sound ExperienceTesla “Tesla Theater” audio systemHarman Kardon surround sound
Keyless EntryAvailableAvailable
Advanced Safety FeaturesTesla Autopilot systemBMW Driving Assistant
Energy RecuperationRegenerative braking systemRegenerative braking system
Carbon Footprint TrackingAvailableNot available
Voice AssistantTesla Voice CommandBMW Intelligent Personal Assistant

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