Famous Speeches in History and Their Impact

Discover the strength of historical speeches that have had a lasting influence by partaking in this investigation. Discover the dramatic impact of these famous speeches, from Winston Churchill’s “We Shall Fight on the Beaches” to Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream.” Explore the words that influenced movements, created nations, and changed the course of history.

I Have a DreamMartin Luther King Jr.1963
We Shall Fight on the BeachesWinston Churchill1940
I Have Nothing to Offer but Blood, Toil, Tears, and SweatWinston Churchill1940
Tear down this wall!Ronald Reagan1987
Ask not what your country can do for youJohn F. Kennedy1961
Give me liberty or give me deathPatrick Henry177500%
The Gettysburg AddressAbraham Lincoln1863
I am prepared to dieNelson Mandela1964
The Iron CurtainWinston Churchill1946
We choose to go to the MoonJohn F. Kennedy1962
Blood, Toil, Tears, and SweatWinston Churchill1940
Declaration of IndependenceThomas Jefferson1776
I’ve Been to the MountaintopMartin Luther King Jr.1968
Farewell AddressGeorge Washington1796
A Time for ChoosingRonald Reagan1964
The Ballot or the BulletMalcolm X1964
First Inaugural AddressFranklin D. Roosevelt1933
We Shall OvercomeLyndon B. Johnson1965
Eisenhower Farewell AddressDwight D. Eisenhower1961
Rivers of BloodEnoch Powell1968
Inaugural AddressJohn F. Kennedy1961
A More Perfect UnionBarack Obama2008
Four FreedomsFranklin D. Roosevelt1941
Address to the United NationsNelson Mandela1990
The Last SermonProphet Muhammad632
The Emancipation ProclamationAbraham Lincoln1863
Ain’t I a Woman?Sojourner Truth1851
Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the CitizenMarquis de Lafayette1789
Speech to the Troops at TilburyQueen Elizabeth I1588
We Shall Fight on the Landing GroundsWinston Churchill1940
The Star-Spangled BannerFrancis Scott Key1814
The Sermon on the MountJesus Christ1st century
We Will Never SurrenderWinston Churchill1940
Give me liberty or give me deathPatrick Henry1775

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