LinkedIn vs. Facebook: The Battle for Professional Networking

Professional ProfilesYesLimited Professional Profiles
Job ListingsYesLimited Job Listings
Networking ConnectionsYesYes
Business PagesYesYes
Company PagesYesYes
Skills and EndorsementsYesNo
News FeedProfessional UpdatesPersonal Updates
InMail MessagingYesYes
Job Search FiltersYesLimited Job Search Filters
Company InsightsYesLimited Insights
Alumni NetworksYesNo
Resume/CV BuilderYesNo
Professional ContentYesLimited Professional Content
Career Development ContentYesLimited Career Content
Professional LearningYesLimited Learning Resources
Business MessagingYesYes
Business ContactsYesYes
Work Anniversary RemindersYesNo
Professional RecommendationsYesNo
Job Application SubmissionYesNo
Industry-specific GroupsYesNo
Professional Networking RecommendationsYesNo
Profile Privacy SettingsYesYes
Business AdvertisingYesYes
Targeted Job RecommendationsYesNo
Company FollowsYesYes
Personalized FeedYesYes
Professional Network SizeYesNo
Business InsightsYesLimited Insights
Skill AssessmentsYesNo
Mentoring ProgramsYesNo
Professional ReputationYesNo
Business CollaborationYesLimited Collaboration
Resume/CV VisibilityYesNo
Job Application TrackingYesNo
Business Page AnalyticsYesLimited Analytics
Work HistoryYesLimited Work History
Industry NewsYesLimited Industry News
Remote Work OpportunitiesYesLimited Remote Work
Professional Networking EventsYesLimited Networking Events
Candidate RecommendationsYesNo
Company UpdatesYesYes
Professional CommunityYesLimited Community
Content PublishingYesYes
Salary InsightsYesNo
Portfolio ShowcaseYesNo
Virtual Networking EventsYesLimited Virtual Events
Resume/CV ImportYesNo
Professional Certification CoursesYesNo
Recommendation RequestsYesNo
Professional InsightsYesNo
Professional Networking SuggestionsYesNo
Business Networking SuggestionsYesNo
Job Application RecommendationsYesNo
Professional NewsYesNo
Business Messaging SuggestionsYesNo
Thought Leadership ContentYesLimited Thought Leadership
Professional FeedbackYesNo
Industry-specific NewsYesNo
Professional EventsYesNo
Career Development ResourcesYesNo
Skill-based Networking OpportunitiesYesNo

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