List of Commonly Used Acronyms and Abbreviations

Acronyms and abbreviations are widely used in various industries and fields, from technology and finance to healthcare and education. They serve as shorthand for long and complex terms and help people communicate more efficiently. However, with so many acronyms and abbreviations in use, it can be challenging to keep up with them all.

To help you navigate the world of acronyms and abbreviations, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most commonly used ones, along with their meanings and usage in different industries.

S.No.AcronymsAbbreviationsUsed Industry
124/724 Hours a Day, 7 Days a WeekBusiness, Customer Service
22FATwo-Factor AuthenticationInternet Security
4401(k)Retirement Savings PlanFinance
54GFourth GenerationTelecommunications
64PLFourth-Party LogisticsLogistics
75GFifth GenerationTelecommunications
8A/B TestingSplit TestingMarketing
9A/CAir ConditioningConstruction
10AAAAmerican Automobile AssociationAutomotive
11ADRAmerican Depositary ReceiptFinance
12AFAIKAs Far As I KnowInternet Slang
13AIArtificial IntelligenceTechnology
14AJAXAsynchronous JavaScript and XMLWeb Development
15AMAAsk Me AnythingInternet Slang
16AMLAnti-Money LaunderingFinance
17APIApplication Programming InterfaceTechnology
18ARMAdvanced RISC MachinesTechnology
19ARPUAverage Revenue Per UserBusiness
20ASAPAs Soon As PossibleBusiness, Education
21ASCAPAmerican Society of Composers, Authors, and PublishersMusic
22ASCIIAmerican Standard Code for Information InterchangeTechnology
23ASICApplication-Specific Integrated CircuitTechnology
24ASPActive Server PagesWeb Development
25ASPApplication Service ProviderInformation Technology
26ATMAutomated Teller MachineBanking
27ATSApplicant Tracking SystemHuman Resources
28AWOLAbsent Without LeaveMilitary
29AWSAmazon Web ServicesCloud Computing
31BAEBefore Anyone ElseInternet Slang
32BBLBe Back LaterInternet Slang
33BCCBlind Carbon CopyEmail
34BFFBest Friends ForeverInternet Slang
35BPMBeats Per MinuteMusic, Healthcare
36BPMBusiness Process ManagementBusiness
37BPOBusiness Process OutsourcingBusiness
38BRBBe Right BackInternet Slang
39BTWBy The WayInternet Slang
40BYODBring Your Own DeviceInformation Technology
41CAGRCompound Annual Growth RateBusiness
42CAPTCHACompletely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans ApartInternet Security
43CCCarbon CopyEmail
44CDNContent Delivery NetworkWeb Development
45CEOChief Executive OfficerBusiness
46CFDContract for DifferenceFinance
47CFOChief Financial OfficerBusiness
48CMOChief Marketing OfficerBusiness
49CMSContent Management SystemWeb Development
50CNAMECanonical NameWeb Development
51COBOLCommon Business-Oriented LanguageComputer Science
52COOChief Operating OfficerBusiness
53CPMCost Per ThousandMarketing
54CRMCustomer Relationship ManagementBusiness
55CSRFCross-Site Request ForgeryInternet Security
56CSSCascading Style SheetsWeb Development
57CTACall to ActionMarketing
58CTACertified Trade AssociateBusiness
59CTRClick-Through RateMarketing
61CVCurriculum VitaeBusiness
62CXCustomer ExperienceBusiness
64DAMDigital Asset ManagementMarketing
65DBADoing Business AsBusiness
66DDoSDistributed Denial of ServiceInternet Security
67DHCPDynamic Host Configuration ProtocolNetwork Management
68DIYDo It YourselfHome Improvement, Crafts
69DMDirect MessageSocial Media
70DMSDocument Management SystemInformation Technology
71DNSDomain Name SystemWeb Development
72DOSDisk Operating SystemInformation Technology
73DRDisaster RecoveryInformation Technology
74DRAMDynamic Random Access MemoryInformation Technology
75DSLDigital Subscriber LineTelecommunications
76DVDDigital Versatile DiscTechnology
77EAIEnterprise Application IntegrationInformation Technology
78EANEuropean Article NumberRetail
79EAPExtensible Authentication ProtocolInternet Security
80EBITDAEarnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and AmortizationFinance
81E-CommerceElectronic CommerceBusiness
82EHRElectronic Health RecordHealthcare
83EMRElectronic Medical RecordHealthcare
84ERPEnterprise Resource PlanningInformation Technology
85ESPEmail Service ProviderEmail
86ETAEstimated Time of ArrivalTransportation
87ETCEt CeteraGeneral
88EVElectric VehicleAutomotive
89FAQFrequently Asked QuestionsInformational Websites
90FOBFree on BoardLogistics
91FOMOFear of Missing OutInternet Slang
92FTPFile Transfer ProtocolTechnology
93FYIFor Your InformationBusiness, Internet Slang
94GAAPGenerally Accepted Accounting PrinciplesAccounting
95GDPRGeneral Data Protection RegulationLaw
96GIFGraphics Interchange FormatInternet Slang
97GISGeographic Information SystemGeographic Information Science
98GPSGlobal Positioning SystemNavigation
99GPUGraphics Processing UnitTechnology
100GUIGraphical User InterfaceTechnology
101HRHuman ResourcesBusiness
102HTMLHypertext Markup LanguageWeb Development
103HTTPHypertext Transfer ProtocolWeb Development
104HTTPSHypertext Transfer Protocol SecureWeb Development
105HVACHeating, Ventilation and Air ConditioningConstruction
106IAInformation ArchitectureWeb Development
107IaaSInfrastructure as a ServiceCloud Computing
108IAMIdentity and Access ManagementInternet Security
109ICANNInternet Corporation for Assigned Names and NumbersInternet Governance
110ICSIndustrial Control SystemIndustrial Control Systems
111IoTInternet of ThingsTechnology
112IPInternet ProtocolInternet
113IPSIntrusion Prevention SystemInternet Security
114IPv4Internet Protocol version 4Internet
115IPv6Internet Protocol version 6Internet
116IRLIn Real LifeInternet Slang
117ISOInternational Organization for StandardizationBusiness, Quality Control
118ISPInternet Service ProviderInternet
119ITInformation TechnologyBusiness
120JITJust In TimeManufacturing
121JPEGJoint Photographic Experts GroupDigital Imaging
122KISSKeep It Simple, StupidGeneral
123KPIKey Performance IndicatorBusiness
124LAMPLinux, Apache, MySQL, PHPWeb Development
125LANLocal Area NetworkTelecommunications
126LDAPLightweight Directory Access ProtocolInternet Security
127LLCLimited Liability CompanyBusiness
128LLPLimited Liability PartnershipBusiness
129LMSLearning Management SystemEducation
130LOLLaughing Out LoudInternet Slang
131LTELong-Term EvolutionTelecommunications
132LTVLifetime ValueBusiness
133M&AMerger and AcquisitionFinance
134M&AMergers and AcquisitionsBusiness
136MACMedia Access ControlTelecommunications
137MAPMinimum Advertised PriceMarketing
138MBAMaster of Business AdministrationEducation, Business
139MDMMaster Data ManagementInformation Technology
140MDMMobile Device ManagementInformation Technology
141MFAMulti-Factor AuthenticationInternet Security
142MIAMissing In ActionMilitary
143MLMachine LearningTechnology
144MSPManaged Service ProviderInformation Technology
145MVCModel-View-ControllerWeb Development
146NASNetwork Attached StorageInformation Technology
147NASANational Aeronautics and Space AdministrationSpace Exploration
148NATNetwork Address TranslationInternet Security
149NCAANational Collegiate Athletic AssociationSports
150NDANon-Disclosure AgreementBusiness
151NLPNatural Language ProcessingTechnology
152NNNeural NetworkTechnology
153NOSQLNot Only SQLDatabase Management
154OCDObsessive Compulsive DisorderHealthcare
155OCROptical Character RecognitionTechnology
156ODBCOpen Database ConnectivityDatabase Management
157OEMOriginal Equipment ManufacturerManufacturing
158OMGOh My GodInternet Slang
159OOPObject-Oriented ProgrammingComputer Science
160OTOHOn The Other HandInternet Slang
162PaaSPlatform as a ServiceCloud Computing
163PCIPayment Card IndustryFinance
164PCI DSSPayment Card Industry Data Security StandardInternet Security
165PDFPortable Document FormatDocument Sharing
166PEOProfessional Employer OrganizationHuman Resources
167PHPHypertext PreprocessorWeb Development
168PMProject ManagerBusiness
169POPPost Office ProtocolEmail
170POSPoint of SaleRetail
171PPCPay Per ClickMarketing
172PTOPaid Time OffBusiness
173Q&AQuestions and AnswersEducation, Business
174QAQuality AssuranceBusiness
175QoSQuality of ServiceTelecommunications
176QR CodeQuick Response CodeInformation Technology
177R&DResearch and DevelopmentScience
178RAIDRedundant Array of Independent DisksInformation Technology
179RAMRandom Access MemoryTechnology
180RFIRequest for InformationBusiness
181RFIDRadio Frequency IdentificationTechnology
182RFPRequest for ProposalBusiness
183RoHSRestriction of Hazardous SubstancesManufacturing
184ROIReturn On InvestmentBusiness
185RSVPRépondez s’il vous plaîtEvent Planning
186SaaSSoftware as a ServiceCloud Computing
188SANStorage Area NetworkInformation Technology
189SAPSystems, Applications, and ProductsBusiness
190SASStatistical Analysis SystemData Analysis
191SDRSoftware-Defined RadioTelecommunications
192SEMSearch Engine MarketingMarketing
193SEOSearch Engine OptimizationMarketing, Web Development
194SFTPSecure File Transfer ProtocolWeb Development
195SIPSession Initiation ProtocolTelecommunications
196SKUStock Keeping UnitRetail
197SMMSocial Media MarketingMarketing
198SMSShort Message ServiceTelecommunications
199SMTPSimple Mail Transfer ProtocolTechnology
200SNMPSimple Network Management ProtocolNetwork Management
201SNSSocial Networking ServiceSocial Media
202SOAPSimple Object Access ProtocolWeb Services
203SOWStatement of WorkBusiness
204SQLStructured Query LanguageDatabase Management
205SSDSolid State DriveInformation Technology
206SSHSecure ShellInternet Security
207SSLSecure Sockets LayerInternet Security
208SSOSingle Sign-OnInformation Technology
209SWOTStrengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, ThreatsBusiness
210TAMTotal Addressable MarketBusiness
211TBATo Be AnnouncedGeneral
212TBDTo Be DeterminedBusiness, Event Planning
213TCOTotal Cost of OwnershipBusiness
214TCPTransmission Control ProtocolInternet
215TCP/IPTransmission Control Protocol/Internet ProtocolWeb Development
216TGIFThank God It’s FridayInternet Slang
217TLSTransport Layer SecurityInternet Security
218TMIToo Much InformationInternet Slang
219TOSTerms of ServiceGeneral
220TPMTrusted Platform ModuleInternet Security
221UIUser InterfaceWeb Development
222UPSUninterruptible Power SupplyManufacturing
223URLUniform Resource LocatorWeb Development
224USBUniversal Serial BusInformation Technology
225USPUnique Selling PropositionMarketing
226UXUser ExperienceWeb Development
227VLANVirtual Local Area NetworkInformation Technology
228VMVirtual MachineVirtualization
229VoIPVoice over Internet ProtocolTelecommunications
230VPNVirtual Private NetworkInternet Security
231VPSVirtual Private ServerInformation Technology
232VRVirtual RealityTechnology
233WANWide Area NetworkTelecommunications
234WEPWired Equivalent PrivacyInternet Security
235WIPWork in ProgressManufacturing
236WLANWireless Local Area NetworkTelecommunications
237WPAWi-Fi Protected AccessInternet Security
238WWWWorld Wide WebInternet
239WYSIWYGWhat You See Is What You GetWeb Development
240XMLExtensible Markup LanguageWeb Development
241XSSCross-Site ScriptingInternet Security
242Y2KYear 2000General
243YAMLYAML Ain’t Markup LanguageWeb Development
244YAMLYet Another Markup LanguageWeb Development
245YOLOYou Only Live OnceInternet Slang
246YoYYear Over YearBusiness
247YTDYear to DateBusiness
248ZBBZero-Based BudgetingBusiness
249ZIPZone Improvement PlanPostal Services


  • API (Application Programming Interface): a set of protocols and tools for building software applications
  • ASP (Active Server Pages): a server-side scripting language used for creating dynamic web pages
  • AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML): a group of web development techniques used to create asynchronous web applications
  • ARM (Advanced RISC Machines): a family of reduced instruction set computing (RISC) architectures used in microprocessors
  • ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange): a character encoding standard for electronic communication
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services): a cloud computing platform provided by Amazon
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network): a network of servers used to deliver web content to users based on their geographic location
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets): a style sheet language used for describing the presentation of a document written in HTML or XML
  • DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol): a network protocol used to automatically assign IP addresses to devices
  • DNS (Domain Name System): a hierarchical naming system for computers, services, or other resources connected to the internet or a private network
  • DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory): a type of random access memory used in most modern computers
  • DSL (Digital Subscriber Line): a high-speed internet access technology that uses existing phone lines to transmit data
  • DVD (Digital Versatile Disc): a digital optical disc storage format used for storing high-quality video and audio

Business and Finance

  • 401(k): a retirement savings plan offered by many employers
  • ACH (Automated Clearing House): an electronic funds transfer system used in the United States
  • APR (Annual Percentage Rate): the interest rate charged on a loan over a year
  • CFO (Chief Financial Officer): a senior executive responsible for managing a company’s financial operations
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management): a strategy for managing a company’s interactions with customers
  • EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization): a measure of a company’s profitability
  • IPO (Initial Public Offering): the first sale of a company’s stock to the public
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicator): a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a company is achieving its key business objectives
  • ROI (Return on Investment): a measure of the profitability of an investment
  • VC (Venture Capital): a type of private equity financing that provides capital to early-stage companies

Marketing and Advertising

  • A/B Testing (Split Testing): a method of comparing two versions of a webpage or app to determine which one performs better
  • CPC (Cost Per Click): the amount an advertiser pays for each click on their ad
  • CPM (Cost Per Mille): the cost of 1,000 impressions of an ad
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management): a strategy for managing a company’s interactions with customers
  • CTA (Call to Action): a marketing term that refers to a prompt to encourage a user to take a specific action
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): the practice of optimizing a website or web page to improve its visibility

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