Major Events of the Industrial Revolution

Learn about the major Industrial Revolution events that changed society and industry. Discover the important turning points that helped to define modern manufacturing, from the development of steam engines to the mechanisation of textile production.

Invention of the flying shuttle1733
James Watt patents the steam engine1769
Invention of the spinning jenny29-Oct
The Factory Act restricts child labor1833
Construction of the Stockton and Darlington Railway1825
Invention of the power loomNov-04
The Battle of Waterloo1815
Steam locomotive invented1804
First industrial exhibition in London1851
The American Civil War186100%
Invention of the telegraph1837
Bessemer process revolutionizes steel production1856
The Great Exhibition in Crystal Palace, London1851
Invention of the cotton gin1793
Spinning mule invented1779
The French Revolution1789
First steamship crosses the Atlantic1819
Invention of the power loom1784
The Battle of Trafalgar1805
Industrialization of textile production18th century
Invention of the telegraph1837
First electric power station1881
Invention of the steam-powered printing press1811
Rise of the coal and iron industries19th century
Construction of the Eiffel Tower1889
Luddite riots against industrial machinery1811
Invention of the sewing machine1846
Opening of the Manchester Ship Canal1894
The American Revolution1775
Construction of the Suez Canal1859
Invention of the typewriter1867
The War of 18121812
Invention of the steam hammer1839
First transcontinental railroad completed1869
The Opium Wars1839
Invention of the telephone1876
The California Gold Rush1848
Invention of the internal combustion engine1859
Invention of the light bulb1879
The Russian Revolution1917
Invention of the phonograph1877
Invention of the assembly line1913
The Great Depression1929
Invention of the motion picture camera1891
World War I1914
Invention of the airplane1903
The Roaring Twenties1920s
Wall Street Crash of 19291929
World War II1939
Invention of the atomic bomb1945
The Cold War1947
Invention of the computer1946
Space Race begins1955
Civil rights movement1950s-1960s
Apollo 11 moon landing1969
Fall of the Berlin Wall 1989
Dissolution of the Soviet Union1991
September 11 attacks2001
Launch of the iPad2010
Brexit referendum2016

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