October Occurrences: Unveiling Important Dates and Observances in October

October marks a number of significant milestones and global observances as we transition into the autumn season. This month is packed with activities, from holidays and ethnic festivals to worldwide awareness initiatives.

The following are some of the important dates and occasions to remember in October:

1Oct-01National DayChina
2Oct-01Independence DayCyprus
3Oct-01Independence DayNigeria
4Oct-01International Coffee DayGlobal
5Oct-01World Vegetarian DayGlobal
6Oct-02Gandhi JayantiIndia
7Oct-03National Techies DayUnited States
8Oct-03German Unity DayGermany
9Oct-04World Animal DayGlobal
10Oct-05World Teachers’ DayGlobal
11Oct-06German-American DayUnited States
12Oct-06National Noodle DayUnited States
13Oct-07National Poetry DayUnited Kingdom
14Oct-09Hangul DaySouth Korea
15Oct-09Leif Erikson DayUnited States
16Oct-10Double Ten DayTaiwan
17Oct-10World Mental Health DayGlobal
18Oct-11International Day of the Girl ChildGlobal
19Oct-12Columbus DayUnited States
20Oct-12Thanksgiving DayCanada
21Oct-12Dia de la RazaLatin America
22Oct-13International Day for Disaster ReductionGlobal
23Oct-14World Standards DayGlobal
24Oct-15Global Handwashing DayGlobal
25Oct-16Boss’s DayUnited States
26Oct-16World Food DayGlobal
27Oct-17International Day for the Eradication of PovertyGlobal
28Oct-18Alaska DayUnited States
30Oct-20National Youth DayThailand
31Oct-21National Apple DayUnited Kingdom
32Oct-22National Nut DayUnited States
33Oct-23Mole DayUnited States
34Oct-24United Nations DayGlobal
35Oct-24World Development Information DayGlobal
36Oct-25National Greasy Foods DayUnited States
37Oct-26National Mule DayUnited States
38Oct-27Navy DayUnited States
39Oct-27National Black Cat DayUnited States
40Oct-28National Chocolate DayUnited States
41Oct-29National Cat DayUnited States
42Oct-30Mischief NightUnited States
43Oct-30National Candy Corn DayUnited States
45Oct-31Reformation DayGermany
46Oct-31All Hallows’ EveGlobal
48Oct-31Day of the DeadMexico
49Oct-31Nevada DayUnited States
50Oct-31National Caramel Apple DayUnited States
51Oct-31World Cities DayGlobal
52October 1-31Breast Cancer Awareness MonthGlobal
53October (last Monday)Nevada DayUnited States
54October (varies)Diwali (Festival of Lights)India
55October (varies)Eid al-FitrMuslim Countries
56October (varies)SukkotJewish Communities
57October (varies)NavratriHindu Communities
58October (varies)OktoberfestGermany
59October (varies)Festival of the Dead (Pchum Ben)Cambodia
60October (varies)Grape Festival (Festa dell’Uva)Italy
61October (varies)Columbus DayUnited States
62October (varies)Canadian ThanksgivingCanada
63October (varies)National Day (Chung Yeung Festival)China
64October (varies)Chung Yeung FestivalHong Kong
65October (varies)Chulalongkorn DayThailand
66October (varies)National Day (Hangeul Day)South Korea
67October (varies)Simchat TorahJewish Communities
68October (varies)National Tree Planting DaySri Lanka
69October (varies)National Day (Republic Day)Turkey
70October (varies)Independence DayCyprus
71October (varies)United Nations DayGlobal
72October (varies)International Day for the Eradication of PovertyGlobal
73October (varies)World Food DayGlobal
74October (varies)World Mental Health DayGlobal
75October (varies)International Day of the Girl ChildGlobal
76October (varies)National Coming Out DayUnited States
77October (varies)International Day for Natural Disaster ReductionGlobal
78October (varies)International Day of Rural WomenGlobal
79October (varies)World Osteoporosis DayGlobal
80October (varies)International Stuttering Awareness DayGlobal
81October (varies)World Polio DayGlobal
82October (varies)World Psoriasis DayGlobal
83October (varies)International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone LayerGlobal
84October (varies)World Day for Audiovisual HeritageGlobal
85October (varies)International Day of Non-ViolenceGlobal
86October (varies)World Animal DayGlobal
87October (varies)World Teachers’ DayGlobal
88October (varies)World Habitat DayGlobal
89October (varies)International Day for Disaster ReductionGlobal
90October (varies)International Day of Rural WomenGlobal
91October (varies)World Mental Health DayGlobal
92October (varies)International Day of the Girl ChildGlobal
93October (varies)United Nations DayGlobal
94October (varies)World Polio DayGlobal
95October (varies)International Stuttering Awareness DayGlobal
96October (varies)International Day for the Eradication of PovertyGlobal
97October (varies)World Food DayGlobal
98October (varies)International Day for Natural Disaster ReductionGlobal
99October (varies)World Osteoporosis DayGlobal
100October (varies)International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone LayerGlobal

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