The Age of Absolutism: Key Monarchs and their Reigns

In this thorough book, learn about the Age of Absolutism and its important rulers. Discover the eras of renowned kings including Louis XIV, Peter the Great, and Catherine the Great. Discover their stances, successes, and effects on their own kingdoms. Check out this excellent overview to learn more about the fascinating realm of absolute monarchy.

Louis XIV1643-1715
Peter the Great1682-1725
Frederick II1740-1786
Catherine the Great1762-1796
Philip II1556-1598
Elizabeth I1558-1603
Maria Theresa1740-1780
Charles V1519-1556
Louis XV1715-1774
Frederick William I1713-1740
James I1603-1625
Charles II1660-1685
Gustav II Adolph1611-1632
Louis XIII1610-1643
Frederick William II1786-1797
Philip III1598-1621
Henry IV1589-1610
Maria I1777-1816
Charles III1759-1788
Ferdinand II1619-1637
Philip IV1621-1665
Louis XVI1774-1792
Henry VIII1509-1547
Louis XVIII1814-1824
Maximilian I1493-1519
Charles IX1560-1574
Leopold I1658-1705
Charles I1625-1649
Henry II1547-1559
Ferdinand III1637-1657
Louis XVII1792-1795
William III1689-1702
Ivan the Terrible1547-1584
Charles XI1660-1697

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