The Age of Imperialism: Key Empires and their Colonies

Discover the major empires and colonies that made up the Age of Imperialism. Learn about the influence of strong empires and the areas they colonised. Learn about the effects of imperialism on politics, economy, and cultures. Explore a fascinating time of conquest and growth.

British EmpireIndia, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Nigeria
French EmpireAlgeria, Indochina, West Africa, Madagascar
Spanish EmpirePhilippines, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico
Dutch EmpireIndonesia, Suriname, Dutch Guiana
Portuguese EmpireBrazil, Angola, Mozambique, Goa
Belgian EmpireCongo Free State
German EmpireGerman East Africa, German South-West Africa
Italian EmpireLibya, Eritrea, Somalia
Russian EmpireCentral Asia, Siberia, Russian Far East
Ottoman EmpireEgypt, Palestine, Iraq, Greece, Bulgaria
Japanese EmpireKorea, Taiwan, parts of China, Pacific Islands
American EmpirePhilippines, Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii
Austro-Hungarian EmpireBosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Hungary
Chinese EmpireTibet, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Taiwan
Ethiopian EmpireEritrea, Italian Somaliland
Swedish EmpireFinland, Estonia, Latvia
Danish EmpireGreenland
Persian EmpireIraq, Kuwait, parts of Central Asia
Moroccan EmpireWestern Sahara, parts of Mauritania, Algeria
Mexican EmpireTexas, California, New Mexico, parts of Central America
Korean EmpireKorea

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