The Industrial Revolution: Key Inventions and Innovations

Key breakthroughs and technologies of the Industrial Revolution are revealed! Investigate the evolution of telegraphs, spinning jennies, steam engines, and more. Learn about the technical innovations that helped to create the contemporary world.

Steam engine1769James Watt
Spinning jenny1764James Hargreaves
Water frame1768Richard Arkwright
Power loom1785Edmund Cartwright
Cotton gin1793Eli Whitney
Steamboat1787Robert Fulton
Telegraph1837Samuel Morse
Sewing machine1846Elias Howe
Mechanical reaper1831Cyrus McCormick
Bessemer process1856Henry Bessemer
Steel production1860Sir Henry Bessemer
Internal combustion engine1859Nikolaus Otto
Electric light bulb1879Thomas Edison
Telephone1876Alexander Graham Bell
Refrigeration system1856James Harrison
Typewriter1867Christopher Latham Sholes
Phonograph1877Thomas Edison
Camera1839Louis Daguerre
Telegraph line1844Samuel Morse
Steam locomotive1804Richard Trevithick
Railroad1825George Stephenson
Power printing press1814Friedrich Koenig
Steel plow1837John Deere
Steam-powered textile mills1785Richard Arkwright
Interchangeable parts1798Eli Whitney
Assembly line1913Henry Ford
Telegraphic communication1837Samuel Morse
Steam-powered ships1807Robert Fulton
Steam-powered factories1769James Watt
Electric power generation1879Thomas Edison
Papermaking machine1809Nicholas-Louis Robert
Steam-powered printing press1814Friedrich Koenig
Iron production1709Abraham Darby I
Steam-powered pumps1712Thomas Newcomen
Textile mills1764James Hargreaves
Coal mining techniques1700sVarious inventors
Steam-powered ships1783John Fitch
Steam-powered locomotives1814George Stephenson
Steel production techniques1740sBenjamin Huntsman
Interchangeable firearm parts1798Eli Whitney
Gas lighting1801William Murdoch
Steam-powered tractors1892John Froelich
Refrigerated railroad cars1867Gustavus Swift
Sewing machine1790
Sewing machine1790Thomas Saint
Steam-powered hammer1839James Nasmyth
Steam-powered excavator1835William Otis
Mechanical calculator1820Charles Xavier Thomas
Steam-powered threshing machine1786Andrew Meikle
Power loom1803Joseph-Marie Jacquard
Hydraulic press1795Joseph Bramah
Steam-powered sawmill1783Samuel Miller
Steam-powered elevator1853Elisha Otis
Electric power transmission1882Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla
Steam-powered airship1852Henri Giffard
Reinforced concrete1848Joseph Monier
Mechanical clock1656Christiaan Huygens
Telegraph cable1858Frederick Newton Gisborne
Safety pin1849Walter Hunt
Machine gun1861Richard J. Gatling
Electric motor1834Thomas Davenport
Steam-powered fire engine1698Thomas Savery
Automatic elevator1887Alexander Miles
Steam-powered printing press1810Friedrich Koenig
Hydraulic turbine1827Benoît Fourneyron
Stirling engine1816Robert Stirling
Telegraph typewriter1861Royal Earl House
Fire sprinkler system1872Henry S. Parmelee
Steam-powered streetcar1832John Stephenson
Cylinder printing press1812Friedrich Koenig
Electric telegraph printer1849David Edward Hughes
Power hammer1840François Bourdon
Steam-powered reaper1834Samuel Lane
Safety bicycle1885John Kemp Starley
Incandescent lamp1878Sir Joseph Swan, Thomas Edison
Vacuum cleaner1901Hubert Cecil Booth
Photography1826Nicéphore Niépce, Louis Daguerre
Steam-powered stagecoach1827George Stephenson
Power loom1733John Kay
Hydraulic turbine1829James B. Francis
Sewing machine1832Walter Hunt
Electric telegraph1837Sir Charles Wheatstone, William Fothergill Cooke
Rotary steam engine1781James Watt
Mechanical calculator1642Blaise Pascal
Power hammer1842Nasmyth, James
Ball bearing1794Philip Vaughan
Steam-powered thresher1837Hiram A. Pitts
Steam-powered drill1849Jonathan J. Couch
Roll printing press1812Friedrich Koenig
Rotary printing press1843Richard March Hoe
Steam-powered canal boat1787John Fitch
Paper machine1806Louis-Nicolas Robert
Coal gasification1792William Murdoch
Steam-powered road roller1800William Murdoch
Power shovel1835William Otis
Blast furnace1709Abraham Darby I
Steam-powered paddleboat1787John Fitch
Fly shuttle1733John Kay
Steam-powered sewing machine1830Barthelemy Thimonnier
Bicycle1817Karl Drais
Electric power distribution1886William Stanley
Steam-powered fire pump1743Thomas Newcomen
Steam-powered hydraulic press1795Joseph Bramah
Pneumatic tire1888John Boyd Dunlop
Spinning mule1779Samuel Crompton
Steam-powered tricycle1789Thomas Blanchard
Steam-powered road roller1865George McKay
Railways1804Richard Trevithick
Steam-powered plough1808John Deere
Mechanical reaping machine1834Cyrus Hall McCormick
Power-driven circular saw1777Samuel Miller
Power loom1822Richard Roberts
Electric power transmission1882William Stanley
Steam-powered spinning mule1779Samuel Crompton
Water turbine1826Jean-Victor Poncelet
Gas turbine1791John Barber

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