Travel Destinations in Indonesia

The world’s largest island Indonesia has breathtaking natural beauty, historic temples, vibrant culture and some of the most attractive beaches on the planet Indonesia offers visitors a wealth of travel and holiday opportunities with over 17,000 islands to explore inside, each with its own unique character and charm Offering something for every type of traveler, from the beautiful beaches of Bali to the lush jungles of Sumatra and the cultural center of Yogyakarta, Indonesia is an ideal destination for all looking for a peaceful vacation, a world class surfing experience, or both. Come enjoy your trip to Indonesia.

Serial NumberDestinationPlaceImportance
1BaliKuta BeachSurfing paradise
2YogyakartaBorobudur TempleUNESCO World Heritage Site
3Komodo IslandKomodo National ParkHome to the world’s largest lizard
4Gili IslandsGili TrawanganPerfect for snorkeling and diving
5JakartaMonas TowerIconic symbol of Indonesia’s independence
6BandungTangkuban PerahuActive volcanic crater
7LombokMount RinjaniSecond highest volcano in Indonesia
8Raja AmpatWayag IslandPristine beaches and coral reefs
9Tana TorajaLonda Burial CaveUnique funeral rituals
10FloresKelimutu National ParkThree colored lakes
11BanyuwangiIjen CraterSpectacular blue flames
12TernateMount GamalamaActive volcano with hiking trails
13SemarangLawang SewuHistorical colonial building
14MedanLake TobaLargest volcanic lake in the world
15SoloKeraton KasunananPalace of the Solo Sultanate
16UbudMonkey ForestSacred monkey sanctuary
17ManadoBunaken Marine ParkWorld-class diving destination
18PadangMentawai IslandsOff-the-beaten-path surfing spot
19MalangMount BromoActive volcano with stunning sunrise view
20PalembangAmpera BridgeIconic landmark of South Sumatra
21Belitung IslandTanjung Tinggi BeachStunning white-sand beaches
22SurabayaMount BromoActive volcano with a scenic landscape
23PekanbaruRiau ProvinceHome to indigenous tribes and traditional markets
24Karimun JawaMenjangan Kecil IslandRemote island with pristine beaches
25BalikpapanSamarindaDayak cultural village and river cruises
26TernateTidore IslandScenic island with volcanic landscapes
27PontianakKapuas RiverLonghouse communities and river cruises
28Banda AcehTsunami MuseumCommemorating the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami
29MakassarFort RotterdamHistorical colonial building and museum
30RantepaoToraja Traditional VillageUnique architecture and cultural practices
31BatuBatu Night SpectacularFamily-friendly theme park
32BengkuluFort MarlboroughHistorical colonial building and museum
33PuncakBogor Botanical GardensExtensive collection of plant species
34TomohonMount LokonActive volcano with scenic hiking trails
35BukittinggiJam GadangIconic clock tower and local markets
36KupangLasiana BeachWhite sand beaches and crystal clear waters
37BanyuwangiRed Island BeachPicturesque sunset views
38TangerangTaman Mini Indonesia IndahCultural theme park
39PalembangMuseum Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin IIHistorical and cultural artifacts
40BandungCiwidey ValleyRolling hills and tea plantations
41LampungWay Kambas National ParkHome to endangered Sumatran elephants
42MalukuBanda IslandsRemote island paradise with coral reefs
43JeparaKarimunjawa IslandsArchipelago with stunning beaches and marine life
44SamarindaKutai National ParkHome to orangutans and other wildlife
45BalikpapanManggar BeachQuiet and secluded beach
46SurabayaSuramadu BridgeIconic bridge connecting Java and Madura
47LombokKuta BeachBeautiful white sand beach with crystal clear waters
48SemarangSemarang Old TownHistorical colonial buildings and street art
49YogyakartaTaman Sari Water CastleRoyal bathing complex with unique architecture
50SoloCetho TempleAncient Javanese Hindu temple with stunning views
51Gunung BromoEast JavaScenic Volcanic Area
52Mount MerbabuCentral JavaHiking and Trekking
53Mount RinjaniLombokHiking and Trekking
54Tanjung LesungBantenBeach and Watersports
55Tidung IslandJakartaSnorkeling and Diving
56Lake TobaNorth SumatraScenic Lake and Culture
57Belitung IslandBangka BelitungBeach and Island Hopping
58Karimun Jawa IslandsCentral JavaBeach and Island Hopping
59Derawan IslandsEast KalimantanScuba Diving and Snorkeling
60ManadoNorth SulawesiScuba Diving and Snorkeling
61TomohonNorth SulawesiVolcano Trekking and Culture
62Wakatobi IslandsSoutheast SulawesiScuba Diving and Snorkeling
63TorajaSouth SulawesiCulture and Scenery
64Bunaken IslandNorth SulawesiScuba Diving and Snorkeling
65KutaBaliBeach and Nightlife
66UbudBaliCulture and Nature
67Mount BaturBaliHiking and Scenic Views
68Nusa PenidaBaliBeach and Island Hopping
69Gili TrawanganLombokBeach and Nightlife
70SeminyakBaliBeach and Nightlife
71CangguBaliBeach and Surfing
72UluwatuBaliBeach and Scenic Views
73Labuan BajoFloresScuba Diving and Komodo Dragons
74Banda IslandsMalukuScuba Diving and Snorkeling
75Morotai IslandNorth MalukuBeach and Watersports
76AmbonMalukuScuba Diving and Culture
77Raja Ampat IslandsWest PapuaScuba Diving and Snorkeling
78ManokwariWest PapuaScuba Diving and Nature
79SorongWest PapuaGateway to Raja Ampat
80Biak IslandPapuaBeach and History
82Bintan IslandRiau Islands ProvinceRelaxing getaway
83Karimunjawa IslandsJepara Regency, Central Java ProvinceSnorkeling paradise
84Mount BromoEast Java ProvinceScenic landscape
85Ijen CraterEast Java ProvinceNatural wonder
86Wakatobi IslandsSoutheast Sulawesi ProvinceDiving hotspot
87Togean IslandsCentral Sulawesi ProvinceRemote paradise
88Manado and Bunaken National ParkNorth Sulawesi ProvinceMarine biodiversity
89TorajaSouth Sulawesi ProvinceCultural experience
90LampungLampung ProvinceEcotourism destination
91Komodo National ParkEast Nusa Tenggara ProvinceKomodo dragons
92Raja AmpatWest Papua ProvinceCoral reefs
93Ambon and the Lease IslandsMaluku ProvinceHistorical sites
94Lake TobaNorth Sumatra ProvinceVolcanic lake
95BerastagiNorth Sumatra ProvinceMountain town
96Bukittinggi and the Minangkabau HighlandsWest Sumatra ProvinceCultural heritage
97Mentawai IslandsWest Sumatra ProvinceSurfing destination
98Padar IslandEast Nusa Tenggara ProvinceHiking destination
99Sumba IslandEast Nusa Tenggara ProvinceCultural immersion
100Morotai IslandNorth Maluku ProvinceWorld War II history

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