Uber vs. Lyft: Comparing Ride-Hailing Services

Discover the most comprehensive ride-hailing service comparison between Uber and Lyft. To determine the best alternative for your mobility needs, compare features, costs, and availability. Now explore!

AvailabilityGlobalUnited States, Canada
Ride OptionsUberX, UberPool, UberBlack, UberXLLyft, Lyft Plus, Lyft Lux
Pricing StructureBase Fare + Time + DistanceBase Fare + Time + Distance
Surge PricingYesYes
Carpooling ServiceUberPoolLyft Line
Scheduled RidesYesYes
Luxury VehiclesUberBlack, UberLuxLyft Lux
Bike and Scooter RentalsYesYes
Accessibility OptionsUberASSIST, UberWAVLyft Access
In-App Safety FeaturesYesYes
Driver RatingsYesYes
Driver Background ChecksYesYes
Cash Payment OptionYesLimited Availability
Business AccountsYesYes
Customer Support24-Jul24-Jul
Loyalty ProgramsUber RewardsLyft Rewards
Driver TipsOptionalOptional
Ride SplittingYesYes
In-App NavigationYesYes
Family ProfilesYesNo
Vehicle SelectionNoYes
Entertainment OptionsUber ComfortLyft Amp
Delivery ServicesUber EatsLyft Delivery
Language SupportMultilingualEnglish, Spanish
Ride FeedbackYesYes
Ratings and ReviewsYesYes
Referral ProgramsYesYes
Safety FeaturesIn-App Emergency Button, Share TripIn-App Emergency Assistance, Share Trip
Child Car SeatsUber Car SeatLyft Car Seat
Pet-Friendly RidesVariesYes
Split Fare with Non-RidersUber SplitNo
Price EstimationYesYes
Environmental InitiativesUber GreenLyft Green
Privacy SettingsYesYes
Carpool LanesYesNo
Airport Pick-UpYesYes
Delivery TrackingYesYes
Destination FilterYesYes
Premium SupportYesNo
Integration with Third-Party AppsYesLimited
Scooter RentalsUber JumpLyft Scooters
Local Regulations ComplianceVariesVaries
Food Delivery PartnershipsUber EatsNo
In-App MessagingYesYes
Safety Education ProgramsYesYes
Car Rental PartnershipsUber RentNo
Community Impact InitiativesUber MovementLyftUp

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