All events and observances in India during the month of July

July is an exciting month in india with a variety of events and observances that celebrate everything from national heroes to global issues from the hindu festival of guru purnima to the international day of friendship there is something for everyone in july

1Jul-01Doctor’s Day – Recognizes the contributions of doctors and physicians
2Jul-04American Independence Day – Celebrated by the Indian American community
3Jul-11World Population Day – Aims to raise awareness about population issues
4Jul-12Malala Day – Honors the activism and advocacy of Malala Yousafzai
5Jul-14Bastille Day – Celebrated by the French community in India
6Jul-16Guru Purnima – A Hindu festival that honors spiritual teachers
7Jul-18Nelson Mandela International Day – Honors the legacy of Nelson Mandela
8Jul-26Kargil Vijay Diwas – Celebrates India’s victory in the Kargil War
9Jul-30International Day of Friendship – Aims to promote friendship and unity

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