All events and observances in USA during the month of July

July is a month full of celebrations remembrances and acknowledgments in the united states from the biggest holiday of the summer independence day to lesser known observances there s plenty to learn and enjoy here s a list of all events and observances in the usa during the month of july

1Jul-04Independence Day – Celebrates the USA’s Declaration of Independence
2Jul-11National Cheer Up The Lonely Day – Promotes kindness and compassion
3Jul-14National Mac and Cheese Day – Celebrates the popular comfort food
4Jul-17World Emoji Day – Celebrates the popular digital communication tool
5July 18-24National Zoo Keeper Week – Honors the hard work of zookeepers
6Jul-20National Moon Day – Commemorates the first lunar landing in 1969
7Jul-22National Hammock Day – Promotes relaxation and enjoying the outdoors

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