GoPro vs. DJI: Choosing the Best Action Camera

Find the ideal travel partner by contrasting GoPro and DJI action cameras. In this comprehensive comparison, look at features, image quality, durability, and more. For your subsequent exciting voyage, decide wisely.

Video Resolution4K, 5K, 6K4K, 5.2K, 6K
Image StabilizationHypersmooth, HyperSmooth 3.0RockSteady, RockSteady 2.0
WaterproofUp to 33ft (10m)Up to 36ft (11m)
Live StreamingYesYes
Slow MotionUp to 240fpsUp to 240fps
Time-Lapse RecordingYesYes
Voice ControlYesYes
Field of ViewWide, SuperViewWide, SuperView
External Microphone InputYesYes
Remote ControlYesYes
Battery LifeVariesVaries
App SupportGoPro AppDJI Mimo App
Live ViewYesYes
Quick CaptureYesYes
HyperSmooth BoostYesYes
HDR Photo CaptureYesYes
RAW Photo CaptureYesYes
Image QualityHighHigh
Built-in Mounting SystemYesYes
External Display SupportYesYes
HyperSmooth Max Lens ModYesNo
Color ProfilesProtuneD-Log, D-Cinelike
Built-in FiltersNoYes
Wireless File TransferYesYes
Field Sensor TrackingYesYes
Auto Upload to CloudYesYes
Remote ViewfinderYesYes
Video BitrateVariesVaries
Field of View AdjustmentsYesYes
External Monitor OutputYesYes
High-Framerate RecordingYesYes
Live Streaming QualityVariesVaries
Media ManagementGoPro AppDJI Mimo App
Gesture ControlNoYes
Object TrackingNoYes
Waterproof HousingYesNo (Waterproof Design)
EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization)YesYes
Wind Noise ReductionYesYes
External ChargerYesYes
Field of View OptionsUltra-Wide, Linear, NarrowWide, Linear, Narrow
Video FormatsMP4, HEVCMP4, MOV, HEVC
ProTune SettingsYesYes
HyperSmooth Video StabilizationYesYes
TimeWarp (Hyperlapse)YesYes
Night ModeYesYes
ISO RangeVariesVaries
High Dynamic Range (HDR)YesYes
Burst ModeYesYes
Auto Low LightYesYes
Voice Control LanguagesMultipleMultiple
Digital ZoomYesYes
External HDMI OutputYesYes
Video Streaming QualityVariesVaries
In-Camera EditingYesYes
TimeWarp 3.0 (Hyperlapse)YesNo
Wi-Fi DirectYesNo
Webcam ModeYesYes
360-Degree CaptureNoYes
Video ResolutionUp to 8KUp to 5.4K
Battery TypeRechargeable Li-IonRechargeable Li-Ion
Auto Exposure BracketingYesYes
Video Livestreaming PlatformsVariousVarious
Audio QualityHighHigh
Mobile Device CompatibilityiOS, AndroidiOS, Android
In-Camera RAW ConversionNoYes
Voice ActivationYesYes
Image SensorVariesVaries
Frame RatesVariesVaries
External Microphone SupportYesYes
GPS OverlayYesYes
Video Stabilization LevelsStandard, BoostStandard, Boost
Auto Cloud BackupYesYes
HDMI OutputYesYes
Tripod MountYesYes
Waterproof DepthUp to 196ft (60m)Up to 196ft (60m)
Bluetooth Remote ControlYesYes
Auto White BalanceYesYes
Live Streaming Social PlatformsVariousVarious
Frame Burst RateVariesVaries
Face DetectionYesYes
Image Quality AdjustmentYesYes
Remote Camera OperationYesYes
Cloud StorageGoPro SubscriptionDJI Cloud
Underwater HousingYesYes
Color AccuracyHighHigh
Lens CompatibilityGoPro MountsDJI Mounts

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