Adobe Photoshop vs. GIMP: Image Editing Software Comparison

Learn the distinctions between GIMP and Adobe Photoshop, two potent image editing programmes. In this thorough comparison, compare features, tools, and usability for your creative requirements. Pick the best editing programme for your workflow.

FeaturesAdobe PhotoshopGIMP
User InterfaceIntuitive, ProfessionalCustomizable, User-Friendly
LayersMulti-Layer SupportLayer-based Editing
Selection ToolsWide Range of Selection ToolsSelection Tools
Image ManipulationAdvanced Editing CapabilitiesPowerful Editing Tools
Retouching ToolsHealing Brush, Clone StampHealing, Clone Tools
Filters and EffectsExtensive Filter LibraryDiverse Effects Options
Color CorrectionComprehensive Color ToolsColor Adjustment Options
Brush EngineBrush Customization OptionsVersatile Brush System
Image RestorationContent-Aware FillImage Repair Techniques
Text EditingText Formatting OptionsText Tools
Image Export FormatsWide Range of File FormatsExport to Various Formats
RAW File SupportNative RAW File ProcessingRAW File Editing
Pen ToolAdvanced Pen Tool FeaturesPen Path Manipulation
Image TransformationPerspective Warp, Puppet WarpTransformation Tools
Noise ReductionNoise Reduction AlgorithmsNoise Reduction Filters
History PanelStep-by-Step Undo HistoryEdit History Tracking
Batch ProcessingAutomate Repetitive TasksBatch Image Processing
3D Design and Rendering3D Modeling, RenderingBasic 3D Capabilities
Image StitchingPanorama StitchingPanorama Creation Tools
HDR ImagingHigh Dynamic Range EditingHDR Merge, Tone Mapping
Plug-in SupportExtensive Plug-in CompatibilityPlug-in Integration
Vector EditingVector Shape ToolsBasic Vector Editing
Image MaskingLayer Masking TechniquesMasking Tools
Image ResizingResample, Image Size OptionsRescaling Techniques
Image WatermarkingWatermarking OptionsWatermarking Tools
Clone and StampCloning, Stamp ToolsClone and Heal Features
Adjustment LayersNon-destructive AdjustmentsLayer-based Adjustments
Perspective CorrectionPerspective Warp, Distortion CorrectionPerspective Tools
Image CroppingCrop Tool OptionsCropping and Resizing
Pan and ZoomNavigation ToolsNavigation and Zooming
Printing CapabilitiesPrint Preparation OptionsPrint Layout Controls
Web DesignWeb Optimization FeaturesWeb Graphics Creation
Content-Aware FillIntelligent Image FillContent-Aware Editing
Batch RenamingFile Batch Renaming OptionsBulk Renaming Functions
Clipping PathsCreate and Edit Clipping PathsPath Editing
TypographyAdvanced Text FormattingText Manipulation Options
Perspective WarpDistortion CorrectionPerspective Correction
Shape LayersVector Shape LayersShape Manipulation
Custom BrushesCustom Brush CreationBrush Customization
Smart ObjectsNon-destructive EditingSmart Object Manipulation
Puppet WarpDistortion CorrectionPuppet-like Manipulation
Blend ModesBlend Modes for LayersLayer Blending Techniques
AnimationFrame-by-Frame AnimationBasic Animation Features
Color ModesRGB, CMYK, Lab, and moreRGB, Indexed Color Modes
Clone Source PanelClone Source ManagementClone Source Configuration
Perspective GridGrid-based Perspective Editing
Content-Aware ScalingIntelligent Image Scaling
Video EditingComprehensive Video EditingBasic Video Editing
GPU AccelerationGPU-Enhanced Performance
Advanced Selection ToolsQuick Selection, Refine EdgeSelection Enhancement
Shape Creation ToolsCustom Shape CreationBasic Shape Tools
3D Printing Support3D Printing Workflow
Noise ReductionAdvanced Noise ReductionNoise Reduction Filters
Object RemovalContent-Aware FillHealing Tools
Image MetadataMetadata Editing OptionsMetadata Viewing
Mobile App IntegrationAdobe Creative Cloud Integration
Layer StylesLayer Effects and StylesLayer Style Options
Web ExportWeb Optimization FeaturesExport for Web Features
Path EditingPen Tool, Path ManipulationPath Editing Tools
HDR Panorama StitchingHigh Dynamic Range PanoramasPanorama Creation
Color Space ManagementAdvanced Color ManagementBasic Color Management
Custom ActionsRecord and Playback ActionsScripting Capabilities
High-Quality PrintingPrint Preparation OptionsPrint Layout Controls
Vector TextEditable Vector TextText Manipulation Options
Timeline AnimationAdvanced Animation FeaturesBasic Animation Tools
16-Bit EditingHigh-Bit Depth EditingLimited 16-Bit Support
Content-Aware MoveIntelligent Object Moving
Customizable InterfaceInterface CustomizationCustomizable Interface
Image Adjustment LayersNon-destructive AdjustmentsLayer-based Adjustments
Scripting CapabilitiesAutomation and ScriptingScripting Language Support
High Dynamic Range ImagingAdvanced HDR EditingHDR Merge and Tone Mapping
Creative Cloud LibrariesCloud-Based Asset Sharing
Video TimelineAdvanced Video EditingBasic Video Editing
Non-Destructive EditingSmart Filters, Adjustment LayersNon-Destructive Editing
Histogram and CurvesAdvanced Tone AdjustmentsBasic Histogram Controls
Image TransformationsWarp, Distort, LiquifyBasic Image Transformations
Custom WorkspacesPersonalized LayoutsCustomizable Workspaces
RAW Camera SupportExtensive RAW ProcessingBasic RAW Conversion
Plugin CompatibilityExtensive Plugin SupportPlugin Integration
3D Object ManipulationAdvanced 3D CapabilitiesLimited 3D Features
External Device SupportWacom Tablet Integration

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