McDonald’s vs. Burger King: Fast Food Face-Off

Get ready for the ultimate fast food competition between Burger King and McDonald’s. Examine their menus, special burgers, costs, delivery choices, and other information. Find out which fast food juggernaut wins this contest of convenience and flavour.

FeatureMcDonald’sBurger King 
Signature BurgerBig MacWhopper 
Chicken SandwichMcChickenCrispy Chicken Sandwich
French FriesWorld Famous FriesFrench Fries 
Soft DrinkCoca-ColaPepsi 
Breakfast MenuEgg McMuffinCroissan’wich 
SaladsSide SaladGarden Grilled Chicken
Ice CreamMcFlurrySundae 
Value MenuMcDoubleValue Meal 
CoffeeMcCafĂ©BK CafĂ© 
Breakfast BurritoSausage BurritoBreakfast Burrito 
Chicken NuggetsChicken McNuggetsChicken Nuggets 
Fish SandwichFilet-O-FishBig Fish Sandwich 
Vegetarian OptionsVeggie BurgerImpossible Whopper
Kids’ MealHappy MealKids’ Meal 
All-Day BreakfastNoYes 
Mobile OrderingYesYes 
Customizable OptionsBuild Your Own BurgerHave It Your Way 
Global PresenceYesYes 
Loyalty ProgramMcDonald’s AppBK App 
Limited-Time OffersYesYes 
Chicken TendersMcChicken TendersChicken Fries 
BaconBacon McDoubleBacon King 
Onion RingsNoOnion Rings 
Breakfast PlatterHotcakes and SausageUltimate Breakfast Platter
Wi-FiFree Wi-FiFree Wi-Fi 
CondimentsKetchup, Mustard, MayoKetchup, Mustard, Mayo
Ice Cream ConeSoft-Serve ConeSoft-Serve Cone 
Spicy Chicken SandwichMcChicken SpicySpicy Crispy Chicken 
Breakfast WrapBacon, Egg & Cheese WrapFully Loaded Croissan’wich
Regional SpecialtiesMcRib, McKroketRodeo Burger 
Late-Night HoursVaries by locationVaries by location 
Mobile Payment OptionsApple Pay, Google PayApple Pay, Google Pay
Gluten-Free OptionsLimitedLimited 
Senior DiscountsYesYes 
Toy PromotionsYesYes 
Free RefillsYesYes 
Veggie SidesApple SlicesGarden Side Salad 
Allergen InformationAvailableAvailable 
Sustainability InitiativesYesYes 
Signature Sauce VarietiesBig Mac SauceZesty Sauce, BBQ Sauce
Catering ServicesYesYes 
Signature DessertApple PieHershey’s Sundae Pie
Breakfast BagelBacon, Egg & Cheese BagelFully Loaded Biscuit 
Mobile CouponsYesYes 
Vegan OptionsNoNo 
WrapsMcChicken WrapNo 

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