List of Health & Nutrition Products Companies in the USA

Looking for some high-quality health and nutrition products? Check out these top companies in the USA that specialize in creating and selling supplements, vitamins, and other health-focused items.

1. GNC

GNC is one of the most well-known names in the world of health and nutrition products. With over 6,000 locations throughout the USA, they offer a wide variety of supplements, vitamins, and other products to help support your overall health and wellness.

2. Optimum Nutrition

If you’re looking for high-quality supplements and protein powders to help you reach your fitness goals, Optimum Nutrition is definitely worth checking out. They offer a wide range of products, including pre-workout supplements, BCAAs, and more.

3. Nature’s Bounty

Nature’s Bounty is a leading producer of vitamins and supplements in the USA. They offer a wide variety of products to help support your health and wellness goals, including multivitamins, probiotics, and more.

4. NOW Foods

NOW Foods is a family-owned company that has been producing natural and organic health products since 1968. They offer a wide range of supplements, vitamins, and other health-focused products, all of which are made with natural, non-GMO ingredients.

5. Garden of Life

Garden of Life is a health and wellness company that specializes in creating organic, non-GMO, and vegan-friendly supplements and vitamins. They offer a wide range of products to help support overall health and wellness, including probiotics, protein powders, and more.

6. Jarrow Formulas

Jarrow Formulas is a California-based company that specializes in producing high-quality dietary supplements. They offer a wide variety of products to help support overall health and wellness, including vitamins, probiotics, and more.

7. Nutiva

Nutiva is a health-focused company that produces a wide variety of organic, non-GMO, and vegan-friendly products, including hemp oil, coconut oil, and other health-focused foods. They offer a range of products to help support overall health and wellness.

8. Rainbow Light

Rainbow Light is a company that specializes in producing natural and organic supplements and vitamins. They offer a range of products to help support overall health and wellness, including prenatal vitamins, probiotics, and more.

9. Vega

Vega is a company that produces plant-based nutrition products, including protein powders, meal replacement shakes, and more. They offer a range of products to help support overall health and wellness, all of which are made with non-GMO, vegan-friendly ingredients.

10. New Chapter

New Chapter is a company that produces natural and organic supplements and vitamins. They offer a wide range of products to help support overall health and wellness, including probiotics, multivitamins, and more.

List of Health & Nutrition Products Companies in the USA

S. NoNameFoundersFounded Year
1GNCDavid Shakarian1935
2Optimum NutritionMichael and Tony Costello1986
3Nature’s BountyArthur Rudolph1971
4NOW FoodsElwood Richard1968
5Garden of LifeJordan Rubin2000
6Jarrow FormulasJarrow L. Rogovin1977
7NutivaJohn Roulac1999
8Rainbow LightLinda Kahler1981
9VegaBrendan Brazier2001
10New ChapterPaul and Barbi Schulick1982
11Ancient NutritionDr. Josh Axe and Jordan Rubin2016
12Bluebonnet NutritionBluebonnet Nutrition Corporation1991
13BulletproofDave Asprey2013
14Country LifeMax and Clara Kreitzer1971
15Dr. AxeDr. Josh Axe2010
16Garden of LifeJordan Rubin2000
17Gaia HerbsRic Scalzo and Sara Katz1987
18Integrative TherapeuticsDr. Isaac Eliaz2000
19MegaFoodCarl E. Jackson1973
20Natural VitalityPeter Gillham1982
21Nordic NaturalsJoar Opheim1995
22NutraceuticalBill Gay1993
23NutriGoldPriya Khan2010
24PharmaviteBarry Pressman and Arnold Beckman1971
25Rainbow LightLinda Kahler1981
26SolgarMike Pappas and Abe Wisch1947
27Source NaturalsIra Goldberg1982
28Terry NaturallyTerry Lemerond1968
29Thorne ResearchAl Czap and John Walczyk1984
30Vibrant HealthMark Timon and David H. Brubaker, Jr., M.D.1992
31Life ExtensionSaul Kent1980
32Rainbow LightLinda Kahler1981
33Nature’s WayTom Murdock1969
34The Synergy CompanyMitchell May1992
35Pure EncapsulationsDouglas Wyatt1991
36Gaia HerbsRic Scalzo1987
37SolaraySteven Frank1973
38Klaire LabsClaire Farr1969
39ZHOU NutritionJun Zhou and Nick2016
40Pure Essence LabsJery Cochern1984
41NuzenaAnthony Montenegro and Drew Tay-2018
42Designs for HealthJonathan and Linda Lizotte1989
43Garden of LifeJordan Rubin2000
44NutriDynDr. Michael Jurgelewicz1973
45Douglas LaboratoriesSam Lioon1955
46Seeking HealthDr. Ben Lynch2013
47Vital NutrientsSteven Berzin1993
48NOW FoodsElwood Richard1968
49LifeSeasonsDarrin Peterson2012
50MetagenicsJeff Katke1983
51BulletproofDave Asprey2013
52HealthForce SuperfoodsDr. Jameth Sheridan1990
53Terry NaturallyTerry Lemerond1968
54Vital ProteinsKurt Seidensticker2013
55SolgarMike Gruttadauria1947
56VitanicaDr. Tori Hudson1993
57TwinlabDavid Blechman1968
58YoutheoryDarren Rude2010
59Reserveage NutritionNaomi Whittel2009
60Trace Minerals ResearchJames B. May1969
61Innate ResponseDr. Dunn and Dr. Taylor2003
62Gaia SourcePaul Schulick1987
63Health-Ade KombuchaDaina Trout, Justin Trout, Vanessa Dew2012
64OrgainDr. Andrew Abraham2008
65Swanson Health ProductsLeland Swanson1969
66Redd RemediesDan Chapman2005
67Pure SynergyMitchell May1977
68Integrative TherapeuticsDr. Isaac Eliaz2000
69Jarrow FormulasJarrow Rogovin1977
70Bluebonnet NutritionSammy Passariello1991
71Nutraceutical CorporationCraig W. Rawlings1993
72Terry LabsTerry Naturally2013
73Nordic NaturalsJoar Opheim1995
74Rainbow LightLinda Kahler1981
75Dr. MercolaDr. Joseph Mercola1997
76Pure EncapsulationsDr. Sudhindra Rai1991
77Country Life VitaminsMax S. Gitman1971
78Vibrant HealthMark Timon1992
79MyproteinOliver Cookson2004
80Bluebird BotanicalsBrandon Beatty2012
81Jigsaw HealthPatrick Sullivan2006
82Solstice Medicine CompanyDr. John W. Travis1978
83Reserve Life NutritionJim Caras2010
84New ChapterPaul Schulick and Barbi Schulick1982
85Natural FactorsRoland Gahler1955
86Garden of LifeJordan Rubin2000
87Health Extension Pet CareDr. Elliot Katz1963
88Purely InspiredIovate Health Sciences2008
89ZHOU NutritionJoni Liu and Amy Sun2013
90Mushroom WisdomMike Shirota1991
91Seeking HealthDr. Ben Lynch2011
92InnovixLabsDr. Marios Kokkodis2013
93Amazing GrassTodd Habermehl and Brandon Bert2002
94BSNBio-Engineered Supplements2001
95Optimum NutritionTony Costello1986
96Garden of LifeJordan Rubin2000
97NOW FoodsElwood Richard1968
98Gaia HerbsRic Scalzo1987
99HealthForce NutritionalsDr. Jameth Sheridan1990
100Gaia HerbsRic Scalzo1987
101Herb PharmEd Smith1979
102Pure EssenceJery Cochern1982
103Nature’s PlusGerald Kessler1972
104Solgar VitaminsMike Kogan and Sol Zimmerman1947
105Vitamin ShoppeJeffrey Horowitz1977
106XymogenBrian Blackburn2003
107Life ExtensionSaul Kent and William Faloon1980
108Vital ProteinsKurt Seidensticker2013
109Jarrow FormulasJarrow Rogovin1977
110Irwin NaturalsKlee Irwin1994
111KyolicWakunaga of America1972
112Rainbow LightLinda Kahler1981
113Thorne ResearchAl Czap1984
114Standard ProcessDr. Royal Lee1929
115NutivaJohn Roulac1999
116Himalaya Herbal HealthcareM. Manal1930
117EnzymedicaTom Bohager1998
118Nutramax LaboratoriesRobert Henderson1992
119MegaFoodCarl E. Jackson and Richard W.1973
120Dr. MercolaJoseph Mercola1997
121KalElliot Balbert1932
122Pure EncapsulationsDr. Douglas G. Mackay1991
123Rainbow LightLinda Kahler1981
124Renew Life FormulasBrenda Watson1997
125Source NaturalsIra Goldberg1982
126Terry NaturallyTerry Lemerond1968
127Trace Minerals ResearchJames R. Gormley1972
128Vibrant HealthMark Timon and Peter McCarthy1992
129YoutheoryDarren Rude2010
130Zhou NutritionBrent and Joye Zahradnik2013
131Ora OrganicWill Smelko and Ron Chang2015
132MetagenicsJeff Katke and Dr. Jeffrey S. Bland1983
133Bluebonnet NutritionDr. Max Warmath1991
134Designs for HealthJonathan Lizotte1989
135FuturebioticsLee Zane1984
136Greens PlusSam Graci1998
137Hero NutritionalsJennifer Hodges1997
138Host Defense MushroomsPaul Stamets1980
139Natural FactorsRoland Gahler1955
140Ortho Molecular ProductsDr. Jeffery S. Bland1989
141Reserveage NutritionNaomi Whittel2009
142SolgarNat Colby and Saul Katz1947
143Country LifeMaxine and Barry Wheeler1971
144Rainbow LightLinda Kahler1981
145Nature’s WayTom Murdock1969
146SolarayRichard Kaufman1973
147Life ExtensionBill Faloon1980
148Jarrow FormulasJarrow Rogovin1977
149GNCDavid Shakarian1935
150NOW FoodsElwood Richard1968
151Pure EncapsulationsDr. Sudhindra Rao and Jay Udani1991
152Solstice Medicine CompanyDr. John Chen and Dr. Tina Chen2003
153Nature’s PlusGerald Kessler1972
154Natural VitalityPeter Gillham1982
155Gaia HerbsRic Scalzo1987
156SunwarriorNick Stern2008
157Nordic NaturalsJoar Opheim1995
158Dr. AxeDr. Josh Axe2010
159Life SeasonsDarrin Peterson2009
160Solace NutritionBryan Kuhn2013
161Viva NaturalsHusain Gulamhusein and Rahul Khanna2011
162Nature’s BestBob Sersen and Gene Cross1984
163Nutramax LaboratoriesRobert Henderson and Todd Henderson1992
164NutricologyDr. Leo Galland1979
165Source NaturalsIra Goldberg1982
166Thorne ResearchAl Czap and Douglass Leonard1984
167Vital ProteinsKurt Seidensticker2013
168YoutheoryDarren Rude and Jeff Hilton2010
169Klean AthleteDouglas “Duffy” MacKay2011
170Lifeaid Beverage CompanyAaron Hinde and Orion Melehan2011
171TruvaniVani Hari2017
172Ancient NutritionDr. Josh Axe and Jordan Rubin2016
173BulletproofDave Asprey2013
174Organic IndiaBharat Mitra and Bhavani Lev1990
175Standard ProcessDr. Royal Lee1929
176Terry NaturallyTerry Lemerond1968
177Natural FactorsRoland Gahler1955
178Reserveage NutritionNaomi Whittel2009
179Nutraceutical CorporationBill Gay and Scott Hagerman1993
180Integrative TherapeuticsDr. Jeremy Appleton2000
181Ortho Molecular ProductsJim Lavalle1989
182NuzestTrevor Bolland2007
183Pure SynergyMitchell May and Syreeta Wilkins-May1977
184Researched NutritionalsDr. Robert J. Blaik2006
185Innate Response FormulasDr. Alena M. Guggenheim2003
186The Synergy CompanyMitchell May and Kelly Hora1992
187Gaia Herbs Professional SolutionsRic Scalzo1987
188MRM (Metabolic Response Modifiers)Mark Olson and Sean Olson1996
189NutriDynGreg Peterson and Fred Howard1973
190NutraBio LabsMark Glazier1996
191Vibrant HealthMark Timon and Keri Marshall1992
192SolarayBruce H. Dugan1973
193Source NaturalsIra Goldberg1982
194Nutraceutical Sciences InstituteDr. Robert J. Barry2006
195Enzymatic TherapyIntegrative Therapeutics Inc.1998
196SmartyPants VitaminsCourtney Nichols Gould and Gordon Gould2010
197Genestra BrandsSeroyal International Inc.1988
198Designs for HealthDr. Jonathan Lizotte1989
199EuroPharmaTerry Lemerond1997
200NuMedicaTim K. Monk1993
201Jarrow FormulasJarrow L. Rogovin1977
202Nutraceutical Corporation of AmericaBill Gay and Scott Hagerman1993
203NOW FoodsElwood Richard1968
204Pure EncapsulationsDr. Douglas “Duffy” MacKay and Jason L. Wright1991
205Rainbow LightLinda Kahler1981
206Nature’s PlusGerald Kessler1972
207Solgar Vitamin and HerbMike Solomonov1947
208Natures WayTom Murdock1969
209Life ExtensionSaul Kent and William Faloon1980
210Pure Essence LabsJery Cochern and Greg Kunin1984


In conclusion, investing in our health and wellness should always be a top priority, and these top health and nutrition product companies in the USA can help us achieve our goals. From high-quality supplements to organic and natural vitamins, these companies offer a wide range of products to help support overall health and wellness. It’s important to always do your own research and consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement or vitamin regimen. However, by incorporating products from these companies into a healthy and balanced lifestyle, you can support your overall health and wellness goals.

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