List of Glass & Clay Companies in the USA

Glass and clay companies in the USA produce various products such as glassware, pottery, ceramics, and other decorative items. These companies range from small businesses to large corporations, and they all play a crucial role in the country’s manufacturing industry. Here is a list of the top glass and clay companies in the USA:

Glass and clay are two essential materials used in a wide range of industries, from construction to automotive and manufacturing. The USA is home to several top glass and clay companies that supply these industries with high-quality products. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most notable glass and clay companies in the USA.

Glass Companies

Corning Inc. – Corning, NY

Corning Inc. is one of the leading glass companies in the USA, known for its innovative glass products used in various applications, including optical communications, life sciences, and display technologies. The company was founded in 1851 and has since grown to become a global leader in specialty glass and ceramics. Some of the most notable products offered by Corning Inc. include Gorilla Glass, used in smartphones and tablets, and Pyrex glassware, used in laboratories and kitchens worldwide.

PPG Industries – Pittsburgh, PA

PPG Industries is a multinational glass and coatings company headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The company was founded in 1883 and has since become a leading supplier of glass products for the automotive, construction, and industrial markets. Some of PPG’s most popular products include automotive glass, architectural glass, and fiberglass. PPG is also known for its eco-friendly glass products that reduce energy consumption and improve sustainability.

Guardian Industries – Auburn Hills, MI

Guardian Industries is a privately-held glass and building materials company based in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The company was founded in 1932 and has since grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of float glass in North America. Guardian Industries offers a wide range of glass products, including tempered glass, laminated glass, and coated glass, used in various applications such as architecture, automotive, and solar energy.

AGC Glass North America – Alpharetta, GA

AGC Glass North America is a leading supplier of glass products in the USA, offering a wide range of glass solutions for residential and commercial applications. The company’s product portfolio includes energy-efficient glass, safety glass, and decorative glass, among others. AGC Glass North America is part of AGC Inc., a global glass company based in Japan, with operations in over 30 countries worldwide.

Owens-Illinois Inc. – Perrysburg, OH

Owens-Illinois Inc. is one of the largest manufacturers of glass containers in the world, supplying a wide range of glass packaging products for the food and beverage, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries. The company was founded in 1903 and has since grown to become a leading supplier of glass containers in North America, Europe, and Asia. Owens-Illinois is also committed to sustainability and has implemented several initiatives to reduce its environmental impact, including recycling programs and energy-efficient operations.

Clay Companies

Pottery Barn – San Francisco, CA

Pottery Barn is a popular home furnishings retailer known for its high-quality, handcrafted pottery products. The company was founded in 1949 and has since become a leading supplier of clay products in the USA, offering a wide range of pottery items, including dinnerware, vases, and decorative objects. Pottery Barn’s products are made by skilled artisans using traditional techniques, resulting in unique and beautiful pieces that are both functional and decorative.

Heath Ceramics – Sausalito, CA

Heath Ceramics is a renowned clay company based in Sausalito, California, known for its handcrafted ceramic tiles, dinnerware, and home decor items. The company was founded in 1948 and has since become a leading supplier of clay products in the USA, with a reputation for high-quality craftsmanship and innovative design. Heath Ceramics products are made using sustainable and locally.

Red Wing Stoneware – Red Wing, MN

Red Wing Stoneware is a family-owned pottery company that has been operating since 1877 in Red Wing, Minnesota. The company is known for its handmade stoneware products that are both functional and decorative. Red Wing Stoneware offers a wide range of pottery items, including dinnerware, bakeware, and home decor items. The company’s products are made by skilled artisans using traditional techniques, resulting in unique and durable pieces that are designed to last for generations.

Bauer Pottery – Los Angeles, CA

Bauer Pottery is a pottery company based in Los Angeles, California, known for its colorful and iconic ceramic products. The company was founded in 1878 and has since become a leading supplier of pottery items in the USA. Bauer Pottery offers a wide range of ceramic products, including dinnerware, planters, and vases, all made with high-quality materials and innovative designs. The company’s products are known for their durability, and many vintage pieces are still in use today.

Heath Tile – Sausalito, CA

Heath Tile is a subsidiary of Heath Ceramics, offering handcrafted ceramic tiles that are both functional and beautiful. The company was founded in 2002 and has since become a leading supplier of tile products in the USA, with a focus on sustainability and local production. Heath Tile’s products are made using natural materials and are designed to last for decades, making them an eco-friendly and stylish choice for any home or commercial project.

List of Glass & Clay Companies in the USA

S. NoNameFoundersFounded Year
1Corning Inc.Amory Houghton1851
2Owens-Illinois Inc.Michael J. Owens1903
3Libbey Inc.Edward Drummond Libbey1888
4Anchor HockingIsaac J. Collins and E.B. Good1905
5PPG IndustriesJohn B. Ford and John Pitcairn Jr.1883
6Blenko Glass CompanyWilliam J. Blenko Sr.1893
7Boyd Glass CompanyJoe Boyd Sr.1978
8Mosser GlassThomas Mosser1959
9Fenton Art Glass CompanyFrank L. Fenton and John W. Fenton1905
10Duncan & Miller Glass CompanyGeorge Duncan and Augustus H. Miller1865
11Jeannette Glass CompanyA.J. Beatty1888
12Hocking Glass CorporationIsaac J. Collins and William E. Hocking1905
13Anchor Hocking Glass CorporationIsaac J. Collins and E.B. Good1937
14Boyd Crystal Art GlassJoe Boyd Sr. and son, Joe Boyd Jr.1984
15Imperial Glass CorporationEdward Muhleman and J.B. Owens1901
16Mosser Glass CompanyOrie Mosser and son, Tom Mosser1971
17Fenton Gift ShopFrank M. Fenton and Bill Fenton2007
18New Martinsville Glass CompanyMark Johnson1901
19LenoxWalter Scott Lenox1889
20Waterford CrystalGeorge and William Penrose1783
21Tiffany & Co.Charles Lewis Tiffany1837
22Steuben Glass WorksFrederick Carder1903
23Westmoreland Glass CompanyGeorge W. West and Charles E. O’Kern1889
24Cambridge Glass CompanyGeorge J. Bennett and Arthur J. Bennett1873
25Northwood Glass CompanyHarry Northwood and his son Harry Northwood Jr.1901
26Heisey Glass CompanyA.H. Heisey and others1896
27Viking GlassGeorge W. Losch and Harry J. Boyd1944
28Morgantown Glass WorksJohn Ernest Miller and John Koontz1899
29Diamond Glass CompanyArthur J. Bennett1927
30Durand Art Glass Manufacturing CompanyVictor Durand Jr. and Michael Owens1924
31Hawkes & Co.Thomas G. Hawkes1880
32C.H. McKee & CompanyCharles H. McKee1861
33Wheeling Decorating CompanyFrank W. Rose and Harry Northwood Jr.1902
34Phoenix Glass CompanyEdward Muhleman and Sidney Albert1880
35Summit Art Glass CompanyGeorge Fenton and Frank M. Fenton1982
36Diamond GlasswareC. S. Young and L. C. Martin1892
37Rainbow Art GlassJohn Fenton and Terry Crider1995
38Glastonbury/LotusGeorge Woodward and Frank Daniel1868
39US Glass CompanyIsaac J. Collins and William E. Hocking1891
40Dugan Glass CompanyThomas Dugan and his sons1905
41Tiffin Glass CompanyA.J. Beatty and others1888
42Wheaton IndustriesTheodore Wheaton1888
43American Brilliant Cut Glass CompanyThomas G. Hawkes and Frederick Carder1893
44Anchor Hocking Glass CorporationIsaac J. Collins and E.B. Good1905
45L.E. Smith Glass CompanyL.E. Smith and his son1907
46McKee Glass CompanyJames L. Gillinder and Charles H. McKee1888
47West Virginia Glass CompanyIsaac J. Collins and William E. Hocking1905
48Riverside Glass WorksIsaac J. Collins1904
49Phoenix Glass CompanyEdward Muhleman and Sidney Albert1880
50Consolidated Lamp and Glass CompanyWilliam L. Libbey and Edward Drummond Libbey1893
51Imperial Glass CorporationEdward Muhleman and J.B. Owens1901
52Consolidated Glass CompanyJ.B. Ford and Edward Drummond Libbey1893
53Mosser Glass CompanyThomas Mosser and his son1971
54Diamond Glass CompanyArthur J. Bennett1927
55L.G. Wright Glass CompanyLeonard G. Wright1937
56The Cambridge Glass CompanyThe Cambridge Glass Company1902
57Rainbow Glass CompanyDon Shepherd1972
58Quaker City Glass Manufacturing CompanySamuel Beatty1876
59Viking Glass CompanyGeorge Samuelson and Charles Martin1944
60Jeannette Glass CompanyA.J. Beatty and his sons1887
61Boyd Crystal Art GlassCarl Boyd and his son1978
62Bartlett-Collins Glass CompanyPhilip M. Bartlett and William Collins1912
63Hazel-Atlas Glass CompanyEdward H. Bennett and Charles S. Brady1902
64Lenox China and CrystalWalter Scott Lenox1889
65The Fenton Art Glass CompanyFrank L. Fenton and his brother1905
66Blenko Glass CompanyWilliam J. Blenko and William H. Blenko1921
67Kemple Glass CompanyJoe Kemple and his son1945
68Paul J. Katherman Inc.Paul J. Katherman1981
69Kosta BodaErik Rosén and Bengt Edenfalk1742
70PyrexCorning Glass Works1915
71Degenhart Glass CompanyElizabeth Degenhart1947
72Joe Rice Art GlassJoe Rice and his family1989
73Indiana Glass CompanyJohn Ernest Miller and his sons1907
74Paden City Glass Manufacturing CompanyGeorge M. Jefferis and William M. Jefferis1916
75Steuben Glass WorksFrederick Carder1903
76Riverside Glass WorksAlfred E. Smith1879
77L.E. Smith Glass CompanyHarry Boyd1937
78The Cambridge Glass CompanyThe Cambridge Glass Company1902
79Duncan & Miller Glass CompanyGeorge Duncan and Augustus Miller1865
80Northwood Glass CompanyHarry Northwood1902
81Pilgrim Glass CorporationAlfred Knobler1949
82Viking Art GlassJack and Don Hiner1944
83Mosser Glass CompanyThomas Mosser Jr.1959
84Kusak Cut Glass WorksPaul Kusak Sr.1949
85Morgantown Glass WorksJohn Ernest Miller1899
86A.H. Heisey & Co.A.H. Heisey1896
87Stuart CrystalFrederick Stuart1827
88New Martinsville Glass CompanyJohn L. Glass and his brothers1900
89Bischoff Glass CompanyJoseph Bischoff1854
90Phoenix Glass CompanyEdward Muhleman1880
91J. Hoare & Co.John Hoare1853
92Glass Eye StudioPaul Lockwood and Mark Ellinger1978
93Pairpoint Glass CompanyThomas J. Pairpoint1837
94Orient and Flume Art GlassDouglas Boyd and Edward D. Penner1972
95Gay Fad StudiosFran Taylor and Susan Maxwell Schmidt1946
96Federal Glass CompanyCharles Brady1900
97Dugan Glass CompanyThomas Dugan and Harry Northwood1904
98Diamond Glassware CompanyUnknown1890
99Mayfair GlasswareUnknown1936
100Kimble Glass CompanyAlbert Kimble1900
101Phoenix Art Glass CompanyUnknown1880
102Gillinder GlassWilliam Gillinder1861
103Wright Glass CompanyDon Wright1977
104Durand Art GlassVictor Durand1924
105Val St. LambertUnknown1826
106Vineland Flint Glass WorksUnknown1896
107George Duncan & SonsUnknown1865
108Herman Miller Glass CompanyHerman Miller1919
109Fostoria Glass CompanyLucien B. Martin1887
110U.S. Glass CompanyUnknown1891
111Gillinder BrothersGillinder brothers1861
112Lewis Glass CompanyJohn Lewis1896
113Heisey Glass CompanyA.H. Heisey1896
114Westmoreland Glass CompanyGeorge West and Charles West1889
115The Hocking Glass CompanyIsaac Jacob and John E. Stemmons1905
116Boyd Glass CompanyJohn and Joe Boyd1978
117Fenton Handmade Glass CompanyFrank L. Fenton and his brother1905
118McKee Glass CompanyJ.W. McKee1843
119Kanawha Glass CompanyUnknown1953
120Cambridge Glass CompanyWilliam E. Bennett1902
121Kemple Glass CompanyUnknown1945
122Colony Glass CorporationUnknown1946
123Gibson Glass CompanyUnknown1947
124Pilgrim Glass CorporationAlfred Knobler1949
125Blenko Glass CompanyWilliam John Blenko1893
126Rainbow Art GlassEarl A. Fulcher1942
127L. E. Smith Glass CompanyUnknown1907
128Lancaster Glass CorporationUnknown1908
129Viking Glass CompanyPatrick J. O’Connor1944
130Summit Art GlassUnknown1961
131L. G. Wright Glass CompanyL.G. Wright1895
132Viking Glass CorporationPatrick J. O’Connor1944
133Imperial Glass CompanyEdward Muhleman1901
134A.H. Heisey and CompanyA.H. Heisey1895
135Paden City Glass Manufacturing CompanyUnknown1916
136Jeanette Glass CompanyUnknown1887
137Mosser Glass CompanyThomas Mosser1959
138Beaumont Glass CompanyUnknown1907
139Duncan & Miller Glass CompanyGeorge Duncan and Augustus Miller1865
140La-Z-Boy Chair Company Glass DivisionUnknown1927
141Rainbow Glass Products CompanyUnknown1944
142Owens-Illinois Glass CompanyUnknown1903
143Hazel-Atlas Glass CompanyUnknown1902
144Bartlett-Collins Glass CompanyUnknown1912
145Jeannette Glass Company CorporationUnknown1898
146Fostoria American Glass CompanyUnknown1915
147Standard Glass Manufacturing CompanyUnknown1889
147Standard Glass Manufacturing CompanyUnknown1889
148Bartlett-Collins Glass CompanyUnknown1912
149Jeannette Glass Company CorporationUnknown1898
150Fostoria American Glass CompanyUnknown1915
151Heisey Glass CompanyAugustus H. Heisey1896
152Boyd Glass CompanyUnknown1978
153United States Glass CompanyUnknown1891
154Hazel-Atlas Glass CompanyUnknown1888
156Boyd Crystal Art GlassEarl Boyd1978
157Pilgrim Glass CorporationAlfred Knobler1949
158Pairpoint Glass CompanyThomas J. Pairpoint1837
159Glassbake CorporationUnknown1942
160McKee Glass CompanyJ.W. McKee1843
161L. E. Smith Glass CompanyUnknown1907
162King’s Crown GlassUnknown1940s
163Viking Art GlassUnknown1940s
165National Imperial GlassUnknown1901
166Indiana Glass CompanyUnknown1907
167Wexford Glass CompanyUnknown1950s
168Bryce Brothers GlassUnknown1882
169Fenton Art Glass CompanyFrank L. Fenton and John W. Fenton1905
170Federal Glass CompanyUnknown1900
171Fire-King GlassAnchor Hocking Glass Corporation1940s
172Vitro America, Inc.Unknown1909
173Thatcher Glass Manufacturing CompanyUnknown1874
174Imperial Glass CompanyEdward Muhleman1901
175Hazel WareUnknown1930s
176Gray-Stan GlassUnknown1940s
177Hazelwood Glass CorporationUnknown1920s
178Hocking Glass CompanyUnknown1905
179Vitro Packaging LLCUnknown1929
180McBeth-Evans Glass CompanyWilliam McBeth and William Evans1899
181Owens-Illinois Glass CompanyMichael J. Owens and Edward D. Libbey1903
182Lancaster Glass CorporationUnknown1908
183Atlas Glass CompanyUnknown1896
184Cambridge Glass CompanyUnknown1901
185Anchor Hocking Glass CorporationIsaac J. Collins and E.B. Good1905
186West Virginia Glass Specialty CompanyUnknown1920s
187Cumberland Glass Manufacturing CompanyUnknown1902
188Westmoreland Glass CompanyGeorge W. West1889
189Diamond Glass CompanyUnknown1901
190Jefferson Glass CompanyUnknown1900
191Northwood Glass CompanyHarry Northwood1901
192Summit Art GlassUnknown1920s
193George F. McKee Glass CompanyUnknown1876
194Owens Bottle CompanyUnknown1903
195Corning IncorporatedUnknown1851
196W. H. Hobbs IncorporatedWilliam H. Hobbs1888
197US Test and Balance CorporationUnknown1995
198Great Western Glass CompanyUnknown1899
199American Glass ResearchUnknown1944
200Cambridge Tool and Die CorporationUnknown1949
201Kimble Chase Life Science and Research ProductsUnknown2007
202Kopp Glass, Inc.Unknown1926
203Rainbow Art Glass, Inc.Unknown1980
204St. Clair Glass CompanyUnknown1903
205Schott North America, Inc.Unknown1884
206The Blenko Glass CompanyWilliam J. Blenko1893
207O-I ManufacturingUnknown1903
208Duncan & Miller Glass CompanyUnknown1865
209La Compagnie des Verreries de l’OuestUnknown1882
210Jeanette Glass CompanyUnknown1887
211Riverside Glass WorksUnknown1879
212Greentown Glass CompanyUnknown1894
213L.E. Smith Glass CompanyUnknown1907
214Central Glass WorksUnknown1864
215Crystal Glass CompanyUnknown1898
216Cambridge GlassUnknown1873
217Fenton Art Glass CompanyFrank L. Fenton and John W. Fenton1905
218Imperial Glass CompanyUnknown1901
219Mosser Glass CompanyThomas Mosser1971
220Phoenix Glass CompanyUnknown1880
221Pittsburgh Plate Glass CompanyJohn B. Ford and John Pitcairn Jr.1883
222Standard Glass CompanyUnknown1900
223Thatcher Glass Manufacturing CompanyUnknown1883
224Tomlinson Art Glass CompanyUnknown1887
225West Virginia Specialty Glass CompanyUnknown1988
226Akro Agate CompanyGilbert Marsh and George T. Rankin1910
227Brookfield Glass CompanyUnknown1892
228Fostoria Glass CompanyUnknown1887
229Gillinder Glass CompanyUnknown1861
230Indiana Glass CompanyUnknown1907
231Jeanette McKee Glass WorksUnknown1929
232Mosser Glass IncorporatedThomas Mosser1959
233Summit Glass CompanyUnknown1916
234The Indiana Tumbler and Goblet CompanyUnknown1894
235Union Glass CompanyUnknown1891
236Bryce Brothers Glass CompanyUnknown1882
237Diamond Glass CompanyUnknown1892
238Glass Containers CorporationUnknown1929
239Maryland Glass CorporationUnknown1918
240New Martinsville Glass Manufacturing CompanyUnknown1900
241Northwood Glass CompanyHarry Northwood1902
242Riverside Glass WorksUnknown1879
243United States Glass CompanyUnknown1891
244Westmoreland Glass CompanyUnknown1889
245Armstrong Glass CompanyUnknown1890
246Boyd Crystal Art Glass CompanyUnknown1890
247Diamond Glassware CompanyUnknown1913
248Glasscrafters IncorporatedUnknown1970
249Glasstech Industries IncorporatedUnknown1976
250Mosser Lee CompanyUnknown1930
251Novagard Solutions IncorporatedUnknown1977
252Oglebay Norton Industrial Sands IncorporatedUnknown1848
253Owens-Illinois Group IncorporatedUnknown1929
254Pittsburgh Corning CorporationUnknown1937
255PPG Industries IncorporatedUnknown1883
256Reed and Barton CorporationHenry G. Reed and Charles E. Barton1824
257The Fostoria Glass CompanyUnknown1983
258U.S. Silica CompanyUnknown1899
259USG CorporationUnknown1901
260American Clay Machinery CompanyUnknown1917
261Belden Brick CompanyUnknown1885
262Cape Cod Polish Company IncorporatedUnknown1990
263Eldorado Stone LLCUnknown1969
264Empire Comfort Systems IncorporatedUnknown1932
265Gladding, McBean and CompanyPeter McGill McBean and Charles Gladdi1875
266Liberty TabletopUnknown2010
267Mexican Tile and Stone CompanyUnknown1987
268The Stained Glass Association of AmericaUnknown1903
269Oldcastle BuildingEnvelopeUnknown1987
270Owens CorningUnknown1938
271Ply Gem IndustriesUnknown1943
272Renaissance GlassworksUnknown1979
273Sherwin-WilliamsHenry Sherwin and Edward Williams1866
274Simon PearceSimon Pearce1981
275Society of Glass and Ceramic DecoratorsUnknown1901
276Standard Ceramic Supply CompanyUnknown1910
277The Corning Museum of GlassUnknown1951
278The Tile ShopUnknown1985
280Tremont Nail CompanyUnknown1819
281W.R. Grace and CompanyUnknown1854
282The Glass ConnectionUnknown1981
284GlassDharmaGail and David Leon2007
285The Stained Glass MuseumUnknown1998
287WaterworksBarbara and Robert Sallick1978
288Nemo Tile CompanyUnknown1921
289American Marazzi TileUnknown1982
290Dal-Tile CorporationUnknown1947
291Daltile by Marazzi GroupUnknown1947
292Arizona TileJohn Huarte1977
293Fireclay TilePaul Burns1986
294Crossville Inc.Unknown1986
295Island StoneUnknown2003
296International Wholesale TileUnknown1978
297Glazzio TilesUnknown2002
298Glass Tile StoreUnknown2004
299The United States Stove CompanyUnknown1869
301American Olean TileUnknown1913
302Marazzi USAUnknown1982
303StonePeak CeramicsUnknown2005
304D&B Tile DistributorsUnknown1968
305Jeffrey CourtUnknown1991
306Ceramic Technics Ltd.Unknown1988
307Imagine TileChristian McAuley2003
308Metropolitan Ceramics by IronrockUnknown1989
309Mercury MosaicsMercedes Austin2002
310Epro TileUnknown2007
311Landmark CeramicsUnknown2014
313Mosa TilesUnknown1883
314Walker ZangerLeon Zanger and Marvin Walker1952
315American Tile and StoneUnknown1983
316C&S Tile DistributorsUnknown1963
317Emser TileUnknown1968
318Arizona Hot DotsUnknown1994
319Subway CeramicsUnknown1997
320The Winchester Tile CompanyUnknown1985
321The Mosaic CompanyUnknown2001
322Olympia Tile InternationalUnknown1956
323Tesoro TileUnknown1987
324Unique Building ConceptsUnknown1997
326Jeff Lewis TileJeff Lewis2013
327Garden State TileUnknown1957
328Arizona TileJohn Huarte1977
329Bedrosians Tile & StoneEdward Bedrosian1948
330The Tile ShopUnknown1985
331Bedrock IndustriesUnknown2011
332SpecCeramics Inc.Unknown1986
333Syzygy TileUnknown1993
334Artistic TileUnknown1987
335Hakatai EnterprisesUnknown1997
336Stone SourceUnknown1988
337Walker ZangerLeon Zanger and Marvin Walker1952
338Island Creek DesignsUnknown2005
339Silver Creek StoneworksUnknown1999
341Granada TileUnknown1924
342Motawi TileworksUnknown1992
343Oceanside GlasstileUnknown1992
344Olympos TileUnknown2008
345Pacific Clay ProductsUnknown1892
346Pratt & Larson CeramicsUnknown1982
347Quemere DesignsUnknown1989
348Real Stone & Granite CorporationUnknown1996
349Soho Studio CorpUnknown2006
350Summitville Tiles Inc.Unknown1912
351Trikeenan TileworksUnknown2005
352Vintage Building SupplyUnknown2001
354Florida TileUnknown1954
355Nemo TileUnknown1921
356RBC Tile & StoneUnknown1959
357Royal MosaUnknown1883
358StonePeak CeramicsUnknown2005
359Terra Tile & MarbleUnknown1984
360GBI Tile & StoneUnknown2004
362Roca Tile USAUnknown2010
363Rock Mill Tile & StoneUnknown2017
366Tile Outlets of AmericaUnknown2002
367Emser TileUnknown1968
368M S InternationalUnknown1975
369Olympia Tile InternationalUnknown1956
370American OleanUnknown1913
371Crossville Inc.Unknown1986
372Glazzio TilesUnknown2002
373Interceramic USAUnknown1979
374Mohawk IndustriesUnknown1878
375Dal-Tile CorporationUnknown1947
377Tierra y FuegoUnknown1997
378Artistic Stone & TileUnknown1990
379Best TileUnknown1956
380Caesarstone USAUnknown1987
381Ceramic Technics Ltd.Unknown1989
382Iris CeramicaUnknown1961
383Seneca TilesUnknown1919
384Syzygy TileworksUnknown1999
385The Winchester Tile CompanyUnknown1987
386Walker ZangerUnknown1952
387Heath CeramicsEdith Heath1948
388Merola TileUnknown1988
389New RavennaUnknown1992
390Pratt & LarsonUnknown1982
391Terra Green CeramicsUnknown2010
392Fireclay TilePaul Burns, Martin Zepeda1986
393Architectural CeramicsUnknown1985
394Tierra Sol Ceramic TileUnknown1992
395Bedrosians Tile & StoneBedros Bedrosian1948
396Artistic TileNancy Epstein1987
397Crossville StudiosUnknown2004
398Jeffrey CourtUnknown1991
399Lunada Bay TileUnknown1992
400Oceanside Glass & TileUnknown1992
401Portico Tile & FixturesUnknown2003
402Santa Fe StoneworksUnknown1978
403Tempest TileworksUnknown2006
404Terra Tile ImportsUnknown1985
405Tile InternationalUnknown1992
406Walker GlassUnknown1942
408Artistic Tile & StoneUnknown2001
409Glass Dynamics LLCUnknown1986
410Interior StoneUnknown1999


Glass and clay are two materials that have been used for centuries to create functional and decorative items. In the USA, several top companies specialize in these materials, offering innovative products that are used in various industries, from construction to automotive and manufacturing. Whether you’re looking for glass products for your smartphone or tempered glass for your building’s facade, or if you’re interested in handcrafted pottery for your home or business, the companies on this list offer a range of high-quality and innovative products to meet your needs.

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