The Age of Exploration: Key Explorers and their Voyages

Learn about the important explorers of the Age of Exploration and their amazing expeditions. Explore the great adventures that helped to define our view of the world, from Ferdinand Magellan’s circuit of the globe to Christopher Columbus’ voyage to the Americas.

Christopher ColumbusFirst voyage to the Americas
Ferdinand MagellanFirst circumnavigation of the globe
Vasco da GamaSea route to India
John CabotExploration of North American coast
Amerigo VespucciMapping of South American coastline
James CookVoyages to the Pacific, mapping of New Zealand
Henry HudsonExploration of Hudson River and Hudson Bay
Juan Ponce de LeónDiscovery of Florida
Bartolomeu DiasCape of Good Hope exploration
Hernán CortésConquest of the Aztec Empire
Francisco PizarroConquest of the Inca Empire
Pedro Álvares CabralDiscovery of Brazil
Samuel de ChamplainExploration of Canada
Marco PoloJourney to Asia, accounts of the Silk Road
Alexander von HumboldtScientific exploration of Latin America
Zheng HeSeven voyages to Southeast Asia and Africa
Francis DrakeCircumnavigation of the globe, exploration in America
Jacques CartierExploration of the St. Lawrence River
Henry the NavigatorPortuguese exploration and colonization
Vasco Núñez de BalboaFirst European to see the Pacific Ocean
Henry the NavigatorPortuguese exploration

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