The Renaissance: Key Scientists and their Discoveries

Discover the leading researchers of the Renaissance and their ground-breaking findings. Discover the scientific developments that influenced this revolutionary time in history, from Copernicus’ heliocentric theory to Leonardo da Vinci’s anatomical research.

Leonardo da VinciAnatomy, engineering, art
Nicolaus CopernicusHeliocentric theory of the solar system
Galileo GalileiTelescope observations, laws of motion
Isaac NewtonLaws of motion, universal gravitation
Johannes KeplerLaws of planetary motion, elliptical orbits
Andreas VesaliusModern anatomy, human dissection
William HarveyCirculatory system, heart’s function
Robert BoyleBoyle’s law, gas properties
Antoine LavoisierLaw of conservation of mass, chemical nomenclature
Tycho BraheAstronomical observations, accurate planetary data
Francis BaconScientific method, empiricism
René DescartesCartesian coordinates, analytic geometry
Blaise PascalProbability theory, Pascal’s triangle
William GilbertMagnetism, electrical research
Leonardo FibonacciIntroduction of Hindu-Arabic numerals to Europe
ParacelsusMedical chemistry, alchemical practices
Thomas HarriotMoon observations, first drawing of a telescope
John NapierInvention of logarithms
Johannes GutenbergPrinting press, movable type
Girolamo CardanoProbability theory, solving cubic equations
Nicholas of CusaHypothesis of the universe’s infinite nature
Michael ServetusDiscovery of pulmonary circulation
Hieronymus FabriciusStudy of veins and valves in the human body
Gerolamo FracastoroTheory of contagious diseases
John DeeMathematician, astrologer, advisor to Queen Elizabeth I
Gemma FrisiusDevelopment of the triangulation method in surveying
Ambroise ParéInnovations in surgical techniques
Pedro NunesNavigation and cartography advancements
Simon StevinDecimal fractions, laws of hydrostatics
Antonie van LeeuwenhoekMicroscopic observations, discovery of microorganisms
Evangelista TorricelliInvention of the barometer
Christiaan HuygensWave theory of light, pendulum clock
Athanasius KircherInventions in microscopy and acoustics
Robert HookeCell theory, law of elasticity
Edmond HalleyCalculation of the orbit of Halley’s Comet
Maria Sibylla MerianPioneering work in entomology, scientific illustration
Ole RømerMeasurement of the speed of light
Bartolomeo EustachioDiscovery of the Eustachian tube in the human ear

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