World War II: Key Allied and Axis Powers and their Strategies

Learn about the major Allied and Axis forces of World War II and their respective military strategies. Explore the history of this global battle, from the Allies’ joint attempts to defeat the Axis powers to the tactical moves made by figures like Churchill and Hitler.

AlliesCombined military efforts against Axis powers
Axis PowersAggressive expansion and conquest
United StatesIsland-hopping in the Pacific, strategic bombing
United KingdomDefensive strategy, strategic bombing
Soviet UnionScorched earth policy, massive ground offensives
GermanyBlitzkrieg tactics, territorial expansion
JapanSurprise attacks, naval dominance
ItalySupport of Germany, Mediterranean campaigns
FranceDefensive strategy, Maginot Line
ChinaGuerrilla warfare, resilience against Japan
CanadaContribution to Allied forces, air support
AustraliaDefense of the Pacific, support of Allies
New ZealandSupport of Allies, Pacific campaign involvement
IndiaSupport of Allies, military recruitment
PolandDefense against German invasion
NetherlandsResistance against German occupation
BelgiumDefense against German invasion
GreeceResistance against Axis occupation
NorwayResistance against German occupation
DenmarkResistance against German occupation
FinlandDefensive strategy against Soviet Union
HungarySupport of Germany, military involvement
RomaniaSupport of Germany, military involvement
BulgariaSupport of Germany, military involvement
YugoslaviaResistance against Axis occupation
CzechoslovakiaResistance against German occupation
South AfricaSupport of Allies, military involvement
BrazilSupport of Allies, military involvement
MexicoSupport of Allies, military involvement
ArgentinaNeutral, limited involvement
SwedenNeutral, traded with both sides
SwitzerlandNeutral, served as a financial center
SpainNeutral, supported by Axis powers
PortugalNeutral, supported by Allies
TurkeyNeutral, secured neutrality through diplomacy
IranOccupied by Allies, crucial supply route
IraqOccupied by Allies, strategic position
EthiopiaLiberated by Allies, resistance against Italy
AlgeriaAllied invasion, support of French Resistance
MoroccoAllied invasion, support of French Resistance
TunisiaAllied invasion, liberation from Axis forces
LibyaBattleground between Axis and Allied forces
EgyptAllied defense, crucial Suez Canal protection
SudanAllied defense, support of British forces
Saudi ArabiaStrategic resource supplier for Allies
SyriaOccupied by Allies, strategic position
LebanonOccupied by Allies, strategic position
PalestineOccupied by Allies, strategic position
IsraelEstablishment as a Jewish state
JordanOccupied by Allies, strategic position
KuwaitOccupied by Allies, strategic position
BahrainOccupied by Allies, strategic position
OmanOccupied by Allies, strategic position
QatarOccupied by Allies, strategic position
United Arab EmiratesOccupied by Allies, strategic position
YemenOccupied by Allies, strategic position
AfghanistanOccupied by Allies, support against Axis
ThailandSupport of Japan, military cooperation
BurmaBattleground between Allied and Axis forces
VietnamResistance against Japanese occupation
PhilippinesBattleground between Allied and Axis forces
MalaysiaOccupied by Japan, resistance by Allies
SingaporeOccupied by Japan, strategic naval base
IndonesiaResistance against Japanese occupation
Papua New GuineaAllied defense, crucial Pacific battleground
FijiSupport of Allies, military involvement
Solomon IslandsAllied defense, key naval battles
New CaledoniaAllied base for Pacific operations
French IndochinaOccupied by Japan, resistance against Axis
East AfricaBattleground between Allied and Axis forces
Baltic StatesOccupied by Soviet Union, resistance
AustriaAnnexed by Germany, support of Axis powers
AlbaniaOccupied by Italy, support of Axis powers
LuxembourgOccupied by Germany, resistance
IcelandAllied occupation, strategic airbase
GreenlandAllied occupation, strategic airbase
Faroe IslandsOccupied by Allies, strategic position
GibraltarAllied stronghold, control of Mediterranean
MaltaAllied stronghold, defense against Axis
AzoresAllied air and naval base, Atlantic defense
MadeiraNeutral, limited involvement
Cape VerdeAllied air and naval base, Atlantic defense
Canary IslandsNeutral, limited involvement
Equatorial GuineaOccupied by Allies, strategic position

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