The Renaissance: Key Artists and their Masterpieces

Discover the exquisite creativity of the Renaissance via the works of important painters. Explore the artistic genius that characterized this revolutionary time in history, from Michelangelo’s David to Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

S. No.ArtistMasterpiece
1Leonardo da VinciMona Lisa
3RaphaelSchool of Athens
4Sandro BotticelliThe Birth of Venus
6TitianVenus of Urbino
7CaravaggioThe Calling of St. Matthew
8Albrecht DürerMelencolia I
9Jan van EyckThe Arnolfini Portrait
10Hieronymus BoschThe Garden of Earthly Delights
11Pieter BruegelThe Tower of Babel
12El GrecoThe Burial of the Count of Orgaz
13Johannes VermeerGirl with a Pearl Earring
14TintorettoThe Miracle of the Slave
15Hans HolbeinThe Ambassadors
16Gian Lorenzo BerniniApollo and Daphne
17Francisco GoyaThe Third of May 1808
18Artemisia GentileschiJudith Slaying Holofernes
19Diego VelázquezLas Meninas
20Rembrandt van RijnThe Night Watch
21Peter Paul RubensThe Descent from the Cross
22Andrea MantegnaLamentation of Christ
23Paolo UccelloThe Battle of San Romano
24Giotto di BondoneThe Ognissanti Madonna
25Fra AngelicoThe Annunciation
26Piero della FrancescaThe Baptism of Christ
27VerrocchioThe Baptism of Christ
29MasaccioThe Tribute Money
30Antonello da MessinaPortrait of a Man
31Rogier van der WeydenDeposition from the Cross
32Benvenuto CelliniPerseus with the Head of Medusa
33Andrea del SartoThe Last Supper
34GiorgioneThe Tempest
35Giovanni BelliniThe Feast of the Gods
36Fra Filippo LippiMadonna and Child with Two Angels
37Jacopo TintorettoThe Last Supper
38Rogier van der WeydenThe Descent from the Cross
39Hans MemlingThe Last Judgment
40ParmigianinoMadonna with the Long Neck
41Sandro BotticelliThe Adoration of the Magi
43Lucas CranachAdam and Eve
44Hans BaldungThe Three Ages of Woman and Death
45Filippo BrunelleschiDome of Florence Cathedral
46Giotto di BondoneScrovegni Chapel Frescoes
47MasolinoBrancacci Chapel Frescoes
48MasaccioThe Expulsion from the Garden of Eden
49Fra AngelicoAnnunciation and Crucifixion
50Antonello da MessinaSt. Jerome in His Study
51Giovanni BelliniMadonna and Child
52BotticelliThe Adoration of the Magi
53Leonardo da VinciThe Last

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