The Rise and Fall of Ancient Rome: Key Events and Leaders

Through significant occasions and figures, learn about the ascent and fall of Ancient Rome. Discover the famous events, from Rome’s inception through the collapse of the Western Roman Empire. Find more about prominent figures like Julius Caesar and Augustus, as well as the causes of Rome’s collapse. Explore one of the most impressive civilizations in human history.

Founding of Rome753 BCTraditional date of Rome’s foundation
Roman Republic established509 BCEnd of monarchy, beginning of republic
Punic Wars264-146 BCRome’s conflict with Carthage
Julius Caesar100-44 BCRoman general, dictator, assassinated
Roman Empire established27 BCOctavian becomes Augustus Caesar
Pax Romana27 BC-180 ADLong period of relative peace
Emperor Nero54-68 ADInfamous emperor, persecuted Christians
Colosseum construction70-80 ADIconic amphitheater in Rome
Trajan’s Column113 ADCommemorative monument in Rome
Hadrian’s Wall122 ADDefensive wall in northern Britannia
Fall of Western Roman Empire476 ADOdoacer deposes Romulus Augustulus
Augustus Caesar27 BC-14 ADFirst Roman emperor
Tiberius14-37 ADSuccessor to Augustus
Caligula37-41 ADInfamous and tyrannical emperor
Claudius41-54 ADExpanded Roman Empire
Nero54-68 ADInfamous emperor, persecuted Christians
Vespasian69-79 ADFounder of Flavian dynasty
Titus79-81 ADCompleted the Colosseum
Domitian81-96 ADLast Flavian emperor
Nerva96-98 ADFirst of the Five Good Emperors
Trajan98-117 ADExpanded Roman Empire to its peak
Hadrian117-138 ADConsolidated Roman borders
Antoninus Pius138-161 ADKnown for his administrative skills
Marcus Aurelius161-180 ADPhilosopher emperor
Commodus180-192 ADDecline in Roman authority
Severan Dynasty193-235 ADPolitical instability and military crisis
Diocletian284-305 ADDivided Roman Empire into East and West
Constantine the Great306-337 ADLegalized Christianity, founded Constantinople

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