World War I: Major Battles and Treaties

Explore the important World War I battles and agreements. Examine the details of important battles like the Battle of the Somme and the Battle of Verdun in history. Learn about the important treaties that influenced the postwar period, such as the Treaty of Versailles. Learn more about this historical time of transformation and how it affected world events.

Battle of the Marne1914Allied victory halting German advance
Battle of Tannenberg1914German victory on Eastern Front
Battle of Gallipoli1915Failed Allied campaign in Ottoman Empire
Battle of Verdun1916Longest and bloodiest battle
Battle of the Somme1916High casualties, no strategic gains
Battle of Jutland1916Largest naval battle
Battle of Passchendaele1917High casualties, minimal gains
Battle of Caporetto1917Major Central Powers victory
Spring Offensive (Ludendorff’s Offensive)1918German attempt to win the war
Second Battle of the Marne1918Allied victory, turning point
Battle of Amiens1918Allied breakthrough, Hundred Days Offensive
Battle of Megiddo1918Allied victory in Middle East
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk1918Peace treaty between Russia and Central Powers
Treaty of Versailles1919Peace treaty that ended the war
Treaty of Saint-Germain-en-Laye1919Treaty with Austria
Treaty of Neuilly-sur-Seine1919Treaty with Bulgaria
Treaty of Trianon1920Treaty with Hungary
Treaty of Sèvres1920Treaty with Ottoman Empire
Treaty of Lausanne1923Peace treaty with Turkey
Treaty of Riga1921Peace treaty with Soviet Russia and Baltic States
Treaty of Rapallo1922Treaty between Germany and Soviet Russia
Treaty of London1915Secret treaty between Allies and Italy
Treaty of Bucharest1918Peace treaty with Romania
Treaty of Portsmouth1905Peace treaty between Russia and Japan
Treaty of Sèvres1920Peace treaty with Ottoman Empire

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