Timeline of the Ottoman Empire: Major Sultans and Events

The Ottoman Empire, spanning over six centuries, turned into one of the maximum influential and enduring empires in global history. From its humble origins as a small Anatolian principality to its zenith as a international power, the Ottoman Empire left an indelible mark on the sector. In this article, we gift a complete timeline of the Ottoman Empire, highlighting the essential sultans and pivotal events that fashioned its rise, expansion, and eventual decline. Explore the wealthy tapestry of the empire’s records, from the status quo of the Ottoman Beylik to the transformative reforms of the Tanzimat generation. Gain insights into the amazing sultans who dominated with difference and the significant milestones that defined the empire’s legacy.

Timeline of the Ottoman Empire: Major Sultans and Events:

1299Osman I establishes the Ottoman Beylik
1326Orhan I becomes the second Ottoman Bey
1361Murad I captures Adrianople (Edirne)
1389Battle of Kosovo
1402Battle of Ankara
1453Conquest of Constantinople
1481Mehmed II (Mehmed the Conqueror) dies
1520Suleiman the Magnificent becomes Sultan
1526Battle of Mohács
1529First Siege of Vienna
1571Battle of Lepanto
1595Mehmed III becomes Sultan
1603Ahmed I becomes Sultan
1617Mustafa I becomes Sultan
1622Osman II becomes Sultan
1640Ibrahim I becomes Sultan
1648Treaty of Westphalia
1661Mehmed IV becomes Sultan
1683Second Siege of Vienna
1687Mehmed IV is deposed and Suleiman II becomes Sultan
1699Treaty of Karlowitz
1703Ahmed II becomes Sultan
1730Mahmud I becomes Sultan
1739Treaty of Belgrade
1757Osman III becomes Sultan
1757Mustafa III becomes Sultan
1774Treaty of Küçük Kaynarca
1789Abdul Hamid I becomes Sultan
1807Selim III becomes Sultan
1808Mahmud II becomes Sultan
1826Auspicious Incident
1839Edict of Gülhane
1853Crimean War
1861Abdulaziz becomes Sultan
1876First Constitutional Era
1908Young Turk Revolution
1909Countercoup of 1909
1914Ottoman Empire enters World War I
1918Armistice of Mudros
1922Sultanate abolished, Republic of Turkey proclaimed
End of the Ottoman Empire


The timeline of the Ottoman Empire encapsulates a charming saga of conquest, cultural exchange, and governance. From its humble beginnings to its eventual dissolution, the empire spanned large territories and witnessed the rule of thumb of fantastic sultans who left an indelible mark on records. The Ottoman Empire’s timeline displays big events including the conquest of Constantinople, the expansion into Europe, and the challenges confronted in the course of periods of struggle and reform. Today, the empire’s legacy lives on in the art, structure, and cultural traditions that emerged all through its reign. By exploring the timeline of the Ottoman Empire, we advantage a deeper understanding of its historic importance and its enduring impact on the world.

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