Key Events of the Iranian Revolution

The Iranian Revolution, also known as the Islamic Revolution, turned into a pivotal occasion that unfolded in Iran all through the past due 1970s and early 1980s. It delivered about radical adjustments in the u . S .’s political, social, and non secular landscape, main to the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The revolution become pushed by means of a considerable dissatisfaction with the ruling monarchy, spearheaded via religious leaders and diverse competition businesses. This duration of upheaval and transformation had a profound impact on Iran and formed its trajectory within the years to come.

Iranian Revolution BeginsJanuary 7, 1978
Protests against Shah’s RuleThroughout 1978
Black Friday MassacreSeptember 8, 1978
Martial Law ImposedSeptember 8, 1978
Tehran Refinery FireOctober 7, 1978
Iran’s Cinema Rex FireAugust 19, 1978
General Strike and Mass ProtestsNovember 6, 1978
Shah’s Departure from IranJanuary 16, 1979
Ayatollah Khomeini Returns to IranFebruary 1, 1979
Establishment of Revolutionary CommitteesFebruary 5, 1979
Formation of Interim GovernmentFebruary 6, 1979
Referendum on Islamic RepublicApril 1, 1979
U.S. Embassy SiegeNovember 4, 1979
Release of U.S. Embassy HostagesJanuary 20, 1981
Constitution of Islamic Republic AdoptedDecember 3, 1979
Women’s Rights ProtestsThroughout 1979
Cultural Revolution1980-1987
Iraqi Invasion of IranSeptember 22, 1980
Iran-Iraq War BeginsSeptember 22, 1980
Siege of AbadanSeptember 22, 1980
Battle of KhorramshahrOctober 26, 1980
Operation MorvaridApril 18, 1981
Assassination of President Rajai and Prime Minister BahonarAugust 30, 1981
Consolidation of Islamic RepublicThroughout 1982-1983
Iran-Contra Affair1985-1987
Mass Executions of Political Prisoners1988
Iran Air Flight 655 ShootdownJuly 3, 1988
Death of Ayatollah KhomeiniJune 3, 1989
Presidential Election of Akbar Hashemi RafsanjaniJuly 28, 1989
Student Protests and Political ReformsLate 1990s
Khatami’s Election as PresidentMay 23, 1997
Green Movement Protests2009
Nuclear Program and International SanctionsOngoing
Rouhani’s Election as PresidentJune 14, 2013
Nuclear Deal with P5+1July 14, 2015
Protests against Economic IssuesDec-17
U.S. Withdrawal from Nuclear DealMay 8, 2018
Renewed U.S. Sanctions on IranNovember 5, 2018
Soleimani’s AssassinationJanuary 3, 2020
Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752January 8, 2020
COVID-19 PandemicFeb-20
Assassination of Mohsen FakhrizadehNovember 27, 2020
Presidential Election of Ebrahim RaisiJune 18, 2021
Protests over Water ShortagesJul-21
Ongoing Political and Social ChallengesOngoing

The Iranian Revolution marked a turning point within the history of Iran, resulting inside the overthrow of the monarchy and the established order of an Islamic Republic. The revolution’s key events, starting from mass protests to political transitions, have formed the us of a’s socio-political panorama through the years. The revolution additionally had sizeable nearby and global implications, which includes the Iran-Iraq War and strained diplomatic members of the family with the USA. Today, Iran maintains to grapple with ongoing political and social demanding situations while navigating its position within the worldwide arena.

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