Timeline of the Renaissance: Major Artists and Events

History will never be the same after the Renaissance, a time of enormous cultural and creative flowering. This page provides a thorough chronology detailing the significant figures and occasions that shaped the Renaissance. Explore the revolutionary age that altered Europe, from ground-breaking artistic triumphs to crucial points of intellectual and scientific growth.

Early Renaissance (1400-1490)Filippo BrunelleschiDome of Florence Cathedral
Early Renaissance (1400-1490)MasaccioThe Holy Trinity
Early Renaissance (1400-1490)BotticelliThe Birth of Venus
High Renaissance (1490-1527)Leonardo da VinciThe Last Supper
High Renaissance (1490-1527)MichelangeloSistine Chapel Ceiling
High Renaissance (1490-1527)RaphaelSchool of Athens
Scientific and Intellectual AdvancementsCopernicusHeliocentric Theory
Scientific and Intellectual AdvancementsGalileo GalileiTelescope Observations
Scientific and Intellectual AdvancementsGutenbergPrinting Press
Late Renaissance and Mannerism (1527-1600)TitianBacchus and Ariadne
Late Renaissance and Mannerism (1527-1600)El GrecoThe Burial of the Count of Orgaz
Late Renaissance and Mannerism (1527-1600)Giorgio VasariLives of the Most Excellent Painters, Sculptors, and Architects
End of the RenaissanceCouncil of TrentReforms in religious art
End of the RenaissanceThirty Years’ WarPolitical and cultural shifts


The chronology of the Renaissance reveals the outstanding accomplishments and key occasions that changed art, science, and society. The Renaissance has inspired and captivated people for centuries, from the works of da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael to the developments in astronomy and printing. Immerse yourself in this amazing era, which set the stage for contemporary art and scientific advancement.

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