Aerospace & Defense: Protecting the Skies and Beyond

When it comes to protecting our country and its interests, few industries are as critical as Aerospace & Defense. From fighter jets to satellites, these companies play a vital role in ensuring our safety and security.

What is Aerospace & Defense?

Aerospace & Defense is a broad term that encompasses a variety of industries involved in the design, development, and production of aerospace and defense systems. This includes everything from commercial aircraft to military drones, and from ballistic missiles to satellite communication systems.

The Importance of Aerospace & Defense

The Aerospace & Defense industry is not only vital to national security but also to the economy. According to the Aerospace Industries Association, the industry generates over $374 billion in annual revenue and employs over 2.5 million people across the United States.

One of the key reasons for the industry’s importance is its role in national security. Aerospace & Defense companies provide the technology and equipment necessary to defend our country against a variety of threats, from terrorist attacks to foreign aggression. In addition, these companies play a critical role in intelligence gathering and surveillance, helping to keep us safe by monitoring potential threats from the skies.

Major Players in Aerospace & Defense

There are many companies involved in the Aerospace & Defense industry, ranging from small startups to large multinational corporations. Some of the biggest players include:

  • Boeing: One of the largest aerospace companies in the world, Boeing is involved in everything from commercial aircraft to defense systems.
  • Lockheed Martin: A leading defense contractor, Lockheed Martin produces a wide range of military aircraft, missiles, and other defense systems.
  • Raytheon Technologies: This company produces a variety of defense technologies, including missiles, radar systems, and cybersecurity solutions.
  • Northrop Grumman: Specializing in aerospace and defense technology, Northrop Grumman produces everything from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to missile defense systems.

The Future of Aerospace & Defense

As technology continues to advance, the Aerospace & Defense industry is likely to evolve and grow. With the rise of unmanned systems, for example, we may see an increase in the use of drones and other autonomous vehicles for military purposes. In addition, the industry is likely to continue to play a critical role in space exploration and the development of commercial spaceflight.

List of Aerospace & Defense Companies in the USA

S. No.NameFoundersFounded Year
1BoeingWilliam Boeing1916
2Lockheed MartinAlcoa, Martin Marietta1995
3Raytheon Technologies CorporationThe Raytheon Company, United Technologies Corporation (UTC)2020
4General DynamicsElectric Boat Company, Canadair1952
5Northrop GrummanNorthrop Corporation, Grumman Aircraft Engineering1994
6United Technologies Corporation (UTC)United Aircraft Corporation, Hamilton Standard1934
7Honeywell InternationalMark C. Honeywell1906
8L3Harris TechnologiesHarris Corporation, L3 Technologies2019
9Textron Inc.Royal Little1923
10General ElectricThomas Edison1892
11BAE SystemsMarconi Electronic Systems, British Aerospace1999
12Pratt & WhitneyFrederick Rentschler1925
13Boeing Defense, Space & SecurityBoeing2002
14Rockwell Collins, Inc. (now Collins Aerospace)Arthur Collins1933
15Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation (now a unit of Lockheed Martin)Igor Sikorsky1925
16The Boeing CompanyWilliam Boeing1916
17Northrop CorporationJack Northrop1939
18Raytheon CompanyLaurence K. Marshall, Vannevar Bush1922
19General Electric CompanyThomas Edison1892
20Grumman Corporation (now Northrop Grumman)Leroy Grumman, Jake Swirbul1930
21United Aircraft and Transport Corporation (now UTC)William E. Boeing, Frederick B. Rentschler, Philip G. Johnson1929
22Rockwell InternationalWillard Rockwell1919
23McDonnell Douglas Corporation (now Boeing)James S. McDonnell1967
24General Dynamics CorporationJohn Jay Hopkins1952
25North American Aviation Corporation (now Boeing)James H. “Dutch” Kindelberger1928
26Hamilton Standard (now part of Collins Aerospace)Sanford Alexander Moss, Hamilton Clark1918
27Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation (now a unit of Lockheed Martin)Igor Sikorsky1925
28Garrett AiResearch (now part of Honeywell)John Clifford “Cliff” Garrett1936
28Garrett AiResearch (now part of Honeywell)John Clifford “Cliff” Garrett1936
29Hughes Aircraft Company (now Raytheon Technologies)Howard Hughes1932
30Morton Thiokol (now Northrop Grumman)Charles H. Thiokol1928
31Rockwell AutomationLynde Bradley, Dr. Stanton Allen1903
32Alliant Techsystems (now part of Northrop Grumman)Honeywell1990
33Martin Marietta (merged with Lockheed Corporation)Glenn L. Martin, J. C. “Court”landt Gross1961
34Orbital Sciences Corporation (now Northrop Grumman)David W. Thompson1982
35Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX)Elon Musk2002
36Harris Corporation (now L3Harris Technologies)Paul R. Harris1895
37Bell Aircraft Corporation (now Bell Helicopter)Lawrence Bell1935
38Cessna Aircraft Company (now part of Textron Aviation)Clyde Cessna1927
39Moog Inc.William C. Moog Jr.1951
40Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation (now General Dynamics)Allen E. Paulson1958
41Aerojet Rocketdyne HoldingsWilliam Rockefeller, George Jay Gould I1942
42Teledyne Technologies IncorporatedHenry Singleton, George Kozmetsky1960
43Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.Lawrence Bell1935
44Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation (now part of Lockheed Martin)Igor Sikorsky1925
45Westinghouse Electric Corporation (now part of Northrop Grumman)George Westinghouse Jr.1886
46SpaceXElon Musk2002
47Cubic CorporationWalter J. Zable1951
48Martin-Baker Aircraft Company LimitedJames Martin, Captain Valentine Baker1929
49AeroVironment Inc.Paul MacCready1971
50The Aerospace CorporationJames R. Schlesinger1960
51The Aerospace CorporationJames R. Schlesinger1960
52Northrop Grumman Innovation SystemsOrbital Sciences Corporation2018
53Sierra Nevada CorporationFatih Ozmen, Eren Ozmen1963
54Sikorsky InnovationsIgor Sikorsky1925
55The Spaceship CompanyBurt Rutan, Richard Branson2005
56Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.Edmund Burke Ball1956
57CAE Inc.Kenneth Patrick Rowe1947
58Curtiss-Wright CorporationGlenn Curtiss, Wilbur Wright, Orville Wright1929
59Cytec Industries Inc. (now Solvay SA)American Cyanamid Corporation1993
60Esterline Technologies CorporationPaul Esterline1967
61FMC Technologies Inc. (now TechnipFMC plc)John Bean2000
62GKN AerospaceGKN1759
63Gencorp Inc. (now Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings)Geneen & Co.1915
64General AtomicsNeal Blue1955
65Goodrich Corporation (now Collins Aerospace)Benjamin Franklin Goodrich1870
66Héroux-Devtek Inc.André Héroux, Réal Bélanger1942
67IAI North America (formerly Bedek Aviation Group)Israel Aerospace Industries1953
68ITT Corporation (now ITT Inc.)Sosthenes Behn1920
69Kratos Defense and Security SolutionsEric DeMarco1994
70L3 Technologies (now L3Harris Technologies)Frank Lanza1997
71Lockheed Martin AeronauticsGlenn L. Martin Company1995
72LORD CorporationHugh Lord1924
73Meggitt PLCEdward Ernest Meggitt1850
74Moog Inc. (now Moog Aircraft Group)William C. Moog Jr.1951
75Oshkosh CorporationWilliam Besserdich1917
76Parker Hannifin CorporationArthur L. Parker1917
77Pratt & WhitneyFrederick Rentschler1925
78Raytheon Intelligence & SpaceLaurence K. Marshall, Vannevar Bush1922
79Scaled CompositesBurt Rutan1982
80Smiths GroupSamuel Smith1851
81StandardAero (now part of Global Aerospace & Defense)Bill Boisture1911
82Textron AviationRoyal Little1923
83Triumph GroupRichard C. Ill1993
84United Technologies Corporation (now Raytheon Technologies)Frederick Rentschler1934
85UTC Aerospace Systems (now Collins Aerospace)United Technologies Corporation2012
86VSE CorporationArt Lafferty, Don Ervine1959
87XCOR AerospaceJeff Greason, Dan DeLong, Aleta Jackson, Doug Jones1999
88Zodiac Aerospace (now Safran Seats)Maurice Mallet1896
89AeroVironment Inc.Paul MacCready1971
90Applied Research Associates Inc.William H. Austin1979
91Aurora Flight Sciences CorporationJohn Langford1989
92Blue Origin LLCJeff Bezos2000
93CACI International Inc.Herb Karr, Harry Markowitz, Jack London, Sid Finsilver1962
94Celera Corporation (now Quest Diagnostics)J. Craig Venter1998
95Cubic CorporationWalter J. Zable1951
96Dynetics Inc.Dr. Tom Baumbach1974
97EADS North America (now Airbus Americas)European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company2002
98Elbit Systems of America LLCElbit Systems1996
99Embraer Executive JetsOzires Silva1969
100General Dynamics Electric BoatJohn P. Holland1899
101General Dynamics Information TechnologyLester Crown1899
102General Dynamics Mission SystemsLester Crown1899
103General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical SystemsLester Crown1899
104Hawker Beechcraft CorporationWalter Beech, Olive Ann Beech1932
105Honeywell AerospaceMark C. Honeywell1906
106Insitu Inc. (now part of Boeing)Steve Sliwa, Tad McGeer, Ryan Hartman1994
107Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. (IAI) North AmericaIsrael Aerospace Industries1953
108Kaman CorporationCharles H. Kaman1945
109Kratos Unmanned Aerial SystemsEric DeMarco1994
110LMI Aerospace Inc.Clifford Stebe Jr.1948
111ManTech International CorporationGeorge J. Pedersen1968
112Orbital Sciences Corporation (now part of Northrop Grumman)David W. Thompson1982
113OSI Systems Inc.Deepak Chopra1987
114Pacific Aerospace Consulting Inc.James McClellan1993
115Parker Hannifin CorporationArthur L. Parker1917
116PeratonHughes Aircraft Company, Raytheon Company2017
117Piper Aircraft Inc.William T. Piper1927
118Pratt & WhitneyFrederick Rentschler1925
119Raytheon CompanyLaurence K. Marshall, Vannevar Bush, Charles G. Smith1922
120Rockwell Collins Inc.Arthur Collins1933
121Rolls-Royce North America Inc.Henry Royce, Charles Rolls1906
122RUAG North AmericaRUAG1998
123Sierra Nevada CorporationFatih Ozmen, Eren Ozmen1963
124SNC-Lavalin PAE Inc.SNC-Lavalin1911
125Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX)Elon Musk2002
126Spirit AeroSystems Holdings Inc.Boeing2005
127Textron Aviation Inc.Beechcraft, Cessna, Hawker1923
128Textron Systems CorporationTextron1984
129Thales USA Inc.Thales2002
130The Aerospace CorporationJames H. Arnold1960
131The Spaceship CompanyRichard Branson2004
132TransDigm Group IncorporatedW. Nicholas Howley1993
133Trijicon Inc.Glyn Bindon, John Bindon1981
134T-X program (Boeing and Saab AB)Boeing, Saab2013
135Ultra Electronics Holdings plcRakesh Sharma1920
136United Launch AllianceLockheed Martin, Boeing2006
137United States Aircraft CorporationWilliam Stout1926
138United Technologies Corporation (now Raytheon Technologies)Frederick Rentschler1934
139UTC Aerospace Systems (now Collins Aerospace)United Technologies Corporation2012
140ViaSat Inc.Mark Dankberg1986
141Virgin GalacticRichard Branson2004
142Virgin OrbitRichard Branson2017
143Woodward Inc.Amos Woodward1870
144XpansivJoe Madden2016
145XPO Logistics Inc.Michael Welch1989
146Xplore Inc.Lisa Rich, Jeff Rich2017
147Yulista Holding, LLCCalista Corporation2007
148Zipline International Inc.Keller Rinaudo2014
149AAR Corp.David P. Storch1951
150Abaco Systems Inc.Carlo Zaffanella2015
151Acorn Growth CompaniesJeff Davis2005
152Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings Inc.GenCorp1942
153AerSale CorporationNicolas Finazzo2008
154Aitech Defense Systems Inc.Moshe Tal1983
155Air Lease CorporationSteven Udvar-Házy, John L. Plueger2010
156Airbus Americas Inc.Airbus2002
157Airbus Defense and Space Inc.Airbus2014
158Airbus Helicopters Inc.Airbus1969
159AKKA North America Inc.AKKA Technologies1984
160Alion Science and Technology CorporationBatelle Memorial Institute2002
161Allied Aviation Services Inc.William F. Gibbs1954
162Alliant Techsystems Inc. (now part of Northrop Grumman)Honeywell, AlliedSignal1990
163American Defense Systems Inc.Anthony Piscitelli2002
164American Innovations Inc.Michael Fraizer1986
165Anadarko Aerospace & DefenseAnadarko Industries1988
166Analogic CorporationBernard Gordon1967
167Anduril Industries Inc.Palmer Luckey2017
168Applied Aerospace Structures CorporationJerry Shaw2004
169Applied Composites EngineeringJohn O’Connell1985
170Applied Research Associates Inc.William Thompson1979
171ARC Aerospace Industries Inc.Mark Harris2011
172Armag CorporationSteve Dubin1996
173Arnold DefenseJames H. Arnold1961
174Arnold Engineering Development Complex (AEDC)Arnold Air Force Base1951
175ASRC Federal Holding CompanyArctic Slope Regional Corporation2003
176Astro Aerospace CorporationJohn A. Powell1985
177Astronics CorporationJames Kramer1968
178ATACJeffrey G. Parker1996
179Atlantic Diving SupplyADS, Inc.1997
180ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc.Klaus Woerner1978
181Austal USAAustal1998
182Aviation Technical ServicesMatt Yerbic1978
183Axon Enterprise Inc.Rick Smith1993
184BAE SystemsBritish Aerospace, Marconi Electronic Systems1999
185Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.Ball Corporation1956
186Bayview CompositesCarl Kustell1989
187BEI Precision Systems & Space Company Inc.Collins Aerospace1952
188Bell FlightBell Aircraft Corporation1935
189Black Diamond Advanced TechnologyBill Bowers, Steve Block2003
190Blackhawk AerospaceJim Allmon1999
191Blue OriginJeff Bezos2000
192BlueHaloSkyline Software Systems, Ridgeback Technologies2020
193BoeingWilliam E. Boeing1916
194Bombardier Inc.Joseph-Armand Bombardier1942
195Boom SupersonicBlake Scholl2014
196BorsightRandy Johnson2012
197Bridgewater Interiors LLCEpsilon Technologies1998
198Bristol Composites InstituteUniversity of Bristol2012
199Calspan CorporationCornell Aeronautical Laboratory1943
200Carleton Life Support Systems Inc.Carleton Technologies Inc.1979


Aerospace & Defense is a critical industry that plays a vital role in ensuring our national security and driving economic growth. With a range of major players and an eye toward the future, it is poised to continue to be a key player in the world of technology and innovation for years to come.

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