Akshad Agrawal – Founder of Goyal Consultants Exclusive Interview

TheCconnects: Can you tell our readers a little about your professional journey & how did you come to your current role/position?

Akshad Agrawal: I graduated in 2021 as an electronics and telecommunication engineer. Although I initially leaned towards the non-technical field after graduation, I developed a strong interest in recruitment during my college years, having completed several internships in that area. Consequently, I accepted a sales position at Byjus, where I gained valuable insights into self-presentation and building trust with potential clients. Following my time at Byjus, I transitioned to a role as a Hiring Partnership Executive at The 10x Academy. Over a span of 1.3 years, I was promoted twice, first to Team Lead and then to Manager. During this period, I gained diverse experience collaborating with HR, Operations, and Placements teams. Upon completing my tenure at The 10x Academy, I ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing my own recruitment service Goyal Consultants. Through this venture, we collaborate with various companies to source and provide suitable candidates for their job openings.

TheCconnects: Who has influenced you the most in life and why?

Akshad Agrawal: The person who has had the most significant impact on my corporate journey is Mr. Amruth Kumar, my former director in the previous organization. He possesses an exceptional intellect and I had the privilege of directly reporting to him. His profound thinking and outstanding technical approach towards work were highly influential and inspiring to me.

TheCconnects: What are the biggest challenges you have faced in your life & how did you overcome them?

Akshad Agrawal: I have encountered numerous challenges throughout my career, and one notable example occurred during my previous job. It involved my relocation to Hyderabad, which marked the first time a member of my family ventured outside our city for employment, as we primarily come from a business-oriented background. I faced several complications on a daily basis, but I remained resolute in my determination to gain corporate experience and make a mark in this field.

When I embarked on my own startup journey, everything seemed to be working against me. I faced numerous obstacles, but I persevered and gradually began to develop trust in the process. As I immersed myself in the market, I gained a better understanding and acceptance of its dynamics. Unfortunately, we encountered a recessionary period where placements and revenues became scarce. However, we adapted by implementing various strategies and managed to secure a few clients, which allowed us to initiate key processes and gradually turn the tide.

TheCconnects: What lessons you have learned from your professional career?

Akshad Agrawal: Throughout my professional journey, I have come to realize the importance of being an active listener. Listening attentively holds greater value than being the one who constantly speaks. When receiving feedback from superiors or those I report to, it is crucial to genuinely listen and align myself with their path to success. I have learned to set benchmarks in my career, constantly striving to surpass them. Taking initiative plays a vital role, and I actively seek opportunities to showcase my proactive nature. When presenting ideas or introducing new processes, it is not enough to rely solely on verbal or written communication. It is imperative to support my proposals with valid data points that demonstrate the potential benefits for the organization.

TheCconnects: What do you see as the biggest challenge for brands in the digital space?

Akshad Agrawal: Overall, the biggest challenges for brands in the digital space revolve around differentiation, reputation management, keeping up with technological advancements, addressing data privacy concerns, and leveraging data effectively.

TheCconnects: How can your product/solution help to resolve the pain points of your customers?

Akshad Agrawal: Our recruitment firm is dedicated to resolving the pain points of our customers by providing comprehensive and sustainable solutions for their hiring needs. We understand that companies face challenges in finding qualified candidates who not only possess the necessary skills but also align with their company culture. Our service tackles these pain points by leveraging our extensive network, utilizing targeted sourcing strategies, and implementing rigorous screening processes. We save our customers valuable time and resources by presenting them with a curated pool of top-tier candidates, reducing the burden of sifting through numerous applications. With our expertise and personalized approach, we ensure that our clients find the right fit for their organization, alleviating their hiring challenges and facilitating long-term success.

TheCconnects: What do you do in your free time?

Akshad Agrawal: I generally scroll linkedin put some random thoughts on how to be more precise in the modern era of recruitment and how to get job easily

TheCconnects: Do you have any advice for those who want to be an entrepreneur/chief … officer?

Akshad Agrawal: My only advice is that everyday you should do something different in which you can grow and groom more and more so that it will help you in personal as well as professional development

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