Key Events of the Russian Revolution

Learn about the major historical events that shaped Russia become a communist nation during the Russian Revolution. Explore the reasons for and effects of this important upheaval, from the February and October Revolutions through the emergence of the Bolsheviks and the resignation of Tsar Nicholas II.

February RevolutionOverthrow of the monarchy
Provisional Government FormationTemporary government established
October RevolutionBolsheviks seize power
Bolshevik Party FormationFounded by Vladimir Lenin
Treaty of Brest-LitovskPeace treaty with Central Powers
Red Army FormationRevolutionary military force
Civil War BeginsAnti-Bolshevik forces resist
Execution of Tsar Nicholas IIImperial family executed
Red TerrorCampaign against counter-revolutionaries
New Economic Policy (NEP)Mixed economy introduced
Russian Constituent AssemblyDissolved by Bolsheviks
Creation of the USSRUnion of Soviet Socialist Republics
Kronstadt RebellionNaval mutiny against Bolshevik rule
War CommunismState control over economy
Assassination of LeninLenin dies from a gunshot wound
Russian famine of 1921-1922Severe food shortage
Formation of Soviet Secret PoliceCheka established for security
Treaty of RapalloNormalization of relations with Germany
Collectivization of AgricultureForced consolidation of farms
Stalin’s Rise to PowerBecomes leader of the Soviet Union
Great PurgeMass political repression
Soviet IndustrializationRapid industrial growth
Molotov-Ribbentrop PactNon-aggression treaty with Nazi Germany
Siege of LeningradProlonged German blockade
Battle of StalingradTurning point in WWII
Soviet Space ProgramFirst manned spaceflight
Dissolution of the USSRSoviet Union ceases to exist
Fall of the Berlin WallSymbolic end of the Cold War
Glasnost and PerestroikaReforms under Mikhail Gorbachev
Chechen WarsSeparatist conflicts in Chechnya
Russian Federation EstablishedModern-day Russia formed
Vladimir Putin’s PresidencyDominant political figure in Russia
Annexation of CrimeaControversial move by Russia
Conflict in Eastern UkraineSeparatist movements and unrest
Ongoing Sanctions on RussiaEconomic measures imposed by the West
Influence on World PoliticsGlobal impact of the Russian Revolution

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