Important Events in the Life of Mahatma Gandhi

Learn about the important occasions that influenced Mahatma Gandhi’s life. Investigate the turning points in Gandhi’s incredible journey, from his early years to his leadership in the struggle for Indian freedom


BirthOctober 2, 1869
Marriage to Kasturbai1883
Death of Karamchand Gandhi, Gandhi’s father1885
Leaves for England to study lawSeptember 4, 1888
Passes the bar exam in EnglandJune 10, 1891
Moves to South Africa1893
Founds the Natal Indian Congress1894
Leads the Natal Indian Ambulance Corps during the Boer War1899-1902
Publishes the first issue of Indian Opinion1903
Returns to India1915
Leads the Champaran Satyagraha1917
Leads the Kheda Satyagraha1918
Founds the Sabarmati Ashram1915
Launches the Non-Cooperation Movement1920
Arrested for seditionMarch 10, 1922
Imprisoned for two years1922-1924
Launches the Civil Disobedience Movement1930
Leads the Salt March1930
Arrested and imprisoned for two years1930-1932
Negotiates a pact with the British1932
Leads the Quit India Movement1942
Arrested and imprisoned for two years1942-1944
India gains independenceAugust 15, 1947
AssassinatedJanuary 30, 1948

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