List of Hand, Power & Lawn-care Tools in the USA

If you’re looking to keep your lawn and garden in top shape, having the right tools is crucial. Whether you’re a professional landscaper or just a DIY enthusiast, having the right tools can make all the difference. Here are some of the best hand, power, and lawn-care tools available in the USA:

Hand Tools

  1. Hand Trowel – A hand trowel is a small, handheld tool used for digging, planting, and transferring soil. It’s an essential tool for any gardener.
  2. Pruning Shears – Pruning shears, also known as secateurs, are used for cutting back plants, removing dead branches, and shaping shrubs. They come in two types: anvil and bypass.
  3. Garden Fork – A garden fork is a tool used for digging and turning soil. It has four or five tines and is ideal for aerating soil and breaking up clumps.
  4. Hand Cultivator – A hand cultivator is a small, handheld tool with three or four prongs used for breaking up soil, removing weeds, and aerating soil around plants.
  5. Hand Weeder – A hand weeder is a small, handheld tool used for removing weeds from gardens, lawns, and between pavers. It’s perfect for getting into tight spaces and removing weeds at the root.

Power Tools

  1. Lawn Mower – A lawn mower is a motorized tool used for cutting grass. There are two types of lawn mowers: rotary and reel.
  2. Hedge Trimmer – A hedge trimmer is a power tool used for trimming and shaping hedges and shrubs. It comes in two types: electric and gas-powered.
  3. Leaf Blower – A leaf blower is a tool used for blowing leaves and other debris off lawns and driveways. It comes in three types: handheld, backpack, and wheeled.
  4. Chainsaw – A chainsaw is a power tool used for cutting trees and branches. It comes in two types: gas-powered and electric.
  5. String Trimmer – A string trimmer, also known as a weed whacker or weed eater, is a tool used for trimming grass and weeds in hard-to-reach places. It comes in two types: gas-powered and electric.

Lawn-care Tools

  1. Lawn Edger – A lawn edger is a tool used for creating a clean edge between your lawn and garden bed. It comes in two types: manual and powered.
  2. Lawn Aerator – A lawn aerator is a tool used for creating small holes in the soil to allow water, air, and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass. It comes in two types: manual and powered.
  3. Lawn Sprinkler – A lawn sprinkler is a device used for watering your lawn. It comes in two types: oscillating and impact.
  4. Soil Test Kit – A soil test kit is a tool used for testing the pH level, nutrient content, and composition of your soil. It’s essential for ensuring your lawn and garden are healthy and productive.
  5. Wheelbarrow – A wheelbarrow is a tool used for transporting soil, plants, and other heavy items around your yard. It’s essential for any serious gardener or landscaper.

Having the right hand, power, and lawn-care tools can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your lawn and garden in top shape. With this list of essential tools, you’ll be well on your way to a beautiful and healthy outdoor space.

List of Hand, Power & Lawn-care Tools in the USA

S. NoTool NameFoundersFounded Year
1Hand TrowelN/AN/A
2Pruning ShearsN/AN/A
3Garden ForkN/AN/A
4Hand CultivatorN/AN/A
5Hand WeederN/AN/A
6Lawn MowerEdwin Budding1830
7Hedge TrimmerGeorge Ballas1951
8Leaf BlowerDom Quinto1950s
9ChainsawAndreas Stihl1926
10String TrimmerGeorge Ballas1972
11Lawn EdgerN/AN/A
12Lawn AeratorN/AN/A
13Lawn SprinklerOrton Englehart1871
14Soil Test KitN/AN/A
16Hand PrunerN/AN/A
17Garden RakeN/AN/A
18Pruning SawN/AN/A
19Digging ShovelN/AN/A
20Garden HoeN/AN/A
21Post Hole DiggerN/AN/A
23Garden CartN/AN/A
24Garden ScissorsN/AN/A
25Lawn SweeperN/AN/A
26Garden GlovesN/AN/A
27Pruning LoppersN/AN/A
28Leaf RakeN/AN/A
29Garden KneelerN/AN/A
30Weed PullerN/AN/A
31Fiskars Garden ToolsPeter Thorwöste1649
32Felco PrunersFélix Flisch1945
33ARS PrunersN/AN/A
34Corona ToolsN/AN/A
35Bully ToolsN/AN/A
36Radius GardenBruce Baker1997
37Bond ManufacturingHarry Bond1948
38Ames True TemperJohn Ames1774
39Truper ToolsAlberto López1963
40Union ToolsWilliam C. Brenton1906
41SloggersDavid Hamilton1948
46DeWaltRaymond DeWalt1924
47Black & DeckerS. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker1910
48MakitaMosaburo Makita1915
49Milwaukee ToolsA.H. Petersen1924
50StihlAndreas Stihl1926
51ToroJohn Samuel Clapper1914
52ScottsO.M. Scott1868
53John DeereJohn Deere1837
54AriensHenry Ariens1933
55SnapperWilliam N. Beardsley1894
56KubotaGonshiro Kubota1890
58EchoShiro Kondo1947
59Briggs & StrattonStephen F. Briggs and Harold M. Stratton1908
60Honda Power EquipmentSoichiro Honda1948
61OregonJoseph Buford Cox1947
62AmesJohn Ames1774
63Brinly-HardyEmmett Brinly and Paul Hardy1839
64ChapinRalph Chapin1884
65DrammJohn G. Dramm1941
66Garrett WadeN/AN/A
67Gardener’s Supply CompanyWill Raap1983
68Hida Tool & Hardware CompanyTorao Tanimura1928
69HudsonJ.H. Hudson1905
70Jackson Professional ToolsTrowbridge Jackson1853
71Ames NeverleakN/AN/A
72Midwest RakeN/AN/A
73Seymour MidwestN/AN/A
74Stanley ToolsFrederick Stanley1843
75True TemperN/AN/A
76UnionToolsWilliam C. Brenton1906
77Wilkinson SwordHenry Nock1772
78WOLF-GartenAugust Wolf1922
79Yard ButlerN/AN/A
80Yard TuffN/AN/A
81Ames Easy Roller PlusN/AN/A
83FiskarsPeter Thorwöste1649
84GilmourFranklin Gilmour1951
85LescheW.R. Lesche1987
86Little GiantN/AN/A
87MantisClaude Poulan1980
90The Ames CompaniesJohn Ames1774
91TTIHorst Pudwill1985
92ScottsOrlando McLean Scott1868
93ECHOShiro Kondo1947
94CRAFTSMANArthur Barrows1927
95A.M. LeonardArthur M. Leonard1885
96BostitchThomas Briggs1896
97Buffalo ToolsN/AN/A
98ClaussJohn Clauss1877
100GARDENAWerner Kress1961
101GreenworksYin Wu2007
102HART ToolsN/AN/A
103Ingersoll RandSimon Ingersoll1871
104JET ToolsLeslie P. Sussman1958
105KesonRoy Nosek1968
106Lincoln ElectricJohn C. Lincoln1895
107Malco ProductsMark Keymer1950
110Ohio Steel IndustriesN/AN/A
111Red DevilN/AN/A
112Schrader InternationalGeorge Schrader1844
114SouthwireRoy Richards1950
115StihlAndreas Stihl1926
116Swanson Tool Co.N/AN/A
117TEKTONChao-Chi Huang1962
118VaughanCharles Vaughan1869
119WalbroGene Westerfield and Herman T. Barrette1950
120ZipWallJeff Whittemore1997
121AmesJohn Ames1774
122American Lawn Mower CompanyN/AN/A
123ARS CorporationShozo Watanabe1876
124Bond ManufacturingN/AN/A
125Bully ToolsN/AN/A
126Chapin InternationalRalph E. Chapin1884
127Corona ToolsN/AN/A
128Fiskars BrandsPeter Thorwöste1649
129Garden WeaselN/AN/A
130Gerber GearJoseph R. Gerber1939
131Great States CorporationN/AN/A
132Haws CorporationJohn Haws1886
133JactoShunji Nishimura1948
134K-T IndustriesN/AN/A
135Keson IndustriesRoy Nosek1968
136L.S. Starrett CompanyLaroy S. Starrett1880
137Lenox ToolsN/AN/A
138Little WonderN/AN/A
139Oregon Cutting SystemsJoseph Buford Cox1947
140OX ToolsMark Huxtable and Paul Darlington1974
141PBI Gordon CorporationPaul B. Ivy1947
142Rugg ManufacturingN/AN/A
143Scotts Miracle-Gro CompanyHorace Hagedorn1868
144Snow JoeJoseph Cohen2004
145Solo IncorporatedN/AN/A
146Stanley Black & DeckerFrederick Trent Stanley and S. Duncan Black1843
147The Toro CompanyJohn Samuel Clapper1914
148W.W. Grainger, Inc.William Wallace Grainger1927
149Weber Knapp CompanyOtto H. Weber and William L. Knapp1909
150WissJacob Wiss1848
151Ames True TemperJohn Ames1774
152BahcoJohan Petter Johansson1886
153Behlen CountryN/AN/A
154BESSEY Tools North AmericaMax Bessey1889
155Briggs & StrattonStephen Foster Briggs and Harold M. Stratton1908
156Central Garden & Pet CompanyWilliam E. Brown1980
158Corona ClipperN/AN/A
159Dalluge ToolsN/AN/A
160ECHO IncorporatedN/AN/A
161EstwingErnest Estwing1923
162FelcoFelix Flisch1945
163Fimco IndustriesN/AN/A
165Harvest Lane HoneyN/AN/A
166HONDA Power EquipmentSoichiro Honda1948
168Irwin ToolsCharles Irwin1885
169Jameson LLCN/AN/A
170King KutterN/AN/A
171LeathermanTimothy S. Leatherman1983
172Lutz File & Tool CompanyN/AN/A
173Magnolia BrushN/AN/A
174Midwest Rake CompanyN/AN/A
175MTD ProductsN/AN/A
177Poulan ProN/AN/A
178Red DevilN/AN/A
179Seymour MidwestN/AN/A
180Spyder ProductsN/AN/A
181STIHL Inc.Andreas Stihl1926
182The Ames CompaniesJohn Ames1808
183The Toro CompanyJohn Samuel Clapper1914
184Timber Tuff ToolsN/AN/A
186Truper ToolsRafael López1963
188Union ToolsN/AN/A
189Vaughan & Bushnell ManufacturingCharles Vaughan and D. Maydole1869
191W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co.William Russell Case1889
192Wagner SprayTechJosef Wagner1973
193Weed EaterGeorge C. Ballas Sr.1971
195Wright Tool CompanyJohn W. Wright1948
196Yard MachinesN/AN/A
199Zareba SystemsN/AN/A
200Zenport IndustriesN/AN/A
204OX ToolsN/AN/A
205Barebones LivingN/AN/A
206Gator FinishingN/AN/A
207Sarge KnivesN/AN/A
208Gardener’s Supply CompanyN/AN/A
209Klein ToolsMathias Klein1857
210Jackson Professional ToolsN/AN/A


In conclusion, having a well-maintained lawn and garden requires the right tools. Whether you’re a professional landscaper or a DIY enthusiast, investing in high-quality hand, power, and lawn-care tools can make all the difference in achieving a beautiful and healthy outdoor space. From hand trowels to lawn mowers, hedge trimmers to soil test kits, this list of tools is a great starting point for anyone looking to take their lawn and garden to the next level. So go ahead and gear up with the right tools and get ready to enjoy a lush and thriving lawn and garden!

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