Rozer Bhatti – Founder & CEO of Steps to Success Exclusive Interview

TheCconnects: Can you tell our readers a little about your professional journey & how did you come to your current role/position?

Rozer Bhatti: My name is Rozer Bhatti, and I am the founder of Steps to Success, a recruitment and staffing solution firm. I completed my graduation in English from Spicer Adventist University Pune and began my career in the BPO industry in Pune. During my time in the BPO industry, I noticed a lack of opportunities for people who wanted to earn their livelihood but faced challenges such as English grammar errors and MTI. To address this issue, I started offering training to help them secure employment and support themselves.

In 2006, I launched Steps to Success to continue my work in this field, but I had to shut down the business in 2007 due to family issues. I returned to my hometown and worked in different sectors such as sales and healthcare, always keeping in mind my passion for helping people.

In 2015, I had the opportunity to work as a project manager for an NGO that helped differently-abled people secure jobs in various sectors such as FMCG, hotels, and banks. The job was challenging, but it was also fulfilling to help differently-abled people integrate into the workforce.

After a long period of time, I was again presented with an opportunity to work as a project coordinator in an international NGO called ADRA INDIA, where I focused on community projects across India. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we helped approximately 100,000 people get food and groceries delivered to their homes.

Despite these experiences, I still wanted to restart Steps to Success to help people find their dream jobs. I resigned from my position and started working on my startup once again in 2020, focusing on remote job opportunities, which have become increasingly popular due to the pandemic. We are especially focused on helping single parents who need to care for their children and individuals who cannot work from an office for various reasons.

In conclusion, my journey has been an exciting one, and I feel grateful for the opportunities that have led me to my current role as the founder of Steps to Success.

TheCconnects: Who has influenced you the most in life and why?

Rozer Bhatti: There have been many people who have influenced my life in various ways, but if I had to choose one, it would be my God who is always there surrounds me to guide me and then my wife, Ms. Priyanka Bhatti. We met in Spicer Adventist University Pune in 2003, and she has been a constant source of support and encouragement for me.

She is a generous and kind person who has taught me how to understand the challenges faced by candidates and help them secure their dream jobs in the right companies. Her unwavering support and guidance have helped me to stay focused on my goals and pursue my dreams with passion and dedication. I am grateful to have her in my life, and she continues to inspire me every day.

TheCconnects: What are the biggest challenges you have faced in your life & how did you overcome them?

Rozer Bhatti: Life is indeed beautiful, but it also presents many challenges that can test our resilience and strength. I have faced several challenges in my life, including going bankrupt multiple times. Each time, I had to pick myself up and start over again.

However, I believe that every setback is an opportunity to learn and grow. I have learned valuable lessons from each adversity I faced, and these experiences have made me stronger and more determined to succeed. I believe that we should never give up on life and continue to learn and grow from every situation, whether good or bad.

This perspective has helped me navigate life’s ups and downs with grace and resilience. It has also taught me to be a perpetual student, always seeking to learn and improve myself. I am grateful for these experiences, as they have shaped me into the person I am today.

TheCconnects: What lessons you have learned from your professional career?

Rozer Bhatti: Through my professional career, I have learned several valuable lessons. One of the most important lessons I have learned is the power of perseverance and having a “never give up” mentality. No matter what the situation may be, if you refuse to lose and maintain a positive attitude, you can always come out on top.

I have also learned that helping others to grow and succeed is essential to our own success. When we invest our time and energy into helping others, we create a culture of growth and positivity, which can ultimately benefit everyone involved.

Finally, I have learned that every experience, whether positive or negative, is an opportunity to learn and grow. It is essential to approach each experience with an open mind and a willingness to learn from it. By doing so, we can continue to improve ourselves and achieve our goals.

TheCconnects: What do you see as the biggest challenge for brands in the digital space?

Rozer Bhatti: In my opinion, the biggest challenge for brands in the digital space is to truly understand the needs and preferences of their target audience. With so much noise and competition in the digital world, it can be difficult for brands to cut through and connect with their desired customers.

To overcome this challenge, brands must invest in market research and data analysis to gain insights into their audience’s behaviors, preferences, and pain points. They must also create compelling and engaging content that resonates with their audience and aligns with their brand values.

Furthermore, brands must be agile and adaptable, as the digital space is constantly evolving. They must be willing to experiment with new technologies and platforms and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices.

Overall, brands that prioritize understanding their audience, creating engaging content, and staying agile and adaptable will be best positioned to succeed in the digital space.

TheCconnects: How your product/solution can help to resolve the pain points of your customers?

Rozer Bhatti: The solution we provide is to train and prepare candidates for specific job positions, and then facilitate their interviews with potential employers. Our unique selling proposition is our ability to understand and fulfill the requirements of both the candidate and the client. We are currently focusing on work-from-home (WFH) jobs, which not only provides convenience to the candidate but also helps companies save resources. Our solution aims to benefit both parties simultaneously.

TheCconnects: Do you have any advice for those who want to be an entrepreneur/chief … officer?

Rozer Bhatti: My advice would be to never just dream for success, but to work for it. It’s important to be persistent and learn from your mistakes. Success may not come overnight, but if you keep working hard and stay dedicated, you can achieve your goals. Remember that failures are just stepping stones towards success. And most importantly, always believe in God, yourself and your abilities.

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