Major Events of the Napoleonic Wars

The Napoleonic Wars were a series of conflicts that formed Europe and had a large impact on world records. Here are some of the important activities that opened up throughout this tumultuous period:

Battle of Trafalgar (1805):

British naval victory led by means of Admiral Lord Nelson.
Significantly weakened French naval energy and ensured British dominance at sea.

Battle of Austerlitz (1805):

Napoleon’s decisive victory in opposition to Austria and Russia.
Cemented Napoleon’s fame as a army genius and expanded French impact in Europe.

Peninsular War (1808-1814):

French invasion of the Iberian Peninsula.
Resistance from Spanish and Portuguese forces, aided with the aid of British assist.

Invasion of Russia (1812):

Napoleon’s ill-fated marketing campaign, marked through brutal wintry weather situations and Russian scorched-earth strategies.
Resulted in a catastrophic retreat and sizeable lack of French forces.

Battle of Leipzig (1813):

Also known as the “Battle of Nations.”
Coalition forces defeated Napoleon’s armies, leading to his eventual abdication.

Congress of Vienna (1814-1815):

Diplomatic convention to repair balance and redraw the map of Europe.
Led to the established order of a balance of energy system and the containment of French growth.

Hundred Days (1815):

Napoleon’s brief go back from exile and the final phase of the Napoleonic Wars.
Ended with the Battle of Waterloo and Napoleon’s 2nd abdication.

Battle of Waterloo (1815):

Allied victory over Napoleon, led by way of the Duke of Wellington and Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher.
Marked the stop of Napoleon’s reign and the definitive end of the Napoleonic generation.

Battle of TrafalgarBritish victory against French navy
Battle of AusterlitzNapoleon’s decisive victory
Peninsular WarFrench invasion of Iberian Peninsula
Invasion of RussiaNapoleon’s ill-fated campaign
Battle of LeipzigCoalition forces defeat Napoleon
Congress of ViennaDiplomatic conference for stability
Hundred DaysNapoleon’s brief return from exile
Battle of WaterlooAllied victory over Napoleon
Battle of Jena-AuerstedtFrench victory against Prussia
Battle of BorodinoLargest battle of the Napoleonic Wars
Battle of WagramFrench victory against Austria
Battle of SalamancaBritish victory in the Peninsular War
Battle of MarengoFrench victory against Austria
Battle of EylauInconclusive battle between France and Russia
Battle of FriedlandDecisive French victory against Russia
Battle of Quatre BrasPreceding battle to the Battle of Waterloo
Battle of BerezinaFrench retreat and crossing of the Berezina River
Battle of ToulouseFinal battle before Napoleon’s abdication
Treaty of AmiensTemporary peace between France and Britain
Treaty of FontainebleauNapoleon’s abdication and exile to Elba
Battle of Nations (Leipzig)Coalition forces defeat Napoleon
Treaty of ParisFormal end to the Napoleonic Wars

These events constitute only a fragment of the numerous battles, treaties, and political shifts that characterized the Napoleonic Wars. However, they serve as key milestones in information the impact of this transformative period in European history.

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