The American Civil War: Major Battles and Turning Points

The American Civil War was a pivotal event in United States history that lasted from 1861 to 1865. It was fought primarily between the Confederate states in the North and the Confederates primarily in the South This war had far-reaching consequences, including ending slavery in America and reunifying the country. This table presents some of the major battles and turning points of the American Civil War, as well as the major events that followed its conclusion and helped shape the course of American history

Sr. No.Major BattlesYearTurning Points
1Battle of Fort Sumter1861Beginning of the Civil War
2First Battle of Bull Run1861Realization of the long and bloody war
3Battle of Shiloh1862Union control of the Mississippi River
4Battle of Antietam1862Britain and France decide not to intervene
5Battle of Fredericksburg1862Costly Confederate victory
6Battle of Chancellorsville1863Stonewall Jackson killed in friendly fire
7Battle of Gettysburg1863Vicksburg Surrenders to Union Forces
8Siege of Vicksburg1863Union gains control of the Mississippi River
9Battle of Chickamauga1863Union Victory at the Battle of Shiloh
10Battle of Chattanooga1863Union control of Tennessee
11Battle of the Wilderness1864Grant becomes General-in-Chief
12Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse1864Bloody and inconclusive battle
13Battle of Cold Harbor1864Confederate Victory and Heavy Union Losses
14Battle of Petersburg1864Long and costly siege of Confederate capital
15Battle of Atlanta1864Union Victory and boost to Lincoln’s re-election chances
16Battle of Mobile Bay1864Union Victory and control of Gulf of Mexico
17Battle of Franklin1864Decisive Union victory and heavy losses for Confederacy
18Battle of Nashville1864Union Victory and end of Confederate threat in Tennessee
19Battle of Five Forks1865Union Victory and beginning of the end for Confederacy
20Battle of Appomattox Courthouse1865Lee surrenders, effectively ending the Civil War
21Emancipation Proclamation1863Changed the war’s focus from preserving the Union to ending slavery
22Gettysburg Address1863Lincoln’s speech redefined the war’s purpose and meaning
23Sherman’s March to the Sea1864Devastated the South and weakened Confederate morale
24Election of 18641864Lincoln’s re-election ensured continuation of the war effort
25Assassination of Lincoln1865Shocked the nation and changed the course of Reconstruction
26Reconstruction Acts1867Laid the groundwork for rebuilding the South and granting civil rights to African Americans
2713th Amendment1865Abolished slavery throughout the United States
2814th Amendment1868Defined citizenship and guaranteed equal protection under the law
2915th Amendment1870Prohibited denial of voting rights based on race, color, or previous condition of servitude
30End of Reconstruction1877Withdrawal of federal troops from the South led to the rollback of civil rights progress

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