The Viking Age: Key Conquests and Explorations

Learn about the major discoveries and conquests of the Viking Age. Learn about the famous raids and amazing journeys of the daring Viking warriors. Discover the history-changing effects of the Viking discovery of new areas.

Conquest/ExplorationViking LeaderDestination/Target
Lindisfarne RaidRagnar LothbrokLindisfarne Monastery
Siege of ParisRagnar LodbrokParis, France
Raid on JarrowIvar the BonelessJarrow Monastery
Siege of NantesBjorn IronsideNantes, France
Raid on WessexUbbaKingdom of Wessex, England
Siege of PisaSigurd IPisa, Italy
Raid on NoirmoutierHasteinNoirmoutier Island, France
Invasion of IrelandTurgeisIreland
Raid on CanterburyGuthrumCanterbury, England
Siege of ExeterSweyn ForkbeardExeter, England
Raid on DorestadRolloDorestad, Netherlands
Conquest of JorvikIvar the Boneless866Northumbria, England
Battle of EdingtonGuthrum878Wiltshire, England
Siege of ParisRollo885-886Paris, France
Conquest of DublinOlaf the White853Dublin, Ireland
Exploration of VinlandLeif Erikson1000North America
Conquest of NormandyRollo911Normandy, France
Battle of MaldonOlaf Tryggvason991Essex, England
Conquest of YorkHalfdan Ragnarsson867Northumbria, England
Battle of SvolderSweyn Forkbeard1000Baltic Sea
Conquest of MerciaIvar the Boneless865Mercia, England
Conquest of East AngliaGuthrum869East Anglia, England
Exploration of GreenlandErik the Red982Greenland
Conquest of ParisRagnar Lothbrok845Paris, France
Battle of ClontarfBrian Boru1014Dublin, Ireland
Conquest of WessexHalfdan Ragnarsson871Wessex, England
Exploration of North AtlanticNaddoddr9th centuryFaroe Islands
Conquest of YorkEric Bloodaxe948Northumbria, England
Battle of TettenhallKing Alfred910Staffordshire, England
Conquest of LindisfarneRagnar Lothbrok793Northumbria, England
Exploration of Baltic SeaOleg of Novgorod9th centuryBaltic Sea
Conquest of MerciaHalfdan Ragnarsson877Mercia, England
Battle of AshdownKing Alfred871Berkshire, England
Exploration of White SeaOttar9th centuryWhite Sea, Russia
Conquest of East AngliaHalfdan Ragnarsson875East Anglia, England
Battle of FýrisvellirEric the Victorious984Uppsala, Sweden
Conquest of ParisSigfred885Paris, France
Exploration of Black SeaRurik9th centuryBlack Sea, Russia
Conquest of DeiraIvar the Boneless866Deira, England
Battle of BrunanburhKing Athelstan937Northumbria, England
Conquest of NorthumbriaHalfdan Ragnarsson867Northumbria, England
Exploration of Caspian SeaOleg of Novgorod9th centuryCaspian Sea
Conquest of MerciaUbba867Mercia, England
Battle of Strangford LoughOlaf Guthfrithson902Ireland
Conquest of East AngliaRagnar Lothbrok865East Anglia, England
Exploration of IcelandNaddoddr9th centuryIceland
Conquest of MerciaBjorn Ironside871Mercia, England
Exploration of RussiaRurik9th centuryRussia
Conquest of East AngliaIvar the Boneless869East Anglia, England
Battle of Stamford BridgeHarald Hardrada1066Yorkshire, England
Exploration of MediterraneanIngvar the Far-Travelled9th centuryMediterranean Sea
Conquest of NorthumbriaRagnar Lothbrok865Northumbria, England
Battle of SvolderSweyn Forkbeard999Baltic Sea
Conquest of MerciaHalfdan Ragnarsson874Mercia, England
Exploration of GreenlandGunnbjorn Ulfsson876Greenland
Conquest of WessexGuthrum878Wessex, England
Battle of ClontarfSigurd the Stout1014Dublin, Ireland
Exploration of North AmericaThorfinn Karlsefni1004North America
Battle of HjörungavágrHaakon the Good986Hjörungavágr, Norway
Conquest of YorkIvar the Boneless866Northumbria, England
Battle of EdingtonAlfred the Great878Wiltshire, England
Battle of TettenhallÆthelred of Wessex910Staffordshire, England
Conquest of LindisfarneRagnar Lothbrok793Lindisfarne, England
Battle of MaldonByrhtnoth991Essex, England
Conquest of BrittanyRollo911Brittany, France
Battle of AshdownAlfred the Great871Berkshire, England
Conquest of DeiraHalfdan Ragnarsson867Deira, England
Battle of BrunanburhAthelstan937Northumbria, England
Battle of Strangford LoughGodred Crovan1054Ireland
Battle of HafrsfjordHarald Fairhair872Hafrsfjord, Norway
Conquest of East AngliaRagnar Lo
Battle of StiklestadOlaf Tryggvason1030Stiklestad, Norway
Exploration of MediterraneanOttar9th centuryMediterranean Sea

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