World War II: Major Battles and Turning Points

World War II, a significant global conflict with advanced military technology. Crucial battles on multiple continents led by Germany, Japan, Soviet Union, US, Great Britain, and France. Outcomes include the UN, Cold War, loss of millions of lives, and impact on society. WWII continues to provide lessons for future generations.

S. No.Key Events and BattlesYearResult
1Invasion of Poland1939German victory, beginning of WWII
2Battle of Britain1940Allied victory, thwarted German invasion
3Operation Barbarossa1941German invasion of Soviet Union
4Pearl Harbor1941Japanese attack on U.S. naval base
5Battle of Stalingrad1942-1943Soviet victory, turning point of WWII
6Battle of Midway1942U.S. victory, turned tide of war in Pacific
7Operation Torch1942Allied invasion of North Africa
8Invasion of Italy1943Allied victory, toppled Mussolini
9D-Day1944Allied invasion of Normandy
10Battle of the Bulge1944Allied victory, German offensive thwarted
11Battle of Iwo Jima1945U.S. victory, bloody Pacific battle
12Battle of Okinawa1945U.S. victory, last major battle of Pacific War
13Yalta Conference1945Meeting of Allied leaders to plan postwar Europe
14Death of Franklin D. Roosevelt1945Truman becomes president
15Battle of Berlin1945Soviet victory, capture of German capital
16V-E Day1945Allied victory in Europe
17Potsdam Conference1945Meeting of Allied leaders to discuss postwar Germany
18Atomic bombing of Hiroshima1945U.S. drops first atomic bomb
19Atomic bombing of Nagasaki1945U.S. drops second atomic bomb
20V-J Day1945Allied victory in Japan, end of WWII
21Nuremberg Trials1945-1946Trials of Nazi leaders for war crimes
22Formation of United Nations1945International organization founded to promote peace
23Marshall Plan1948-1951U.S. aid to rebuild Europe
24Berlin Blockade and Airlift1948-1949Soviet blockade of West Berlin, U.S. airlifts supplies
25Formation of NATO1949Military alliance formed to counter Soviet Union
26Chinese Civil War1945-1949Communist victory, Mao Zedong becomes leader
27Korean War1950-1953North Korean invasion of South Korea, stalemate
28Warsaw Pact1955Soviet-led military alliance
29Suez Crisis1956Military conflict between Egypt and Western powers
30Hungarian Revolution1956Uprising against Soviet rule, crushed by Red Army
31Algerian War1954-1962War of independence from France
32Vietnam War1955-1975Communist forces fight U.S. and South Vietnamese forces
33Cuban Revolution1953-1959Communist revolution led by Fidel Castro
34Bay of Pigs Invasion1961Failed U.S. attempt to overthrow Castro
35Cuban Missile Crisis1962U.S. and Soviet Union come to brink of nuclear war
36Gulf of Tonkin Incident1964U.S. pretext for escalation of Vietnam War
37Six-Day War1967Israel defeats Arab nations and gains territory
38Prague Spring1968Czechoslovakia’s brief period of political liberalization
39Tet Offensive1968North Vietnamese surprise attack on South Vietnamese cities
40Apollo 111969U.S. lands first humans on the moon
41Yom Kippur War1973Israel defeats Arab nations
42Watergate Scandal1972-1974U.S. political scandal leading to Nixon’s resignation
43Vietnam War ends1975Communist victory, unification of Vietnam
44Iranian Revolution1979Islamic revolution led by Ayatollah Khomeini
45Soviet-Afghan War1979-1989Soviet Union invades Afghanistan
46Falklands War1982British victory over Argentina
47Iran-Iraq War1980-1988Long and bloody war between two Middle Eastern powers
48Chernobyl disaster1986Nuclear accident in Ukraine
49Berlin Wall falls1989Symbolic end of Cold War
50Gulf War1990-1991Coalition forces expel Iraq from Kuwait
51Breakup of Yugoslavia1991-1999Balkan conflicts result in new nation-states
52Rwanda genocide1994Mass killing of ethnic Tutsis by Hutus
53Bosnian War1992-1995War between Bosniak, Croat, and Serb forces
54Oklahoma City bombing1995Domestic terrorist attack on federal building
55NATO bombing of Yugoslavia1999Intervention in Kosovo War
569/11 attacks2001Terrorist attacks on World Trade Center and Pentagon
57War in Afghanistan2001-2021U.S. and coalition forces fight Taliban and Al-Qaeda
58Iraq War2003-2011U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq
59Arab Spring2010-2012Protests and uprisings across Middle East and North Africa
60COVID-19 pandemic2019-presentGlobal pandemic caused by coronavirus
61Black Lives Matter protests2020Protests against police brutality and racism in the U.S.
62Australian bushfires2019-2020Devastating wildfires in Australia
63Impeachment of Donald Trump2019-2020Impeachment of U.S. President Donald Trump
64U.S. Presidential election2020Joe Biden defeats incumbent Donald Trump
65Beirut explosion2020Devastating explosion in Beirut, Lebanon
66Belarus protests2020Protests against authoritarian regime in Belarus
67Nagorno-Karabakh conflict2020Fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan over disputed territory
68Ethiopia-Tigray conflict2020-presentFighting between Ethiopian government and Tigray region
69Myanmar coup2021Military coup and subsequent protests in Myanmar
70Israel-Hamas conflict2021Fighting between Israel and Hamas in Gaza
71Colonial Pipeline cyberattack2021Cyberattack on major U.S. fuel pipeline
72G7 summit2021Meeting of leaders from seven major world economies
73Tokyo Olympics2021Summer Olympics held in Tokyo, Japan
74Afghanistan withdrawal2021U.S. withdraws troops from Afghanistan after 20-year war
75Hurricane Ida2021Category 4 hurricane hits Louisiana and Mississippi
76COP26 climate summit2021United Nations climate change conference held in Glasgow, Scotland
77Omicron variant2021New strain of coronavirus identified
78China-Taiwan tensions2021-presentHeightened tensions between China and Taiwan
79Russian invasion of Ukraine2022Russian invasion of Ukraine
80Winter Olympics2022Winter Olympics held in Beijing, China
81COVID-19 vaccine boosters2022-presentAdditional doses of COVID-19 vaccine recommended
82U.S. midterm elections2022Elections for Congress held in the U.S.
83Glasgow climate summit2022United Nations climate change conference held in Glasgow, Scotland
84Hong Kong crackdown2019-presentCrackdown on pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong
85Ethiopia-Eritrea conflict2018-presentConflict over disputed border region
86Brazil wildfires2019-2021Devastating wildfires in the Amazon rainforest
87Greece-Turkey tensions2020-presentTensions between Greece and Turkey over territorial disputes
88SolarWinds cyberattack2020Cyberattack on U.S. government and corporations
89Texas power outage2021Severe winter weather causes power grid failure in Texas
90COP27 climate summit2023United Nations climate change conference to be held in TBD
91World Cup2022Soccer World Cup held in Qatar
92South Africa riots2021Riots and looting in South Africa
93Scottish independence referendum2023 (planned)Referendum on Scottish independence from the UK
94Yemen crisis2014-presentCivil war and humanitarian crisis in Yemen
95U.S.-China trade war2018-2020Trade tensions and tariffs between the U.S. and China
96Catalonia independence movement2017-presentMovement for independence from Spain in Catalonia
97Iran nuclear deal2015-2018Agreement between Iran and world powers to limit Iran’s nuclear program
98Fukushima disaster anniversary2011-presentCommemoration of the 2011 nuclear disaster in Japan
99Greta Thunberg and youth climate activism2018-presentYouth-led movement for climate action
100North Korea missile tests2017-presentMissile tests and nuclear program by North Korea
101Hong Kong national security law2020Controversial law granting China more control over Hong Kong
102George Floyd verdict2021Derek Chauvin convicted of murder in the killing of George Floyd
103Net neutrality repeal2017FCC repeal of net neutrality protections in the U.S.
104Australia-China tensions2020-presentTensions between Australia and China over trade and politics
105Central American migrant crisis2018-presentMigration of Central American refugees to the U.S.
106Brexit implementation2020-2021Implementation of UK’s withdrawal from the European Union
107Paris climate agreement2015-presentInternational agreement to address climate change
108Greece debt crisis2010-2018Financial crisis and bailout negotiations in Greece
109Harvey Weinstein trial and verdict2020Weinstein convicted of sexual assault and rape charges
110Amazon rainforest deforestation2019-presentDeforestation of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil
111Jamal Khashoggi killing2018Assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi Arabia
112Rohingya refugee crisis2017-presentPersecution and displacement of Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar
113Syrian civil war2011-presentOngoing civil war and humanitarian crisis in Syria
114TikTok ban and controversy2020-presentControversy over the Chinese-owned social media app
115Blackouts in Texas and California2019-2020Power outages caused by extreme weather in Texas and California
116India-China border dispute2020-presentTensions and border clashes between India and China
117Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal2018Data privacy scandal involving Facebook and political consulting firm
118Pro-democracy protests in Thailand2020-presentProtests against government and monarchy in Thailand


In conclusion, World War II stands as a significant event in human history that brought major powers together in a deadly conflict. It changed the course of world history, introduced advanced military technology and weapons, displaced millions of civilians, and claimed countless lives. Its impact on society continues to be studied and analyzed today, providing valuable lessons for future generations about the importance of international cooperation in promoting peace and stability.

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